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Saturday, July 02, 2016


My husband is planning on thru hiking the AT next year too. I am going to meet him a few times as well and be a trail angel. We live in VA so we are pretty well situated but he would like for me to drive our 36 ft Bounded to meet him several places as well. While I am very comfortable driving it anywhere I still have trouble with gas stations when we have the car in tow so I am not sure I would be comfortable driving it to meet him either so I understand Linda's reluctance.

Good luck with your planning. It is very exciting.

P.S. I have been reading your blog for years but first time commenter.

What a adventure that would be to hike the AT.
Hope it all works out that you can do it.
Margaret and I climbed MT KATADIN last September. What a experience that Was! If you can only do MT KATADIN you won't be disappointed. Thanks for sharing your life on the road,were looking forward to that life soon.

Hiking alone on the Appalachian Trial is dangerous:


My parents hiked much of the trail but quit before finishing the whole thing. Wet weather and lack of sunshine got to them. But, no one was meeting them except once. They went into towns to replenish food and stay a night with a shower and bed. Good luck with your plans. Keith and I hiked 2 hours of it in Virginia last fall.

Very interesting! We'll be watching from afar:)

That's an ambitious plan! It will be a great adventure, that's for sure :-)

My son hiked the entire trail in 2014. I don't think it is dangerous as some people think. I would like to hike it someday so I will probably keep a close eye to see how you plan it out to work for you. My son is currently hiking the Pacific crest trail. Best of luck to you

Howard, have a look at Red Beard's videos of his AT hike, probably the best personal vidoes of an AT hike I've seen, lots of great knowledge for you to absorb from someone who knows. He also has a other videos on AT prep.
Link below;


Jeanne and I camp hosted at Gifford Woods State Park in Vermont in "09. The AT goes right through the park. You can shower there [coins] and there are shelters if you need them. There is a nice waterfall nearby that the trail goes by [water, depending on the time of year]. Unfortunately when we were there with a 35' 5vr there were only 2 spots large enough for our size trailer and the camp host had 1 of them. There are some parks that can accommodate your size trailer in the state.

Sounds like a grand adventure indeed. Certainly after March and April you'll know if you're up to, or want to, do the rest of it. It's so wonderful to have the mobility and flexibility to make plans like this -and change them if you want. Glad you're enjoying your sweet free spot for the holiday.

Hope you get to do it Howard. I did 105 miles through Shenandoah National Park last summer alone and thought it was wonderful. Maybe it's having RV Dream on your rig that gets you the noisy tenters. We have it on ours and get them too. Plenty of quiet tenters everywhere else. Oh well - 4th of July is almost over.

We'll be here on the AT in Franklin, nc next spring. Let us know if we can help. Our new property is close to the AT. Also my friend here is on her second thru hike this year, she is a wealth of info on anything AT. We can meet up in Franklin, wayah bald, NOC, or fontana dam.

A through hike of the AT is an awesome endeavor.One that I have longed to do since I was 17. I hiked 150 miles 2 summers ago and I am hoping to hike the 165 miles Springer Mtn. to Fontana Dam in November.

If you decide to go it will be the experience of a lifetime. You will not regret it!
There are a number of good books available on planning for and hiking the AT as well as numerous good web sites that should provide you all the information you will need. Also check out Youtube for reviews of the gear you will need.
I know you are going to be at Schoodic Peninsula later this summer. We are over in Bar Harbor right next door to Acadia NP until Columbus Day, would love to meet up and talk about your pending adventures and maybe show you some of Acadia.

Howard, go for it! We only live once. It just takes time and determination, and a lot of both. I finally came to the conclusion that hiking 21 miles a day for 100 days with a 20+ lb pack is a bunch. But even section hiking over several years counts. Just getting out is great. If you haven't already look at the blog section hiker.com. Good luck

Omg, don't let the story of "inchworm" keep you from hiking the trail....I'm planning a thru hike for 2018. Go for it! I'm training now, day hikes and eventually section (overnights). Really, do it, Linda knows it's something you would love to do......Dan is the same way, when it's time,.he'll be my best support!!!

If you need a cg in southern Vermont, check out Greenwood Lodge and Campsites near Bennington. We stayed there last year. I don't know if they have affordable monthly rates or not, but it is set up like a state park with nice owners. The hostel is actually for AT hikers and the AT is very nearby. Sounds like an ambitious plan for both you and Linda.

I recently read a book, "Grandma Gatewood's Walk" about a 63 yr old woman who walked the AT on her own. The author is Ben Montgomery. An enjoyable read! That will be very exciting for you and for us! Good luck in the planning.

Howard - I think that is an excellent idea - I will be more than happy to be your trail angel as you hike thru my area (Johnson County TN) from Hampton to Damascus VA --- I have always wanted to hike that portion --Trail Days in Damascus VA is the middle of May -- it is a fun time
tons and tons of hikers

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