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Friday, September 25, 2015


What a day is right. What an adventure. You guardian angels where working overtime. lol

Yikes...Weird World sure had your number today. But so glad you both are fine. The food can be replaced, but you two can't!!!! Hope it all works out without to much more excitement;o))

I'm glad you are safe after all that craziness. We are staying in a park that is home to a lot of deer and we are very reluctant to drive at night.

We had a similar thing happen with our RV refrigerator. It went out on our maiden voyage with our new 5th wheel. We rushed into town and bought a big ice chest and two bags of ice. We moved all the perishables into the ice chest and wouldn't you know, the refrigerator started working again.

We debated whether or not to keep the ice chest as it takes up quite a lot of space in the basement, but decided to use it as storage and then we'll have it if we ever need it again.

I think Murphy left Montana and moved to Michigan!! Hopefully this is the last of Murphy for both of us :)

Glad you are okay, except for fright and frustration about the fogged in scenic drive and the refrigerator.

Last fall, we spent a few weeks in the U.P. for fall colors. It was awesome. There is so much to see and do, lots of waterfall hikes, and interesting mining history.

If you're interested and will be in the area longer, you might want to check out our blog from last year. travelbug-susan.blogspot.com

Susan & Bob

WHAT a day!!! So glad you are safe! Hope today is much better, as well as the next few tomorrows!

Thank you for the photo of the Jampot. I had forgotten about our stop and the Monks. There is a nice drive of lighthouses along the coast line. Bummer about the deer strike. I find it best to stop on little roads and beep my horn, then wait because they are usually in pairs or groups. Sounds like the bird strike didn't see you either because of the fog.

I had to replace our Cooling Unit this past January while we were boondocking in Yuma. I replaced it with an Amish unit too. In August I found it not cooling. It was set to Auto. I was able to switch manually to Gas and it worked. I tested and found my electric element was bad. Since I still had power, the board didn't switch to gas automatically. I ran it on gas until I could install a replacement element. In my case I couldn't get the element in without pushing the fridge in about 6 inches. Then in September when we were traveling and did an overnight in a Walmart, I noticed that the fridge was getting warm. It wasn't working on gas. I could hear the spark cycle try 3 times, but it never lit. It was dark and late, so I waited til morning to look at it. I found quite a bit of debris on the burner, stopping it from lighting. I was very thin, and almost looked like paint that had burned off and fell down the burner tube. I cleared it away and tried it, and it lit right up and has been working fine.

You did have a bad day, but what about the poor deer? Did you stop to make sure it was dead and not suffering?

I know you had to get something in a rush, and what you could find locally but once that cooler finally gives out you might want to consider something like the
Dometic CF-050AC110 Portable Freezer/Refrigerator.

The cooler I had for years that was similar to what you bought finally bit the dust and this is what I replaced it with. MUCH more expensive but it has an actual compressor so the ambient temp doesn't affect its capability and because of the compressor it is also a freezer. Comes with integrated 12 & 120 volt capability and large enough to hold the complete contents of our double freezer compartment in case of an emergency like yours or just everyday defrosting. Being able to run on 12 volts allows use in the car for lunch when traveling/touring.

The sign states:

"... During the winter of 1978-79 Keweenaw County established a new snowfall record by tabulating a seasonal total of 390.4 inches of snow. This could be a new record set in the U.S.A. for the entire area east of the rockies. ... "

Michigan loves to talk up their snowfall amounts, but this particular claim isn't worth a hill of beans.

Hooker, New York, a hamlet in the Tug Hill area of New York state, holds the state record for snowfall in a single season, after accumulating 466.9 inches (38.91 ft; 11.86 m) of snow during the winter of 1976-1977 [source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tug_Hill].

An additional six-plus feet of snow is significant and deserves mention.

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