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Saturday, February 09, 2019


PLEASE don't forget the NPs in Canada....we went through Banff, Kootenay, Yoho, Glacier, and Jasper on our way up to Dawson Creek. Since Marcia has MS, we don't hike, but we were in Banff for a week, no reservations, in early May. We saw MANY bear, and just enjoyed the scenery, and HOPE that we get up there again. I KNOW you will enjoy Alaska. We have a 28' Dynamax Isata, and towed our HHR without problems (although 10-15 mph in that last part of the Yukon where they were working on the roads) with NO problems.

Thanks for all the details on the Alaska adventure. We are heading north in April and hope to cross into BC in early May depending on the weather. We’re at Butterfield now too and would love to talk with you & Linda if you have time. We’ve driven to Alaska 6 times, doing one way rentals for Great Alaskan Holidays, so this is the first time we are driving our own rig.

Hey Dave,
We're probably going to drive through that area on the way up, and we'll visit those parks for longer on the way back in September.

Hey Cheryl & Dennis,
Great to hear and certainly we would love to chat with you. We'll be in touch.

If you stay in Glenallen...there are 2 CGs I know of. One is close to the Glenn/Richardson highway intersection on the north side of the road. The second is 3 miles or so west on the south side. Do t stay at the second...it’s the worst place we stayed up there by far. Small sites, bad access, and unfriendly owner.


You might want to check on "driving up through the Rocky Mountain National Parks" in either April or May as that is way too soon for most places to be open. Most campsites that high up in the Rockies do not open that early, so it is a no-brainer to do most of your "checking" out these Canadian Parks in September after your Alaska trip. Even then, you will be cutting it close due to the elevation of most of those beautiful parks. Try to do a bit more research of our Canadian Parks before you leave on your trip. Wouldn't want you to spoil you seeing our beautiful scenery because the campgrounds were closed and the lakes were all frozen over. When I drove Chartered Bus, the earliest I remember taking visitors up there was early June! And even then there was no guarantee that places were open and one could always expect snow during that time, as well as during the summer. You may find that you are stretching yourself a bit thin by trying to "squeeze" in those parks as there really is too much to really see during the shoulder seasons. Take some time and come back and do those parks properly....you will not be disappointed.

Speaking from personal experience.....

Guy from Surrey

Boy you aren't kidding when you mentioned how expensive tours can be in Alaska.
Like you my lifechanging moment was my tour with Alaska Wildland Adventures in 2014. I was going to suggest you consider 2 nights stay at their Kenia Fjords cabins and then I saw the price! This place is a little slice of heaven on earth. We canoed to a glacier, walked in the woods sampling what bears eat, yes there were bears in camp; went sea kayaking and of course the long boat ride sightseeing. Not to mention the comfy cabins and wonderful meals. All included in the price.
I am enjoying your planning process, our trip is tentatively scheduled for 2020. Great job.

This last time we were in Alaska was 2014. At the time we were pretty good at chronicling our adventures. We preferred boondocking in our 34 foot motorhome and using the DaysEnd Directory when possible. That was our second trip to Alaska and our general impression was that there were many more RVers than in 2011, our first trip. But since EJ and I prefer to wander on our own, we did manange to get away from most of the crowds. Here is our blog to Alaska beginning at the Sweet Grass border crossing into Canada. Hope you find it helpful. https://fnej.blogspot.com/2014/05/hide-liquor-honey-border-patrols-coming.html

Did you look at Mike & Terry’s Church’s book, Alaska campong?

Hi Mary,

I have that book on order from Amazon. Should be getting here soon.

We stayed at the campground in McCarthy NP - Nabesna Rd. Pulled our 24’ travel trailer with no problems. Unhooked and drove to the end of the road. Although we didn’t see any wildlife, it was a very scenic drive. You can pick up a CD from the visitor center that describes the route through that part of the park. Definitely worthwhile.

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