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Thursday, February 04, 2016


For your big trip take an Alaska inland waterway cruise trip in June. We did that 30 years ago and still talk about it.

David Mason

Sounds like LIFE to us;o)) Just always glad to know you two are OK and just busy living life!! Now...focus Howard...focus:o)))

Good to hear from you again. Life isn't all fun and games, and boring is in the eyes of the beholder. Keep writing.

I've been reading your journal for about a year. I also read the preparing entries. Whatever you happen to write about is of interest to someone in your mixed audience.
We plan to full time in about 4 years when, we retire. Thank you for your insight and keeping it real. I take a monthly writing workshop, the instructor says just put your pen to the paper and let your thoughts flow. Of course editing may be necessary before posting.

Nice and informative Blog today Howard, boy your medical system seems awfully complicated!

Re the AT in Maine... I highly recommend that you have a look at Will Wood's (aka Red Beard) youtube video of his hike of the AT in Maine. This guy really knows how to put together a great video.


Regards, Downunda - Melbourne Australia

Even your musings are interesting.
This would be a good year for Canada with the exchange rates.

I think you sorted it out... Plus, I just enjoy your writing and honesty and openness. Life doesn't have to be fun day after day after day to be meaningful. I enjoyed our post.

Howard and Linda:

I'm always amazed at the amount of content that you produce. Awesome information that is worthwhile reading all of the time no matter whether about your "boring" daily life or the wonderful experiences of traveling to new places. Your 2015 Spring Rally in Tennessee was awesome!!

Take time for yourselves when needed.

Enjoy the journey!

Best wishes


I know, first hand, about the insurance costs. I only had 2 choices and my premium, just for me, is $701.19 per month. The other policy would have been $80.00 more! AND, it pays NOTHING until I spend $6,500.00 of my own money!! That's not insurance. It's highway robbery! Crazy! Just CRAZY!

I've been reading your blog for at least the past 4 years, and I also went back and started at the beginning so I think I have read most of it from the time you started out. I have always enjoyed it and still do. It helped immensely in our decision to go full-time and we have learned so much. I think it is important to include the everyday mundane things along with the fun things so people can get a realistic picture of what it is really like to rv full-time. Thank you so much, and please keep writing.

Linda and John

It was because of those mundane 'day to day' journal entries that we had the courage and knowledge to go full time. I, for one, know what a pain it is to write a blog post, especially while workamping and have nothing to talk about :) I keep thinking that somewhere out there is a newbie or wannabe reading all this mundane stuff, and hitting the road someday.
Thanks for all you do.

Howard keep in mind many of us are just RV-Dreaming we aren't able to full-time yet. We get our RV-Dream fix by reading your blog as often as you post it no matter how mundane it may be. Your day on the road is much better than my day on the job.

Thanks for keeping my dream alive.

You may say it's "boring" but real life is sometimes and others times it's interesting. Either way your blog is always educational because you give a "real" view of full timing. And you give information that we may not have considered before. Keep doing what you do because it is highly valued and very worthwhile. Thanks for always sharing it like it is. I also enjoy your sense of humor and/or sarcasm. :)

Ditto all the other folks. It's real life and sometimes we all have too many things bouncing around. You put words to my planning confusion with all the issues to consider before I can decide where we can go and when and if. On the road with major medical problems is tough. It all seems to get more and more difficult. Thanks for making me feel less alone in my complications.

This is my first post/comment. I have been following you since you first started although very sporadically. My girlfriend (42), Pug (4), and I (52) are from St Louis, Mo and have a 27' class C and pull a small trailer with a Harley and 2 pedal bikes. We take 1-2 one week trips every year and this summer were able to spend 72 days on the road exploring the Great West. We hope to full-time as soon as we are financially able. Your blog, especially the boring posts, has been very helpful to us. One of the biggest challenges of Rving is that no Rv Park is the same and your details of selecting, checking in, picking a spot, hooking up and then reviewing the experience(although boring) encouraged us many times when we thought we were doing it wrong. The devil is in the detail and your commitment to detail is what motivates me to follow.
Keep up the great work. I will definitely need some help when we hit the road.
Brian Melissa & Harley

Really enjoy reading your posts and following along.

I know how difficult it is to keep up with a blog and have nothing but admiration for you. I have had great difficulty writing since losing my mother in September 2014 but I continue, although not as frequently, as I know what great joy she got from reading my blog.

You have helped countless people with your posts and rallies so please don't ever feel you bore us.

Thank You

Just catching up on my blog reading and while we haven't been at this for 10 years, I too, sometimes get lost in the research of an area! There's a lot that goes into it!! Also, kudos for the daily-ish blog; we do it with every move and while I enjoy it, can't imagine doing it daily! Thanks for the dedication!!

I can certainly relate to the challenges of keeping up an enjoyable blog (and I'm only doing this for 1.5 years). Nowadays, especially being stuck in one place going on to 6 months now, there's not a whole lot more to say than went shopping, did chores, worked. You guys are great and we really appreciate all you do.

Miss you!!!!

I still keep up with you two. Life changes are interesting thanks for writing this blog. My vote for trip is northeast, it's beautiful.

Whenever you question if your blog makes a difference, look at the picture of our RV Dreams mini reunion from Quartzite last month...we are a small example of the folks whose lives have been enriched by learning from you and Linda and following in your footsteps!

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