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Friday, May 19, 2017


If they do total it, you usually have the option to buy it back from them. There are some considerations to doing that, mainly that they are unlikely to re-insure it, so you would have to switch companies. But it it something to consider if they do total it.

It is not a big deal to fix the damage that I see. A hassle, yes. But technically it will be better than new if properly gussetted.

Howard & Linda,
We are so happy that things are looking up for you. When you have an automobile go to the body shop it is just a slight inconvenience but as you have said many times your RV is your Home and when it goes to the shop it is a major inconvenience.
I'm sure that Butch, Karen & Ken at RV's 4 Less will get you all taken care of and back into your home asap. There aren't many dealers that will go to extreme that they do to take care of people. If your rig had to break there isn't a better place too be except maybe at the welding shop.
Hope you are repaired and back in your home soon.
Jim & Pat

Even if they total it out you can still repair it and continue to use it. it just won't have any value for a subsequent insured loss. It would have a salvage title and the state may have to inspect it to be sure its road worthy but, other that that, it really has no effect if you intend to keep the vehicle forever. I think if you have it repaired it will be better than new! Just look at all the Lippert frames that didn't make it outside the 2 year warranty before they broke in the same area. Yours held up well considering all the roads that need significant repairs and the amount of use you have gotten out of it. Class C yuck!!! Have a great day Linda and Howard! Ken and Lori Irwin

Glad to hear it can be moved. That must have been horrible to watch them tear up your home.

Sorry to read about your fifth wheel frame damage. It sure looks like it will be put back as good or better than new! I still enjoy reading about your adventures after all these years. Good luck!


So glad the fix is happening and well on the way to total recovery.

By the way, TV placement in a C is usually not real viewer friendly.

OMG, this is what is happening to our rig right now. Husband is taking out screws on end cap to try and see whats up. I noticed a crack of daylight in closed flooring is pulling away from front wall end, crack in side of closet. I can feel the screws with my finger in closet. Husband has been in contact with Lippert frame. Scary for me, now I know how Linda feels.

I think by the time it is over that you will feel that the front frame will be even stronger than ever, like I have seen other people say. Again, good luck, and thanks for the documentation through pics and videos. --Dave

Hi Howard and Linda. I think like some other folks the front frame will be better than new with steel and gussets that weren't there when new. You may remember I hand a 33' forest river fifth wheel I pulled with a GMC four door diesel dully. I installed a Trailer Saver fifth wheel hitch (hitch head rides on air bags) in fact I installed the hitch when we were at your first rally in Branson, Mo. and it was in the truck when we went to Alaska in 2009. Never had any trouble with pin box welds.

After dropping our front fiberglass I see no damage to the frame anywhere. I going to get another pair of eyes look at it today and may even call in a RV repair guy to confirm what we "do not" see.
I started this whole process a few weeks ago by taking measurements suggested by Lippert. Before I seal everything back up I sure would like to know why the side in our front closet looks exactly like yours with the side wall pushed. ???

I feel your pain. This has been a difficult month for us too. Tires on RV, bad diesel fuel and the rear collison of our truck. I'm so glad to be workamping and setting still with the RV. Good luck on your repairs thanks for all ya'll share too.

Howard and Linda, Sure glad you were at the CG when you found the problem. As ya'll have taught us, things happen. Good luck on the repairs and Happy Trails.

I agree that your frame will be even stronger than when it was new, Howard. What bothers me is that RV manufacturers know that this sort of failure is an issue. If they are going to build these units to be pulled down the road, then they should make sure it can be done safely. If it adds a grand to the price of the trailer, so be it.

How grand it is that you both live and echo how this lifestyle is about the flexibility to flow with the change of the river. Even in the middle of the confusion, possible life coarse changes and with the pause in your spring plans, you continue your gracious gift to teach and share. I think this flow is why you both always seem to be at the right place and at the right time. Heck how perfect was this. Your truck and home safely delivered you by the grace of a few welds, and to a rally of all places. You shared with everyone there your misfortune and perhaps this is why just about every RV there got weighed and we all now know first hand the importance of GVWR.

The repairs are amazing given the size of the rig! What I'm finding less surprising now that we've been on the road a couple years, is all the wonderful help and cooperation you've gotten from those around you. Such good folks "out here"!

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