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Thursday, January 30, 2014


Congrats on your new sat setup. I did the same 7 months ago and have been very happy with not having to manually search for a signal, very frustrating indeed, as I used to have to do with the small rooftop dish that came on my motorhome.

Though it takes 5 minutes or so to do its thing, the system has worked wonderfully for 7 months.

BUT, 2 weeks ago, when I went to set up, I got an error message that read "no lnb voltage" and the dish shut down and stowed itself away. Several calls and emails to Winegard, of who's service most reviews are positive, were made before I finally made a connection and spoke to a woman who pretty obviously didn't know a whole lot, maybe first day on the job? A little latter I received an email response and they thought the problem must be the coax cable from the rooftop turret mount to the "gun" was probably bad and they would send one out.

When I arrived a couple days later at my next stop where I had asked them to ship the cable, a package was waiting for me, but in it was a LNB unit, but no cable. Installed it and still got the same error message. Called in to Winegard and spent 20 minutes on the phone while they sorted through records of why what happened and they still stood by the original diagnosis and will overnight a cable that I will get Tuesday ( so much for the Super Bowl)

He told me to take some coax I may have and replace the bad coax myself. Went back up on the roof and did so. That involves removing and replacing the LNB unit I just installed. Now I get a new "Elec Mount motor failure" error message and where the unit would stow itself before, now I am left with an upright unit.

Although obviously still under warranty, there has been no offer to get a local tech out to help. Monday, I guess I will have to insist on that.

So, sorry to rain on your parade and I do hope you have good luck with your system. My guess is that Winegard probably is having stuff manufactured in China these days and reliability of said items is questionable at best. So somewhere down the road, if you run into this problem yourself, make sure you get them to send someone out, it will be a lot quicker than the way I have dealt with this problem.

Dish looks good. So much for the sun coming out Friday! LOL

Happy Feb Howard/Linda,
Carol and I have Dish and yes we do call in to let them know where we are when we move. If we are not moving far, we generally don't bother. Recently we were North of San Antonio at Potters Creek on Canyon Lake. We called Dish and they changed our service address. Then we moved to Sea Breeze in Portland, TX on the coast next to Corpus Christi. We decided to not change our service address since we would be back in the San Antonio area. We did not get local Corpus Christi channels since we did not call to change service address. Now we are back in San Antonio area at Hidden Valley and are still connected to local San Antonio Address.
Dish can figure out if you are 'out of range' of your registered service address.
My only wish is that one day we can make the service address change on line instead of having to call it in.
By the way, we have the Winegard Carry Out antenna. For a single LNB device, it works just fine even though we cannot record and watch different channels simultaneously.
Best wishes on the 2014 rallies.

Well I sure hope your Traveler has better luck than ours. We gave up our old Moto-Sat dish with our DP back in August but on our new Living Quarters trailer we had a Traveler installed. Worked like a champ for the first three months then it just up and quit locating the satellites. Unlike the Moto-Sat it doesn't search the sky for them it appears to know exactly where they are and goes directly there, when it works. Seemed simple, probably a GPS glitch, but the dealer here in Casa Grande changed everything from the whole mechanism on the roof, including GPS sensor, and the receiver down below and still we hunt endlessly for a satellite with no success. The dealer here finally just threw there hands in the air and said they have no idea and Winegard apparently couldn't give them any help so I will have to take it to another, or probably just wait till I get back into Canada and have my own dealer DEAL with it.

You will love having the Trav'ler. We love ours, and it is amazing under what circumstances it will get a signal. Even if you are under sparse trees - try it. We have been able to get stable HD signals THROUGH trees.

As for Millenicom, I'm making the switch Monday. Even with having to continue to pay the $20 to run out my UML290 contract I'm far better off. And the new Jetpack is purported to work well enough you do not have to pull the sim and put it in an aircard.

Love the Traveler with Dish. DNS was great before it changed. Didn't want to pay for something I was getting for free so we have called and changed the service address each time. Works pretty good.
Had Direct at the house and because the RV had a Dish dish changed. I think it may be better, but not enough to make a difference. It does switch channels faster and that is pretty good when watching ballgames.

I find it interesting (I don't know why) how close our budgets have been for 2013 and 2014,,, except for food,, dang. Maybe if we could stick to your food budget I wouldn't have the belly I have LOL!!
We are thinking about doing with the HD Direct TV slim line as well. Looking forward to your reports.
And our contract is up in July with Verizon and we will be switching to Millinicom as well. Then we will just have to figure out the phone part. So we will be looking forward to your reports on this as well.

Thanks for the information on your satellite and your internet set up. We have the same things and Verizon and were also going to look into Millenicom until we were told that you had to buy a $100 device from them whether you needed it or not. Fact or Fiction??

Hope you are feeling better by now. See you soon! Hope you've ordered up the perfect weather, not too hot, not too cold and definitely NO mosquitoes! :-)

Thank you so much for all the information on this. I'm in the midst of researching all this too. I guess scince I plan to travel at least once every month I should go with Direct TV. Now just a little double checking and I'll have the answer. Thanks again!

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