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Sunday, June 10, 2018


If you get a chance spend a night at Craters of the Moon. It is one of our favorite stops in southern Idaho.

When planning your route are there any apps or maps you use that specifically indicate road type, ie gravel or asphalt? I have just been relying on Google maps street view if it’s available and the aerial view but we’ve ended up on gravel a time or two and do not care for that. I’d love to find a map that would let me pick “avoid gravel” when routing. Just thought I’d ask since you mentioned gravel roads in this post. Thanks and safe travels!

Your first Wallydocking ever? I've stayed at a dozen Walmarts in the past year, and Rocksprings was the most hectic one of all, dozens of RVs and truckers, late June last year. I parked on the pavement.

I play a recording of "ocean waves" all night to drown out the noise in such locations.

Do you know about the Safe-T-Plus steering stabilizer? I swear it saved my life during a front tire blowout. It's also helpful when big trucks pass, and in high winds. Highly recommend! Not expensive, but Camping World charges a fortune to install, find an RV shop to do it, it's very simple. You could even do it yourself. The manufacturer provides great phone support, too: http://www.safe-t-plus.com/

I'm on the southern Oregon coast. Perfect weather here!

Happy trails!

I echo Russ, Craters of the Moon is worth a visit.

We just got back from southern Idaho. If you’re going by Twin Falls make sure and take the time to go to Shoshone Falls. It is a city park but the do honor the national parks pass. Even not it only cost $3. Worth the time to go to. Saw some BASE jumping of the bridge. It was also the best place for price of diesel in the area. Have fun.

Gosh, living near the Idaho state capitol, I can't even begin to suggest places to see, so much, so much! Every other year we travel, we focus on staying in the Idaho Area. If by chance you make it to the Stanley, Challis area, there's a super RV park on the Salmon River - Torrey's Burnt Creek Inn, right on Hwy 75 and within the historic Sunbeam Dam, the only dam breached for the salmon. Also, the historic ghost towns of Bonanza and Custer. You can drive the historic Custer Motorway between Custer and Challis. But that may be for another trip. Enjoy.

No, I don't have an app that tells me about gravel roads. I wish Google Maps and/or the GPS would let us filter gravel roads like they do "highways" and "tolls".

In this last instance, I was checking out the roads on Google Maps and noticed a state Hwy just suddenly turned into a county road. So, that put me on notice to check it more closely. I used the little gold man in the bottom right of Google Maps and dropped him on the road to give me a street view. Sure enough - gravel.

Having ended up on a few gravel roads in our travels, I just try to be a little more diligent, but it doesn' always work.

Shoshone Falls and a few other Twin Falls highlights are on the agenda. :)

As matter of fact, I just booked a couple nights at the Torrey's Burnt Creek Inn this afternoon. :)

Howard, I'm not sure where in Idaho you're heading, but if you're able to visit Island Park (which isn't much), there's a state(?) campground called the Upper Coffee Pot Campground that is one of the most beautiful places I've stayed. Now, I realize that you've traveled FAR more than I have, but for me it was magical. And from there it was an easy drive to West Yellowstone.

That is the exact same spot we park in when at the Walmart in Rock Springs. It is one of our favorites, and we have stopped there several times going east and west.

Twin Falls is a great stop--- I lived there for 7 years --owned a bookstore there on Addison Ave West---lots of camping around there --used to go to Kimberly and go south into the mountains not very far maybe 10 miles or so (toward Magic Mountain Ski Resort)-- you would love it --Have fun in idaho and think about me I miss it so much

Howard and Linda ---there is free BLm camping at Magic Reservoir also -- just outside Shoshone ID --camped there many many times --also check out Rock Creek Park in Twin Falls -- it is on Highway 30 (I believe) -- used to go there and cook supper a lot lol --when you leave Twin Falls take the senic route on Highway 30 instead of the freeway -- you will go through towns of filer buhl and hagerman -- thousand springs - it is very senic and leads you back to the freeway --Have fun!!

Yea, I second that vote for Safety-T-Plus stabilizers. Makes our 40' MH much easier to steer.

-- jc

Great Howard! I just saw your post on staying at Torrey's. Some of my art work is there in the form of cards! The owner's are great!

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