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Friday, December 19, 2014


Hugs to all of your family is all I can say at this time and prayers are being said.

Great trip down memory lane. Nothing soothes the soul better. Tanks Howard.

Oh, my goodness, Howard! Thank you so much for sharing the wonderful photos and musings! Although we’ve never met your parents, we feel we know them through your sharing of family memories. We are confident you’ve made the right decision for your Dad to remain in the comfort of his home at this time. And we wish for your Mom to be comfortable and at peace in her final days. Hospice care began for Jim’s Dad this week, so we wanted to say “thank you” since we feel comfort and support by your sharing your thoughts and feelings and all you’re going through.

Thanks for sharing the pictures. They were a good looking couple.. I continue to pray for you all~

Your mom was a beautiful young lady! We continue to think of you both and are glad to hear you've made some decisions about your dad. It's not an easy rode to be a child of elderly parents. Be strong and supportive. That's all anyone can really do.

This is a lovely post Howard. Your mother was and is a beautiful woman. If my daughter were some day to say of me that "she gave the best she had to me", I can think of no higher compliment and I would feel my life had been extraordinarily blessed. I think your decision for your father is a wise one at least for now. My heart is with you, your father, Linda and your mother as you go through this life's ending. It is a hard road. You are all doing a wonderful job.

Thank you for sharing this. It is very interesting, nostalgic, and reminds me of my mom's history. The seven rules are especially nice. Hang in there, you are being a good son and making wise decisions for your folks.

Your Mom was and is a beautiful lady. Don't pictures bring back memories. Know when I went through Mom had a couldn't remember some of the people.

Thanks for sharing your story, Howard. I find myself in the emotive content as I remember my own parents and older brother. You are plugging into a base of common human experience with which others in our human family (regardless of race, ideology, ethnicity) can identify.

Thank you for sharing. I enjoy hearing family histories. I too was born in Burbank, CA but in 1946. I spent my childhood summers in Burbank with my Grandmother...the best memories of my childhood.

Bless you all and I think you made a good decision about your Dad's living arrangements. When the time comes you will know it.

What do you mean "thanks for listening"- thanks for sharing!

Thank you for continuing to share during this difficult time. We have enjoyed following you over the years, and am always amazed at the similarities we share. You story is especially touching right now, as we lost my 94 year old grandfather in August, and just recently adopted our son whom we brought home at 10 days old, and he just recently turned 2 and keeps us constantly on the move. We are an older couple, and I worry about my son some day going through what you are facing right now. I know it can't be easy, and as you said in your post you are just existing through each day right now.

We will continue to keep you in our prayers. We live in Dayton, and I am not sure if you will still be able to make it to the RV show in January, but we will be attending and I hope that if you are there I can give you a hug and spend a few minutes with you and Linda.

Memories are what we have to ease our pain in times like these. It looks like you have some great ones! Take care and our thoughts are with you. Steve and Patti

Thank you for your post. It gave me smiles remembering my own mother. I can say that she will always be with you.

It's great that your dad will be able to stay in his own house. I know this wasn't an easy decision. We wrestled with this for my mother, also. It is times like these that make life on the road a little challenging.

Thinking of you and your family:) Hope your mom is comfortable and not in any pain.

Thanks for sharing.

What wonderful memories!! We love seeing all the photos... Howie ;o))

Hang in there. We're right there with you with our thoughts and prayers.

Jim and Linda

Great list of advice.

I love old pictures! Been going through a bunch of them myself and annotating to the best of my parent's ability to remember. Certainly wonderful to be able to do it while you still can.

Ah, RV dreams run in the family 😊 Maybe one day you'll teach us how to build a fifth wheel😜 you continue to be in my thoughts and prayers as you go through this time, God Bless.

Nice, Howard. Though difficult, her advice has clearly reached you. Keeping one's analytical mind engaged is one of the most effective ways to soften the distress of emotional times. It is not about distraction but about allowing emotion to move on under its own power. It will be able to accommodate better if not constantly nagged by pressure to answer question of rationale and purpose. Our best to you all. The answers will come after the hailstorm is over. A true blessing is in her continued mental presence and that is what you will remember most about this time... that she still knew she loved you each time she sees you. Peace.

A beautiful story of your lives. Thanks for sharing. I was touched and blessed and know others will be also as they read it.

Beautiful memories. The best way to appreciate a life well lived is to look back at the path it traveled.

I think she has the rules right, but even knowing them doesn't mean they're easy to follow :-) When my dad passed I found a lot of lists among his things. It was something I hadn't known about him, that he was a list-maker. I learned other things too, as you will. It eased my loss, being with his things (with my mom's too), knowing what a full life had been lived leading up to this short sad time of illness. Glad Dad can stay at the house for a while at least. He may find it's not best for him on his own, but that will all work itself out later. Hugs to you and Linda. - Jodee

Lots of good memories. Love the words to go by. Trying to live them myself. Enjoy the holidays with your Mom and Dad.

Thanks for sharing your personal family photos with us. I love looking at old photos, even if they are of people I don't know.
Your mother was a beautiful young lady and it seems as if you were one lucky little guy to be chosen by such a wonderful couple!
Please continue to share your family's history with whatever you are comfortable in sharing. I'm so enjoying the trip down memory lane with you!
Continued blessings.
Continued blessings.

Thanks for sharing, sending peaceful prayers to you and your family.

Enjoyed the photos and the stories. Continued thoughts and prayers!

What a great testimony of a mothers real life and love! It is always interesting to find the momentoes of a parent to see the 'other' side of their life. I love her 'rules' and would like to repost them with your permission. My prayers are with you and the family!

Hang on to those obituaries. They could have answers to many questions that arise in the future.

Memory lane can be very soothing. Thanks for sharing.
Mark & Patty

Thanks Howard. I love "The Rules of Life", what a great list to live by. And the photos are terrific, thank you!

God bless and keep you My prayers are with you.

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