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Wednesday, May 17, 2017


Do you still plan to travel overloaded when you get your trailer fixed ?

Howard and Linda,

So glad to hear that the news isn't nearly as bad as it could be! Tough times always feel better to me when I have options that look good even if they don't work out. Dave and I are keeping you in our thoughts until you resolve all this.

Troy Adams (Graduate Spring Rally 2015 :)

In fact we will still be overloaded according to our sticker. However, as I've mentioned many times, we've done upgrades to our running gear - tires, wheels, brakes, suspension - to manage the overload the best we know how, which is much more than many people have done. As I said in my post, we don't know for a fact that being overloaded caused this damage (the same thing happened to Bill & Debbie and they definitely were not overloaded), but I'm sure it didn't help. When the repair is done, I'm confident it will be reinforced to the point that it will be better than it was before. So, yes we will still travel overloaded according to the sticker, but then we will have done everything we can think of to mitigate the situation. Our truck still has plenty of safety margin. In the meantime, we'll continue to educate everyone on weight and tire safety so they know more than we did when we started and so they may not have to go through some of the issues we've had.

Instead of a C look at a comparable small class A. We started looking at C's but the A's are so much more livable for the same overall size. Take a look at the Winnebago Vista 27N as an example of a small A with lots of storage, and good carrying and towing capacity.

I am glad to hear the news appears to be much better than you previously thought.

We are currently still pretty limited as to where we can go, due to an aging parent, but at some point when we can travel more we would like something small and less stressful than our big motorhome.

We currently have two inexpensive fifth wheels, one on our lot in the north Georgia mountains and one on our lot in the Keys. They do not move. When we are able to travel more we will buy a B+ or a small C for travel and our two home bases for the other times.

Just wondering if that might be an option for you.

Howard & Linda: I looked at your photos and your rig can be fixed and made to last! I am a mechanical engineer retired, and from the pics can definitely be beefed up and gusseted! Most good welders will know where to put stress gussets and how to beef up existing beams and rails. If I can help in any way by you showing me pics, let me know and I will gladly give you my opinion! Good luck, Pat Loyacona

Glad to hear a solution is within reach. I am surprised to hear that progressive will cover the repairs. On that note we will be looking at progressive for coverage. Our payers are with you as you make the right decision.

Going to a Class C will be a different way to travel. No room to carry multiple SeaEagles, no room to carry many items...unless you get a large Class C. We went from a Class A 40 foot to a Class C and there was definitely the inability to carry stuff. However, there are advantages too. We love our Dynamax 28' Isata, but we are only out 8 months per year...if we were to fulltime, a Dynamax DX3, DynaQuest XL or Dynamax Force would definitely be at the top of our list, it is a very well built motorhome. As for the 5th Wheel, I have heard about a number of these Lipperts that have had this problem, and those that fixed them right feel the frame is better now than when they first bought it. Good luck to you both. --Dave (GoingRvWay.com)

Usually when one door closes, another door opens...

Sounds like several doors have opened for you.

Sometimes what seems like a disaster just turns out to be an introduction to a new way of thinking about things. While unnerving at first, finding the solution becomes a great adventure. It is all how you choose to view it:o))

We wish you the very best and can't wait to see which door you choose!!!

When both a retired Mechanical Engineer and a retired Industrial Welder tell you it's repairable it's repairable.
Waiting to here from you when you are back on the road.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It's about time.

Love Nancy's comment and couldn't say it better. Things are definitely looking up. How exciting!

Your friends Geeks on Wheels has their class C for sale.

Had a similar failure on my 05 Montana 2 years ago after hitting a humongous pothole in TX
Claimed as a collision on my insurance and took 3 weeks but only cost me $1600 for my deductible and a new adapter. Total was just over $10K
My biggest fear was Insurance would "Total" my old RV and book value would keep us off the road
Good Luck

I try really hard to stay underweight however it's almost impossible. There are many a day that I think the manufacturers purposely underrate their trailers. Why? If they set the max weight at a realistic number it would negatively impact sales - too big a tow vehicle required.

Example our toy hauler is just under max weight with no motorized toys, just a couple of bicycles. Granted we've added solar and batteries but that weighs a lot less than a four wheel ATV

Really happy to hear you have some options with your existing rig. The whole Class C conversation was interesting. My grandparents started full timing in a huge Class A but downsized to a Class C because they "could go anywhere" in it. MY grandmother always said she much preferred the Class C living and she was a person who was as particular about her personal space as Linda is. Maybe less really is more, but I like you have a hard time envisioning it for us. Then again we saw lots of people in Alaska having a blast in truck campers and if we ever went back we would definitely go that route. Assuming of course I could find something I felt like I could breathe in. Thanks for sharing the story with us. It was interesting, and again hope plan A of fixing what you love works out.

Going with a "C" didn't work for us at all. We finally went with the travel trailer and were much more comfortable.


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