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Tuesday, November 19, 2019


The setting of your new home is fantastic! Congrats with your new endeavors and life changes. I love that you started your RV Journey on your birthday and ended Phase 1 on Linda’s. Enjoy!!!

Sounds like a fantastic balance and strategy as your needs change...looking forward to catching up in April! The community of Dreamers that you have created is a lifelong legacy that we are all proud to be a part of.

Howard and Linda:

CONGRATULATIONS on your “retirement”. You both deserve it!!

Thank you for everything that you have done for the RV community!!! I would never have make the decision to fulltime without your input at your Tennessee training!! My life has changed forever because of the both of you!!

Have a great time!! Happy Holidays!!


What a ride you two have had, and what a pleasure it has been to know you, meet you, and follow along on this journey. We have all learned from your adventures and reporting on information and resources we would never have found on our own. Best wishes for continued enjoyment and success as your turn the page and open a new chapter of your lives. I'm sure success, adventure, enjoyment and friendships will follow right along. Have fun at The Villages, and when you are on the road for special trips.

Bob Zagami, Executive Director
New England RV Dealers Association

Serendipity at work, for sure! What a lovely update. Congratulations!

CONGRATULATIONS on your no home. We have also settled in Florida in Broadmoor development in Kissimmee. It more in the country with a cattle ranch behind us. So we see cattle and horses every day. Lots of birds, including a large flock of wild turkeys. Our house was also fully furnished.
We also really enjoyed our time on the road and all the memories. But we love this house and our neighbors.
Our motorhome sold in less than a month throygh Camping World's consignment program. I have to say, I really enjoy my large kitchen. 😀 Hope to meet up with you sometime.

Oh how we know the excitement of a new adventure and chapter of our lives. It's a bittersweet time for both of us. Congratulations on the house and Linda's business!

I’ve followed your blog for years. I’ve met you twice at RV shows. I’ve enjoyed your travels. Thanks for sharing! I wish you success and happiness in your next chapter of life!

I don’t know why as I read this I have tears streaming down my face. I am so happy for you both. You have given so much to so many folks. Because of you, I spent the happiest 5 years with Kevin before losing him. The RV Dreams family is one of a kind and means the world to me. So many fun times and all the support I was given. I will never forget you..

I sure hope our lives will cross paths again. Enjoy your time at the Villages. We actually got the video and considered it before RVing took over.

Love you both!

Well, I guess I can say I saw this coming but I can also honestly say I'm shocked! Congratulations to the both of you and I wish you all the best as this new adventure begins.

Lots of luck Howard and Linda. The Villages are indeed a lovely place to be.

“We did it our way, . . .” as did Linda and I. How one does "it" - "depends."

Good for you both and we trust you enjoy your new home and life as much as we enjoy ours. We are considering a Park Model in the NC Mountains.

Always, "Safe Travels" with "Fair skies and following seas."

B & L

You are both definitely deserving of this change. Even though you call it an "End Game" it really isn't because you've opened up the fact that you can still travel.
We are both proud to have met you and attended your training seminars which allowed us to become Fulltimers for a short while. Our only regret was not having done it sooner.
Congratulations as you start the next chapter in your life.
Be Safe and Enjoy!
Rick and Kathy Rousseau
It's about time.

Congratulations on this next stage in your lives! We can’t thank you enough for all that you both have done for the RVing community. We’ve enjoyed the rallies and have made so many lifelong RVing friends because of the family you’ve created throughout North America. Thank you and enjoy!

Congrats and good for you!! Excited for your next chapter and without a doubt, seems like you have a great plan! And I'm sure you know the impact that you've had on so many people, so thanks for all of your contributions you have made!

WOW. ..what a change indeed.

We've been following your blog since your Niagara Falls Trip. We made most of the decisions while in the Niagara Falls area based on things you guys did and experienced. The package plan from the VC was one of the best deals available. Thanks for recommending that.

We left the road, and sold the coach, also after 15 years of RV life.

Loved every minute of the lifestyle. Now loving our new, to us, home and golf course community on Lake Livingston in East Texas.

Wishing you all the best going forward, and look forward to future updates.

Congratulations. You probably already saw this, but we just bought a house as well. It is so exciting....yet...I will miss the road. We are going to sell our fifth wheel, it's just too big to keep at this point. We too want to still do a bit of traveling, but at this point we are thinking 'plane' rather than another rv. Good luck with all your new adventures! Oh! We are in Apollo Beach so maybe we could get together for lunch some day in the future. Love you guys...ENJOY!

Congratulations on following your hearts to find your happiness. That's the most important thing - whether wheels, roots or water beneath you.

Dear Linda and Howard,
I just finished reading the post detailing your decision to stop full time RVing and the events leading up to buying your new home.
I want to thank you for all the advice and valuable information regarding full time RVing that we have learned from your blog.
Our original decision to full time was largely due to following your post years ago and was reinforced after attending our first RV Dreams rally in Oregon in 2012.
We are in our eight year full timing and are still thoroughly enjoying the lifestyle.
Monte and I wish you good luck in all your new endeavors.

