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Tuesday, April 01, 2014


Good on ya gurl!!

Glad to see you're both getting some relaxing down time. Seems like you've been "at it" since before Christmas!! Love the woodpeckers.

Hi Howard... we just stayed at a GA State Park ourselves and picked up the annual pass. Loved our stay, and kinda wishing we weren't in such a hurry to get west so we could explore some more of them. Their reservation system is our perfection too!

And thanks for the Millenicom mention. We definitely understand the frustration, it's never fun to get a price increase.

However, I'm having trouble following the logic that it was slimy of them to announce it after collecting the fees for the month of April?

For one, while things have been in limbo for a couple weeks - Millenicom didn't even have final confirmation of the increase until yesterday afternoon (4/1). They announced it within a couple hours of it being a done deal, and have given a full 30-day notice before the new terms take effect so their customers have time to make other arrangements if they desire.

And more importantly, the new terms don't affect your April service in anyway. It's still the same price, soft caps and terms as you signed on for (with no contract, I might add). You have up until the last day of April to cancel if you choose not to continue under the new terms that go into effect on May 1.

If you had known a couple days earlier, would you have canceled your service for April - even knowing they would be honoring the 'old' terms for that month?

Like I said, we definitely sympathize with the frustration, and I completely concur they need to get on the ball and update their website with the information. And their own communication with their customers could use some assistance.

Looking forward to your comparison of speeds between the two devices/services. We don't have a direct Verizon account to compare on, but we've always been super happy with the speeds we get via our Millenicom account.


Certainly you guys have a lot more inside information on Millenicom than the rest of us, and that's why I'm "deferring" to your opinion.

Perhaps "slimy" was too harsh a word, but it is quite possible that those that will be canceling their service would like to have had that option. Once the April payment was collected, the money was gone. DSLReports broke this on March 30, so it's hard to accept that Millenicom didn't know until April 1. Sure most of the blame falls on Verizon, but I'm not so sure Millenicom is completely innocent, and they could have given their customers a heads up about the possibilities a lot sooner.

It's more perception than anything. I think your second to last paragraph describes much of the problem.

It just looks bad when an email about a price increase comes right after the email saying "we charged your account" (and there is no pro-rated refund should you want to cancel due to this price increase). Perhaps it's nothing more than bad timing, but it "looks" calculated.

Certainly, Millenicom at $90 a month for 20GB with no contract and no taxes is still a great deal for RVers. And, because of you guys, we'll give them the benefit of the doubt. :)

Last summer we pulled the TT to the beach for a long weekend. Got parked & as Rodney was hooking everything up outside he heard "cheep-cheep". OMG there was a nest of baby wren inside the spare tire! Well, we were too far away from the momma so we spent the afternoon & evening hearing the little voices getting smaller & smaller. It was heartbreaking. A few weeks later we took a trip from NC to Cherry Hill Park near DC. Rodney was outside hooking up again & guess what? Yep. "cheep-cheep" OMG!! We had done it again! He tried to figure out a way to get them out to no avail. So needless to say, the last thing we do before pulling out is check for baby birds. Enjoy your stay at the great Ga State parks! So proud Linda is 'handy'. We are so envious & can't wait until we no longer full time behind a desk all day.

We just swapped for the new Pantech device and on Tuesday Millenicom had overcharged my account for two programs. I called and cleared that up and then 2 hours later received the email about the increase. I thought, geesh! I must've made them mad lol! They certainly could have told me on the phone about the new rate.
Nevertheless it's still the best deal going. But we can't let them increase at will without a little whining can we? What kind of frugal customers would we be if we did? :)

Didn't realize you were traveling with your own "RV Tech" ... way to go Linda;o)) That's a gorgeous site and the Pileated Woodpecker photos are wonderful!!!

Your bird photos are amazing.

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