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Saturday, March 17, 2018


Boats just go three miles offshore and let it rip!
I think the ideas about the parks with water and electric but no sewer are great! It would allow campers to use the toilet facilities of the park but still be able to enjoy the benefits of their bathroom sinks and showers. That's a big bonus, but at half the price it's still questionable value for the average RVer.
It great to see the entrepreneurial spirit alive and well!

We were just in Perry GA for the FMCA rally and in their directory is an ad from a company Osysmobile also talking about gray water tank recycling. Their website is: http://osysmobile.com/

We didn't go by their booth... we don't do much boon docking.... ok never in 3 years :-)


I love the enthusiasm of those minds and how wonderful that you and Linda helped to stimulate their passion. Someone in the USA RV industry should pull this group in, even if not for the Rainbox. I would love for everything to recycle, including my gray water, but perhaps the more ingenious product would be the black tank recycler.... ok that just sounds wrong. I would guess that most of us dry campers/boondockers are also earth lovers and therefor use biodegradable products. The day when the tanks are bulging and we still have a bit of fresh on board (rarely) I don't have a problem with watering a few plants with my gray tank/emulsified/fertilizer/water. :-)

This would be of limited interest for use. Even at price of $2k-$3k. We travel 6 to 10 months of the year (still have a sticks & bricks) and dry camp or boondock much of the time. However only about once every year or two, do we stay without moving for more than 7 days, the amount of time it takes for use to comfortably go without dumping and taking on water or dumping. Also I think there are a limited number of RV'ers who long term dry camp or boondock which would really benefit from a system like this.

I know this was developed for the RV industry but I can also foresee that this may be needed in rural areas where and when water is at a premium. We still have areas where people are using cisterns and hauling water to meet their needs. It could allow rural residents to have an almost unlimited supply of their own water by recycling.
Jane in KS

I agree with Al and Sharon.
This could be a viable alternative to a $30,000 septic tank and field. Combine it with a composting toilet and grease trap and I think would be good to go.

They should contact Chris and G Travels AKA Tiny Home Tours they almost totally boondock

For RVs and boats without desalination, at 1/3-1/2 the cost maybe. We boondock often but also enjoy forest CG’s. At those places, water is often available though dump is not. Our big tanks allow 2 weeks easily and 3 if we conserve. By then it’s time to move anyway. Don’t see RV’s as being their market at that price point and size. However, N AZ around Flagstaff has a cracked aquifer so off-grid cabins there must depend on rain cisterns and trucked in water. Some islands in the Caribbean have the same problem with water availability. For places like that, this product would be ideal.

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