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Wednesday, February 19, 2020


As always, thanks for your inspiration and valuable information! Excited for you and this next chapter!

Excellent post Howard, thanks for all your time and effort.
Interesting your comments about being back in the "real world"....something those of us still fulltiming will need to consider for sure.
Your new home looks amazing!
We sure hope with all your soul searching you find a way to keep in touch because you and Linda have so much to offer BOTH to the RVng world and the non RVers.

PS - We had to replace our hot tub cover, well worth it. That is the ONLY thing I miss from our stixs n brix is our hot tub.

So glad to get an update from you!
I watch a YouTube channel of a couple that live in the Villages and it’s fun and interesting!
I hope maybe you and Linda might consider doing the same thing. Not necessarily a vlog, but continuing your blog all about “Village” life! 😊
Thanks for sharing!
God Bless🙏

While we are so very happy and excited for you and Linda, it's just so sad and surreal to me that you are no longer on the road. I'm having such a hard time wrapping my head around it. We owe so much to you both for introducing us to this wonderful lifestyle and it just breaks my heart any time someone hangs up their keys. I'm getting choked up just thinking about it! I know we'll have to pull off one day, but I just can't go there. We wish you both the very best life has to offer. May God bless and keep you both always and all ways! With much love and gratitude...

I don’t know if you remember me. I came to visit you when you were in Chester CA when I lived in Sacramento.
I can’t thank you enough for your help with making my decision to RV full time after I retired. It has been an amazing 8 years.
I too have decided to settle in one place near family. So last December 13th I put in an offer for a very small 3 bedroom house in Hentyetta Oklahoma. I have since moved in and have gone through a lot of the same feelings and realizations that you mention. I still think I have made the right decision, although I will have to supplement my income for the extras.
Thank you again. It’s been a great ride!

That’s a beautiful home. You now have the best of both worlds and still seem to be in your happy place. Congrats on this next stage of your lives!

Howard & Linda
Great to hear from you! The house looks great! Nice job Linda! We did our bucket list trip to Alaska last summer 4 months and 12,400 miles. Drove the top of the world highway and up to the arctic circle. We followed your journals and went to many of the places that you visited. Thanks for all your wonderful posts and pictures!!
Tom & Cheryl Drotning

We don't regret selling the RV and buying a house. It was the right thing to do for my Mom's sake. The only thing now is deciding where to go on vacation :-) Glad to see you are still blogging, love seeing your place in the Villages.

WOW...you two have been on the go!!! What a great job you have done with the house...have to love, Nextdoor and we also used Habitat Restores. We've told our kids they can just recycle our stuff if anything happens to us;-)) It does take some adjusting back to a sticks and brick and the "real world" stuff. Fortunately, we still have our new "Little Baby" in the port next to the house. Keeps us in touch with our RVing world;o)) We are still part-time real-life people. We'll be heading out mid May and returning mid October. I guess we are "Snowbirds" now!!

We wish you the very best as you move in new directions. You two have inspired so many people to live a life they love. Thanks as always for all you do for all of us!!!

Wow I'm worn out just reading about all you two have done. I'm trying to figure out what you do with all the clothes in your closets and dressers when you have to clear out your house for renters. Great that those rentals pay so many expenses but it must be a hassle to move in and out of your own house, assuming you have somewhere to put everything you take out. Glad to hear you are now down to having some fun in your new life or perhaps it's now a combination life.

So glad to see an update. Linda needs to strongly advertise her "interior decorating on a shoestring budget" on her site. I would love to have her revitalize my house.
Jane in Kansas

THANK YOU for the update ~ it was very thorough and interesting to read about your big transition. Your new home looks fabulous and comfy!


We are also considering The Villages so we will be coming by next winter to check it out. Hope to come by for a visit once we get there.

-- jc&bev

Had to laugh at the junk mail and reality of utility companies! You two really got a lot done in quick time, and the house looks amazing. I know Linda had fun having larger space to plan and decorate - I've sure enjoyed our little Arizona winter house :-) Looking forward to seeing how things move forward. Thanks for getting us caught up!!

Wow my head is spinning from all this info. I would often check out your blog the last couple of months curious to get the latest. You sure did supply.

When we settled the house was great. Only needed a few things. It was the property! Found two huge trash heaps. One of the side property and the other about 100 feet in the back. All overgrown with brush, etc. When I say trash.... refrigerator, air conditioner, washer, TV, bathtub, siding, clothes, shoes, etc, etc.

But we could take our time to clear it. It was not visible to visitors. What you did in only a month or so is remarkable.

Howard and Linda!!! Wow, what a transformation it is. I have been an ardent fan of your RVing life for quite a while. Loved the hot tub and the lovely gray shades in the bedroom! Linda can do magic with her hands. Wishing you all the best for your business

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