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Saturday, April 21, 2018


We downsized from a class A to a class C, it was an adjustment but we're happily traveling across country.

We are thinking of getting the same theatre seats for our Winnebago View. Did they say how long it would take them to remove the dinette and install the new seats?

Creative idea with the magnetic spice cans. I hope they have tight lids and strong magnets. Let us know if you hit a pothole and they come down.

I'm totally impressed by your quick transformation! Now it's time to chill with a glass of wine and a beer (or 3)!

Thank you for the tour of your new home. So great to see it furnished and to have you share so many details about how you made decisions and what you chose to keep. Happy continuing adventures, Love Birds 💕

How have your pets adapted?

You two sure get a lot done quickly! Thank you for the tour. It is so helpful to get an idea of what works for other folks. Thank you for your honest helpful tips!

Just have to laugh about your commode problem. Welcome to my world. At 5'0" it is a problem I have everywhere and have had forever. Kitchen counters and commodes are too tall. Use your toes, I can promise it works.

Carol, we have no pets, so no issues there.

Congratulations on acquiring and settling into your new home so quickly and efficiently! You both have provided some fabulous tips on how to make the most of such limited space in our RV's. But at the end of the day, it's the words in your "Love Birds" artwork that really mean the most -- being together, being in love, enjoying every day. Continued good wishes and many blessings to you both!

Great job you two...Looks like HOME!!!

One really interesting thing that happens as you downsize...you find out what "Things" are really important!!!

Another wonderful thing that happens...letting go of stuff helps to free up brain cells. That is so important as we age;o)))

Now can't wait to see where you take your new "Baby!!"

Good to see you getting settled in. Great imagination to organize everything. Always found out what i really had when it was time to move somewhere. Really really nice.
I just saw something on facebook something called "tvbox". It says it is legal to use on the internet for movies and what ever else is out there. You buy the box and that is it. Works like tv antenna but on the internet. Comes with hookup to tv. I am strapped on monthly usage so i cant use it. Thought you might look into it for other people.
Welcome to your new road home.

Hope your planning to weigh your new rig. I know your sensitive to this issue so it will be interesting to see where you fall. Bob

Not sure if this has been mentioned already, but we store our laundry basket in the shower as well. But because we want to put the basket back in after showering without getting the bottom clothes wet, we bought a small plastic coated wire kitchen rack to put the laundry basket on. Probably 10 x 6 x 6 inches.

Howard/Linda, Congrats, and good job. In our Class C, we put an Ideaworks JR5539 Bath Step in the Shower, which we put on the floor by toilet when Marcia needs to get in and out of the shower...that should work for your toilet situation ($20 Amazon). We 'had' a tall toilet and know what you are going through, but I replaced it with a short one (Dometic 310 Series Low Profile Toilet) for about $150 also from Amazon...not a hard task at all, and it sure let the feet hit the floor. Until then, we used the bath step...but the low profile toilet is the final solution you want to do.

Wow! That's a lot of stuff. Good thing you didn't go with the Winnebago View. On the Sprinter chassis, you would have been overweight before you ever stepped in!

Howard/Linda, Impressed by your innovative use of space. It's amazing how experience and ingenuity can enable you! I'm sure you will keep evolving as you go down the road. Best wishes for your new chapter!

Terrific job of organization! Just wondering if that is a Brita water filter pitcher on the counter beside the coffee maker? If so, what brand is it and do you recommend it?

Thanks! Joan

Great job, Linda, creating a space for everything. You are a very talented designer!

Really brilliant and I loved all the great ideas. Magnetic spice containers and office organizer for foil etc were genius!, Supee interesting and will be really interested to see how it holds up during travel.

Awesome! Space used well. You will make an even better fit as time goes on. Enjoy and safe travels.

Hi Howard,
I have been following your blog for a while.
We are a few years from full-timing but hesitating between fifth-wheel (my husband) and a class C (me). I like the compactness of a class C since we want to go to state parks. But there are some compact fifth wheels that are very tempting. I was hoping that you could share your thought process. Have you considered a shorter fifth-wheel (27-30') when contemplating a change and if so, what do you think you can do differently with a class C, that you would not be able to do with a short fifth-wheel? Good luck on your new adventures. I love the Aspect. It would be high on my list, should we end up going the class C route.

Congratulations. You've done a lovely job of making your new home cozy and comfortable. Happy trails!

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