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Tuesday, May 16, 2017


So sorry to hear about this trouble you are experiencing with your beloved rig. But I'm heartened by your attitude. That's the way you deal with a crisis. I expect you are an inspiration to all who read this posting. Best of luck. Chin up!

-- jc

We are really sorry to hear this, but so glad you two are safe and have the means and the time to make the right decision.

RVs are actually built to withstand double their posted weight rating. The cause is not from being overlaoded but the constant stress applied to the metal.
Having worked at repairing Industrial Equipment that were subjected to major Vibration i can tell you that it is all repairable if you have the right person doing it.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It's about time.

Good luck! So sorry for this "bump" in the road!

So sorry to read this post, but very glad you got safely to a nice park and nothing happened along the way. Good luck with making the big decision.

Oh Wow, Howard and Linda...we're so sorry about this. We know you love that rig...we'll keep our fingers crossed that it's repairable. Ken and Kathy Adams

Oh this hurts my heart. Hoping that the welders give you both good news. We weighed as we left the rally on Monday and found out that our solar and other additions (Sharon's shoes) made our rig 350 pounds over GCWR. I type with four piles of stuff for Good will in the living room, a scale to weigh it all and a grateful heart that God brought you both safely to the hills of Tennessee.

So glad nothing happened while you were on the road, and you are both safe.

So sorry. Glad you are where you are and have trusty people around you who can hopefully fix it!

Oh my gosh. That is horrible and especially after you spent all the money painting and doing the interior. I would not expect the insurance company to pay but here's hoping. I'm so glad it didn't come apart while you were traveling.

Tough luck Linda & Howard! But grateful it wasn't worse.

So sorry you are going through this. Pray for a positive outcome for all.

I know you must be feeling really overwhelmed about this. What a load of bad news. But so glad you arrived safely, have the funds to handle even the worst case scenario and that the other parts of your life won't require huge adjustments to wait this one out. We are over weight for the first time by about 270 lbs on our rear axle and can't figure out what has happened. We've eliminated or moved everything we can up front where we have lots of extra weight room but it didn't help. We can't get the workhorse folks to tell us if there is any leeway at all on their limits so we aren't sure what to do now other than perhaps dump the spare tire. I don't feel good about all this. I can't imagine how you must feel. Thanks for sharing the good and the bad.

So sorry to hear of your plight. Difficult decisions to be made. I would bet the upper frame could be replaced to make it road-worthy. You could then sell it with a clear conscience if you don't have confidence in taking it on your extensive travels. Ma
ny people park their trailers and do little if any traveling.

Oh man, so sorry to hear this! I'm glad you're safe, but what a downer to have to face this issue. I hope you find a relatively easy solution.


Like the above poster said, a good repair person will fix you up right. I see many miles ahead for you and your rig.

We had the same thing happen to our 2005 Montana.
Repair costs ran $9000. We turned it over to our insurance not expecting any help, but surprisingly, the covered the whsole cost. Hope you are as fortunate.

Howard and Linda, we are so very sorry to read about your home. We certainly feel your pain and want to welcome you to our world :(. Just hang in there and take one day at a time. As you said, this too shall pass. Take our word for it! Wishing you the very best!

Thanks for being transparent and sharing your highs and lows. We have learned a lot thru the years. Hoping for a good outcome for you two.

So sorry! Thankful you received help from the best, Ken, Butch, and RVs For Less. We were just there on the lot for a few days. Currently in Townsend waiting for parts. Praying for God's best!

Glad you caught this before an accident could have happened. I too think this can be repaired by a competent welder, with some additional metal bracing added to make the hitch area stronger. Iin my mechanic days of years ago, I saw many repairs made on heavy equipment by good welders, often the repair was better than the original.

That would be my first choice, with all the upgrades you've done to the rig, it would be a real shame to let it go for a new one that would be half as capable.

I'm speechless about what you are going through right now. I wanted to ask if you can get a team there to weigh rigs at the fall rally. Best of luck, we will be thinking of you. see you in TN in fall

Glad to know you two are safe. It's easier to fix things than people. We are so happy to have the opportunity to attend the rally. We have started implementing some of what we learned, and we already miss our new found friends!
Thank you
Robert and Lee
Class of 2017

So sorry to hear about your problems but so glad you got to the resort safely. Hope you have a good outcome. At least you have many competent people around you. Take care. Jan and Dave.

Sorry for your troubles but so glad nothing happened while on the move. While at the Heartland Service Center two years ago I spoke with a Lippert employee who was repairing one of the first Landmarks produced over a decade ago. He had the cap off and walls peeled back to repair the pin box support area and was adding quite a bit of steel. This repair was done free of charge. Not sure if Lippert or Heartland or both covered the cost. The Lippert employee said they had changed the design in later builds but were standing behind their product. I believe you have a Lippert frame so you may want to see if they had any issues with your frame. Even if they did not it would be a good option to have the frame manufacturer repair or recommend a method to repair. Welding on steel effects its strength so best to get the right company to repair. Good luck and I hope the insurance comes through!!

Wow. Love your attitude. Glad you had another great rally.
Hope your insurance comes thru.

How terrible, Hope things work out for the best. Thanks for sharing what is happening. Looking forward to hearing how it all works out for you.

Wow... The main thing is that you are both safe. THINGS can be repaired or replaced. We are hoping things turn out well for you and you can get back on the road.

I always like to look at the positives in these kind of situations.

1/ It didn't come apart on you on the road and thankfully you were observant enough to notice before hitching up again
2/ This was bound to happen at some point, thankfully it happened at a time which is convenient to you (we started having metal fatigue issues in our rig and it was only half the age of yours when we sold it)
3/You have good insurance!

Here's hoping things work out for the best!

Bill Murray's comment, above, is right on. Lippert was very good to us and replaced both axles free of charge when we discovered our issues.

Ditto on JC's comments in the first post, we should all be thankful for all of the information you share. Thank you!! Dominique and I are glad you are safe and as you say this too shall pass best of luck. Dominique and Andy

Safety first! How scary to discover such major damage, and such a blessing to be stationary near competent service folks. I'm sure it will all work out no matter the outcome, it could have been so much worse!

Dont fret a good and competant welder will fix you right up and it will be stronger than the original

bob and wanda fry

Hope things work out for the best and so glad you are in a safe place

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