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Saturday, May 26, 2018


Hi Howard & Linda!

Glad you're enjoying your new rig. Yes, it's quite a change from your big ol' 50 amp fifth wheel, but before long it will seem like you've been doing it for forever.

About plugging into a 20 amp outlet and running your AC. You're right that you can do it, but it's going to put a huge strain on the condenser. It needs the 30 amp to do its thing, and over time will die. It's never recommended to use less power to run an AC.

As far as "stepping up" from 30 to 50 amp, your EMS should keep your rig safe, assuming you've got something like a Progressive Industries EMS. It should shut you down if things aren't safe.

I'll be interested to hear whether the a/c works on 20 amp. Harry and I have had a similar discussion and also have opposite opinions. lol But we didn't try it.

A house usually has 200 amp service coming in, but has mostly 20 amp circuits inside. Do you worry about drawing in too much power to the 20 amp circuits? Of course not.
One only "draws in" what is being used.
There is zero risk hooking up to 50 amp with an adapter to 30.
Now, it does sound like there may have been a problem with the adapter being tried. Get a new one. Fix the problem.
50 to 30 is not a problem, if equipment working.
You will find places that only have 50.
Good luck.
Your downsizing journey is very interesting.

Your friends may have already told you, but beware there is 10 ft underpass on state route 82 in Geneseo. It happen to be between I-80 and and the local campgrounds. Summer entertainment for the locals is watching campers backup:)

The specs on the A/C show we should have 115 volts and 60 hz, which we do. They don't recommend trying to run on 15 amp service, but 20 should be okay with everything else turned off.

Much depends on the air conditioner itself and the power supply and the length and types of cords used. Many folks run their lower draw A/Cs on their household outlets all the time.

As for using an adapter to plug into 50-amp service, we currently have a Progressive Industries 30-amp portable EMS, and I can't find an answer as to whether it can be used with a 50-amp service. However, Surgeguard says this:

Can I hook up a 30Amp Surge Guard* surge protector to a 240V/50Amp power pedestal using a 30Amp/50Amp adapter?

Yes, however, it is not recommended. The higher 50Amp input can cause the circuit breakers to be thrown.

The breakers inside the rig "should" protect the interior, but I don't necessarily trust that they will, and there is nothing to protect the cord without the EMS at the outlet.

The logic seems reasonable, and most people agree with you. However, I don't know if I agree that there is "zero risk hooking up to 50 amp with an adapter to 30".

There appears to be little risk if all the breakers and fuses do their job, but there is always some risk that pedestal and RV breakers won't do what they are supposed to.

With that said, we recognize that there are campgrounds that have only 50-amp connections and campgrounds that have terrible 30-amp service and the 50-amp service is a better option.

So, we will get a new 30-amp extension cord and an adapter of our own, and have them on hand for a future need.

Yes our friends mentioned the 10-ft underpass, and we drove under it in a car this morning. It's marked very well, but there is certainly evidence of several people not making it under.

The Geneseo Campground website simply says "Suggest not using GPS units". You would think they would be a little more adamant about avoiding the underpass.

Congratulations, Howard and Linda on your new home Linda what size of a duvet did you buy for your bed i have a queen size bed too in my MH i bought a queen size duvet but it takes me forever to make the bed the cover is too big. thanks in advance for your help. m

Jessica is spot on as there is ZERO risk in drawing in too many amps. Just purchase a good quality adapter. Finally, 20 amps will run a 15000 btu a/c unit, however with no other load. Be sure all other loads are off, especially your electric water heater if yours is so equipped. It's easy to forget this one. Bob

Dave and I were both born and raised in the QC area and I have family in Geneseo. We have stayed at this campground a few times and it's not too bad but beware of the bridge and follow signs not GPS. But since you are at friends it's not a concern.
Hope you have a great time in our old stomping grounds.

We've been living in our 30 amp Itasca coach for over 6 years and have used a 50 to 30 amp converter plug many times with no problem. The conversion takes one leg of the 50 amp service into the 30 amp plug and is thus 120 volts (being half of the 240 volts). This is the exact same level of voltage as if you plugged directly into a 30 amp plug on a pedestal. You can plug the EMS into the 30 amp side of the converter plug, then plug the rig into the EMS. Thus the rig is protected through the EMS.

As for the air conditioner, one of ours draws about 15 amps so we have run one of them when connected to 20 amp service with no problem. You just have to be very careful not to run anything else when the A/C is on.

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