Congrats on your new plan - Howard and Linda. I've followed you from the start and have enjoyed seeing you around the country from time to time. Enjoy Florida!

Congratulations Howard and Linda! Thanks for all you do and have done for us. We ‘only’ did it for 10 years and we have you guys to thank for getting us started in the right direction. We are very happy for you and it seems like you have made the perfect choice for you.
Thank you thank you thank you and God Bless you in the years to come!

Not at all a surprise. I had the impression when you two visited us here in north Alabama some time ago that settling down would be coming sooner rather than later.

We all know when the time is right. Ours after only 7 years.... but then again, we are somewhat older.

A lovely plan. Enjoy!

Hi from the West coast.

So thankful for your transparency and information shared over the years. It has been so helpful in our launch over 6 years ago. We wish you well as you transition to “part timers”.

Cheers, Jeff and Deb

Wow, good for you guys!! If I could be so bold as to put in my two cents worth: please consider continuing to post your blog daily/weekly. It may seem like only mundane topics to you, but you're such a good writer that even a local weather report would prove interesting to your audience☺️

Congratulations! It is interesting how ending fulltime just literally hits you overnight especially when you find that place to settle. This move sounds perfect for you both. You can now both enjoy doing what you love with other people. Linda's new business is so right for her. She will be so successful with her personality and talent. Your new home is beautiful. Love the "birdcage" with all the Florida bugs. Moving in to a "Turnkey" property sure makes life easy. Your story sounds like ours...finding that perfect fully furnished place only hours after being listed. Enjoy getting use to your new life. As you stated (and we both agree), we can always go back on the road if we want or move if change our minds.

Congratulations Howard and Linda! Your new home looks beautiful. My husband and I would never have been able to make the transition to full-time rving without all of the information you provided on your website. Although we only got to do it for 6 short months, I treasure those memories. Thank you for all you have done for the full-time rving community. I wish you many happy years in your new home in The Villages.

It sounds like you are doing exactly what you want to do when you want to do it, with the experience of plans made in jello.

From newbies to gurus, we’ve followed your adventures and evolvement since 2006, just two of your many thousands of “lurkers” who learned from and enjoyed your posts without commenting. The RVing community is in your debt. Thanks, and best wishes. — Jon & Loni

After attending two RV Dreams rallies in Tennessee (2016 & 2017), we made the transition to full-time RVers a little over two years ago. We couldn’t have done it without the knowledge you and Linda shared during those fun-filled rallies. You have made a significant impact on our lives - in the best possible way.

May you find joy and happiness in the next chapter of your lives.

Congratulations and best wishes to you both.

Howard and Linda,

I have never posted but have followed your travel stories for many years. Thank you for sharing your wonderful experiences and amazing adventures. I have learned so much and look forward to one day hitting the road to experience some of what you have accomplished. Congratulation on your new Endeavors! Thanks again for sharing your wonderful journey.

Well Guys...we are sitting here reading this and SMILING:o)) So happy for the two of you. You have given so much to all the RV-Dreams Family.

We'll be interested in the RV-Dreams picnic in Dec!!!

Thanks for all you do for all of us!!!!!

What a great story ....I have read from your first days on the road, to attending one of your rally’s in Elkhart.
I remember calling you the” rock stars of RV information”....
I am pretty sure you will continue to connect and touch more people lives...
I have read every blog, and now maybe I’ll see you on the pickleball courts.!
Enjoy!! And thanks for all your beautiful stories!!

Wow! Love the way you put a plan into action. Just amazing. 15 years, the time has passed so fast looking back to the beginning. Maybe your next blog should be about making a plan come to life and how to let go and just live in the moment. Best of luck.

Can’t say I’m surprised. We have not gotten off the road yet, but we have purchased a home. We bought a 2500 sqft, 3 bdrm, 3.5 bath, 2 story townhouse in............San Miguel de Allende, México! We hope you can come down for a visit some time. Free room and board. All you have to do is get there. 8^)

Love you guys and wish you the best in your new digs!
— JC & Bev

Where do you find ambitious, adventurous spouses! We have a Class A, and would love to sell everything and go full time RV’ing! Just wondering. Love your site and your plan! Best wishes for a long & prosperous blessed life.

Congratulations!!! I'm so happy to have made it to two of your rallies and gained lifelong friendships, and partied with you at the campfire. Howard, you should hire yourself out as a financial adviser: how to make everything pay for itself. :) Enjoy this next chapter of your lives, you deserve it!

Congrats on your new home! Mike & I were recently in Florida, looking around the Tampa area. We don't want to live in Tampa, so we looked from Dunedin to Sarasota. We like the beaches & the ease of heading north or south with plenty to explore.
So we might eventually be your Florida "neighbors"!

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