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Saturday, April 23, 2016


Well that was very informative to me Howard thanks. I have a couple questions if you would be so kind. 1. How much did it cost to upgrade to dual pane windows in your current rig. 2.Why propane generator vs Gas. 3. Why 12v plugins in the areas you spoke of and why 12v plugs or 12v outlets? thx oh and 11 days of work left woot woot!

Ok, now which motorhome would you get? 8^)

-- jc

Awesome job Howard!

As I expressed in my private email to you when you first mentioned this entry, buying used was the right answer for us for many of the reasons you wrote about. You promised that you would cover that option and you nailed it.

Thanks again for all you do for the RV community as a whole and especially the wanna be full timers.


There is a system that you did not comment about...a macerator system. We have been in highline RVs for a long time and are now in a RV with a macerator system. After two months with that we had a gravity piping system installed to bypass the macerator. Even though the macerator remains on the rig we will not use it again unless we are in a situation where our sewage would have to go uphill. That is unlikely. We do not like the macerator system because with it we were out dumping tanks every second day rather than our accustomed once every fourth or fifth day with a gravity system. Now we are happily back to once every fourth or fifth day.

David Mason

Really interesting and thanks for making it clear that it doesn't really matter as long as you are happy with what you have.

We thank you for all your time and work. Enjoyed the info and all on what F/W's to buy. Sure wish we had known RV-Dreams before we bought our 280 RLS Cougar. Can't wait to see all in Sevierville.

Terrific article. Thanks.
You say that if you were designing your perfect 5R it would be traditional front BR. My hubby is 6'7" and hits his head in front BR units. Therefore we're looking at front LR. Any reason that we should stay away from front LR?

You get whatever you feel comfortable with. :)

Some tall people prefer the front bedroom because they will mostly be sleeping there. They prefer having their headroom in the living area where they will be up and down more. But just as many prefer the front living room and rear bedroom. It's whatever is best for you. Just tour both floorplans and pretend you are living in them, and see what is most comfortable.

Such great information, Howard--as always! We have loved our DRV, and it was the perfect full-time home for us. Since we settled down and I went back to work, we don't get to use it like we would like anymore so we're looking to do something different. Sure miss those good times. Thanks so much for getting us off to a good start with your rally in Oregon a few years ago. Appreciate both of you and all you do for this community.

Really well thought out post and I agree that it's impossible to name a particular brand and model without all the other considerations you mention.
Just wanted to let Linda know there's no reason to fear a convection oven. I have one and honestly I use it exactly like a regular over; I just lower the baking temp by 25deg...that's it. Nothing magical about it.
We also would add an induction cooktop and eliminate the propane oven...we don't boondock so we always stay where we have electrical hookups. Right now we use a portable induction single burner 90% of the time and enjoy the extra counter space we have by keeping the covers on the stovetop...they are made of the same material as the countertops and are level with them so you don't even realize you have a stove under them.
Keep on doing what you do...we all benefit from your knowledge and experience.
We are just celebrating the end of our first year full-timing and can't imagine a better lifestyle. We do a combo of staying in one place for several months and then taking road trips where we move every few days to a week.


This is a GREAT post. Thank you very much. It has been helpful in validating some of my research to date, but also in narrowing and updating my future focus as well.

Question. You mentioned Grand Design Momentum above. Did you mean Grand Design Solitude? The Momentum line is a toy hauler which you indicated you would not consider. I believe the Solitude is Grand Design's high profile towables.

Thanks again for your assistance. We had a GREAT time at the rally and enjoyed meeting you and Linda. We made some really good friends there and continue to stay in touch with them.


Yes, I meant Solitude. I knew I would screw something up in all those links. :) Thanks for noting it. I've made the change in the post.

Thx Howard. We're glad you called out the Solitude and meant the Solitude. It's a favorite of ours and your opinion means a lot to us.

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