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Sunday, April 15, 2018


I understand getting attached to things. I have changed my perspective by looking at things like the house, truck, car, RV and everything else as just that. Things. These are tools that we use to make our lives what we want it to be. Yes, they are just tools. Shiny, expensive tools, but tools nonetheless. Life and this lifestyle are about the experiences, not the things, as I am sure you already know. The wife and I are looking forward to hearing about your adventures in this new RV.

Thanks for sharing Howard. I'm sure it's tough but you two have shown a lot us how to make difficult decisions and move forward with life.

Moving is so stressful even going from rig to rig. There are so many decisions to be made both large and small. It can be overwhelming. I’m glad that you are in a comfortable place and have some time to do it thoughtfully.

Howard and Linda,
Mary and I wish you the best as you start this new mode of travel. We traded the fifth wheel and RAM 3500 that we had when we were in Tallahassee with you for the boondocking session in March of 2016. We purchased a Winnebago diesel pusher and tow a Chevrolet Equinox. We got a Roadmaster non-binding towbar and a setup on the Equinox that doesn't really show much when we're not towing. It uses the air brake system of the pusher and may account for the higher price we paid. This setup cost us about $4K and we had it done by Camping World. If you go to rvlove.com you'll see where Marc and Julie Bennett just went through the decision process on towing 4 down also. I hope this post is helpful. Happy Travels, Gary & Mary Curtis

I think you will find more useful items at IKEA than you first realized. As to dirty clothes, we keep ours in a collapsible round mesh IKEA hamper that rides in the shower and is removed when shower is needed. Easy to take to laundromat as it has handles. The kitchen will be a challenge, but it can be done. I am a retired home ec teacher and thought I had to have all the gadgets along with me. Discovered I didn't need them after all. Good luck!

Having moved from a big 5th wheel to a motorhome, I understand how the storage is different. If you get rid of the plastic hangers for clothes and replace them with the "space saver" flocked hangers (available at Walmart) you'll be able to hang 30% - 40% more clothes. Good Luck!

Yes. It has become your home. Time will pass and you can move around freely. What model printer did you buy?

This move is so much more than just a move. It is a huge lifestyle change and it doesn't come without a lot mixed feelings that's for sure.
We found that, as you go through the process you can't help feeling a lot of sadness about leaving a home you loved for so many years. We still miss ours and have many fond memories, but we know it wouldn't suit our lifestyle anymore.

We got a Canon PIXA TS6120. Low profile, but still has nice features.

Don't forget the self care as you transition. And of course, make room for the instant pot. We have already begun the process of downsizing, creating empty cabinets and noticing we have too much stuff. Looking for our 'under 30 foot' home. Got to admit I'm jealous that your process is well under way. Enjoy all of it. The tears and the letting go are as precious as the new adventure.

Even though they're more expensive, I finally decided to go with a dedicated "mobile" printer and "mobile" scanner rather than an all-in-one unit. The flatbed scanners in all-in-ones just took up too much room to justify in my Winnebago View. But, the good news is that the Fujitsu "stick" scanner I replaced it with is incredibly fast and saves right to PDF with one press of a button. Here are the newer versions of the units I use:
Canon iP110 mobile printer - http://a.co/1BpvbGw
Fujitsu Scansnap ix100 scanner - http://a.co/cKC04i1

Also, I've got a page of my favorite kitchen, bath, and other smaller-sized items that I've found useful in my View. Maybe this can help Linda get some downsizing ideas:

Howard and Linda, Thank you for always being real and sharing your experiences with the rest of us!

Kudos to you both! You will adapt to your new digs in no time, I'm sure. Question: are you still sticking with both kayaks?

As an 8 year motor home owner, David's comment about your change of home was "where will they put everything they had in their 5th wheel" My thoughts are how very sad I will be when I have to say good bye to Winnona. I understand the tears and attachment completely. To me she's the home of my dreams. I hope your motorhome will become as dear to you as she is to us. On to new and exciting adventures!! It's the second chapter of your life on the road.

I was thinking how emotional it was going to be for you. I traded my MH of 13 years of fulltime living a year ago and I cried and cried. I too had lived in it longer than any other home. I like my new one but so far I don't feel attached to it. I actually thought I didn't have that much in my 24' MH but it took 2 days and numerous trips to the dumpster to clean it out. It really is just a tool to achieve the adventure as stated above.

Hi Howard and Linda, as far as towing a vehicle behind a motorhome, you might check out the classified section of www.irv2.com. They have vehicles that are completely set up and ready to hookup behind your rig for sale. Just thought I would run that idea by you. It's at least worth checking the website to see what they have available. We tow a awd Chevy Equinox. It tows great!

Even GOOD change is stressful...the tears are a way to help release that stress!!! It really is all part of the journey and thanks for sharing what you are experiencing...we're taking notes:o))

Two years ago we downsized from a 36 ft Mobile Suites to an Airstream. We had 8 boxes of stuff left over. Today, we don’t miss the stuff and we enjoy the ease of traveling anywhere we want in the Airstream. You’ll get there, too.

Change is so difficult especially when you love where you are and what you have. We can feel your emotions as we are experiencing changes in our lives. I love everything about our MH but since we aren't boondockers and spend little time in state parks, the private park atmosphere was really starting to get to us. And we found Boulder City! A place we knew would be our future home one day. I was also tired of all the planning constantly for new stops. So becoming part timers seemed to be the best idea. It is, however, very emotionally difficult for me (not John) to move into the house. I like the closeness of everything in the MH. The house is so big!! I am wondering if we made this decision too soon. Oh, well, I will adjust and we will still be traveling more than half the year. I never purchased all the larger kitchen gadgets because of storage in the MH. I didn't want to have to go outside to get things. Good luck to Linda storing these. Seems like you have all this cutting down to a science!

Ikea sells plastic clothes hangers that are thinner than the ones in your picture. They are hard plastic and don't grip your clothes like the velvet ones do. I have both and the velvet ones are a pain to get in the neck holes on T-shirts. The velvet ones grab the fabric and are good for large necklines. I can hang a lot more clothes with the thinner hangers.

It has to be challenging to make this big change backed up to another rally - I'm sure you'll use it to relate to what your attendees are feeling about leaving their S&B, but it's still a lot. You're going to have such a great time in that little motorhome, getting into places you've had to pass by before, and traveling lighter than ever before. Hugs!

This was a lovely post and please know we all are supporting you as you make the transition. Tell Linda we were in Canyonlands today and I saw this fantastic campsites that were all too small for us but you will be able to get into easily now. Made me a little jealous ::wink

There is one constant in life.... change.

I also thought I’d comment that no move is forever. After 10 years in a big 5th wheel we thought we wanted to get back to state parks. We bought a 30ft Motorhome. Not 6 months later we realized that we really wanted more space so we traded that for a 40 ft Motorhome. The transitions were certainly expensive but we could not have lived full time in the 30 ft Motorhome.

When our mobile printer broke we started using the services of Officeworks (like Staples). We've discovered that it doesn't matter if one has to wait a few days until we are in an area that has an office supplies store.

It's a low cost option and you can print, copy, scan whatever.

I just want LINDA to know that I do exactly the same. . .go from project to project to project! It works for our brain, and we get lots, and lots done!

Don Aslett's "How to Have a 48 Hour Day" convinced me there is nothing wrong with our method. . .our brains are just wired different than "type A" folks. . .LOL!

We also, after 10 years, went from a Fiver to a Motorhome. . .no regrets! We didn't downsize though, so that is going to require some adjustments I am sure.

Continue to enjoy the journey.

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