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Wednesday, April 11, 2018


Our jacks won't engage at all if the engine is on - and yes, that "chime" is awful :-) Looks like you're off to a great new start!!

Two things. For your flat towing Blue Ox is the best built and is so very easy to hitch up. About free following vs. flat towing we have a 45' diesel 450 hp class A, a Ford F150 with neutral tow and full Blue Ox towing equipment. So we can tow the F150 easily anytime. But almost always we do not want to hitch up and flat tow. My wife and I both prefer free following with my wife driving the F150. We are connected by our cell phones (cell to cell is free) all the time we are on the road (the batteries never get drained) and there are several advantages to her being separate. If I need to move over a lane she clears and opens the lane. If fast or unusual vehicles are coming up she tells me. And we can listen to different satellite radio stations. So our Blue Ox mostly remains unused in it's cover on the hitch. David Mason

We have a Level Mate Pro in our coach. Now our coach is 44ft but the Level Mate Pro helps us find that sweet spot in a campsite and in other boondocking locations. It looks like you made a very smart and worthwhile purchase!Congratulations!

Good start, Howard and Linda! Change keeps us young and flexible. All the best to you!

We find with our small motorhome (28') that we generally don't need a toad unless we are away more than a month. Of course, you will have yours with you since you fulltime, but we have no problem running around in the MH, and it makes a great and comfortable place for me to hang out while Danielle shops. :) It is actually shorter than our truck!!

Congratulations on your new rig and glad the sale of your fifth-wheel went so well too. I am looking forward to your continuing adventures.

It's a beauty and you are off to a great start!!! We'll be interesting to see the transition from the 5th wheel to the Class C. I have no doubt you will be successful, but it will require some compromise;o)) But reducing ones stuff, clears up ones mind:o)))

Really enjoying this in-depth look at your transition. Thanks, as always, for sharing both the pros and cons. And good for Linda jumping in there and driving right off the bat. Start as you mean to continue 😄. Cant wait to hear more and glad you picked that campground as it has been on my list of places to try for the last two year and it was nice to see pictures of it.

Even if you had gotten in writing anything that the dealer had done, don't rely on it. We had it in writing from our dealer that all of our fluids belts filters etcetera were changed. After we put on 30,000 miles we decided to change the transmission fluid and filter again. Lo and behold when we opened it up and removed the tranny filter, the original date of 1996 was written on it! So the dealership never did change it like they said they did in 2006.!! That means the filter and fluid that we were running in our rig was 16 years old. Here is our blog post of what happened: http://kareninthewoods-kareninthewoods.blogspot.com/2012/04/motorhome-modifications-16-year-old.html?m=1

You probably don't want an older toad but my 2005 Suzuki XL-7, all set up for towing including braking system & tow bar, will be for sale shortly. Hook up, plug in, push 1 button & go.

We, too, are getting used to a different setup. Got rid of that 43' fifthwheel that gave us such problems and bought a 34' Grand Design Travel Trailer. Since we are no longer fulltimers don't need 43 feet anyway.

Now we have to go back to manually leveling. A real negative. And no residential fridge. A LOT less counter space. That's ok.... Linda convinced me of the joy of an Instant Pot!

Looking forward to hearing about your changes.

That looks like a long overhang. You may want to install some wheel rollers at the back of the truck frame in order to avoid bottoming out. Good looking rig. Love the paint colors.

This year, we started our 16th year of full time RV life.

Our first 10 years were spent with a big F550 with a hauler bed, and large condo on wheels fiver.

Loved every minute of that journey, but transitioned into a motorhome 6 years ago. . .no regrets. . .NONE!

Wishing you all the best moving forward!

Dang! We were at Burro Creek the 7th-9th. Is one of our fav stopover CG’s between PHX/TUS & LAS. That sign about snakes by the bathrooms wasn’t kidding, we saw three in the lower group site while there including a 3’ Diamondback. Only T-Mobile has an unassisted signal at Burro Creek. Congrats on joining the motorhome world. Being more nimble is just one of its advantages. Exciting times for you two!

My husband passed away3 weeks ago, he was sick for a year; we was full timing and loved it! We have a 42' fifth wheel and F650 super crewzer; sold the truck and looking to sale the camper.
I thinking hard about getting a small motor home and contuie to travel, just not sure what would be right for me, I've never drive a motor home, but every thing I've read it's not to hard!
Does anyone have any advice for me?
Kentuckian 😊

Thanks for sharing your experiences and thougts on transitioning from a fifth wheel to a class C. That is a big change!

You mentioned the concern of staying at Burro Creek CG due to a lack of hookups to power the air conditioner. However you mentioned in another post that the new coach has a 4,000 watt generator. I am wondering why you could not use the built in generator to run the AC and cool off the coach? Was there a BLM campground restriction?


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