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Monday, January 22, 2018


We saw the new Tiffin Class C at the Greenville show. Maybe our expectations were too high, but just didn't seem to "bring it" like I had hoped.

We too are intrigued with the 375 RES but didn't pick up on the low cargo carrying capacity.

I'm surprised you have to pay for your hotel - they don't pay all your expenses?

If you don’t need slideouts in that future C, Lazy Daze is the one!

Thanks for the LOL moment regarding the RV refrig, we have this in our toy hauler. While overall I am happy with it we did indeed have the misaligned door situation. Thankfully Gary is a handy guy and fixed the situation. Also spot on about the doors sealing, you must be vigilant in checking this. Also the drain cup is another issue if you are in a humid climate the water does not evaporate as it should so it often backs up. Still not the issues we had with our residential refrig. Living full time in an RV isn't that much different from a house, it's always something! We love this lifestyle.

Glad you had another successful show!

For those with RV / LP fridges – Howard’s comment about the igniter distance from the burner will also be a problem based on altitude. The fridge may light fine at low elevation but once getting higher, say 7,000 feet, it won’t light off. Just be aware of this on the first trip up those western mountains. The spacing is critical and most likely the igniter is too far away from the burner. An easy fix once one knows the issue. (“Ask me how I know this.”)

We saw the Grand Design 375RES at the Tampa show as well. Very interesting cargo room. Did an immediate U-Turn for the front where the weight sticker is located. Wow, lots of storage, almost no cargo weight capacity. Not unique to this Grand Design; check those cargo capacity ratings first before getting too interested in any trailer. This was a pretty common thing. Many nice rigs, but limited capacity for your stuff.

Good show this year in Tampa. We had dinner with several RV-Dreamers. A good place to re-connect for those coming to Florida in January next year.

Bill & Linda

Glad you had a successful trip and enjoyed your product review.
Looking forward to seeing you at the Boondocking Rally in March.
Did you know that this Saturday will be the 4th annual Blogger-Fest in Quartzsite. If your interested it starts at 1-4 pm at the La Posa South LTVA Ramada.
Be Safe and Enjoy!
Rick Rousseau

It's about time.

That Furrion oven you commented on, like most of the appliances they put in RV's, is not of great quality. We have one in our 2017 Montana, and have had it replaced once under warranty. They do auto ignite when you turn and hold in the knob. But the temperature you set on your dial is not the temperature you get on the display (50 to 75 degrees off). Moreover, the thermostat does not hold a steady oven temperature during the closed door baking process. On our original oven, the final displayed temperature was 75 degrees from what the knob was set for, and further the internal temperature (checked with an independent oven thermometer by both us and the dealer) was 50 degrees lower than the digital display. The oven would allow temperature to drop over 100 degrees before increasing flame and raising back to temperature. Finally, while the dial indicates it should go up to 475, it would never go over 375. Keystone did replace it after persistant complaints to the dealer, but the new oven has the same shortcomings, just not to as great of an extent. We've had similar issues with the Highpointe Convection Microwave Keystone uses.

John, The show promoters do cover our expenses; however, we have different arrangements with different promoters. For some, we charge a flat fee for a speaking fee plus expenses, and we take care of all of our own travel arrangements (which gives us more control). Others just pay us the speaking fee and take care of the travel arrangements and accommodations. And others are a hybrid where we are paid a speaking fee and they take care of some of the arrangements and then reimburse us for any other expenses.

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