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Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Very well said. Thanks for the great insight. Paul and I are both big Dave fans.

Really great post. You are such a talented person when you are putting your heart & feelings into words. You speak from the heart and I totally get it your post. Thanks, and both you and Linda keep doing what you're doing!

There is a price to pay for everything.
Don't throw your computer in the lake.
You have talents which are appreciated.

This is just a wonderful post Howard and so inspiring. I hope there are a lot of young people reading this so that they will not waste so many years "playing the game". Unless of course that's what they really want to do.

Love this post Howard. Some great inspiration in your words. Thanks for sharing.


good post there Howard, I never read or followed anything Ramsey said... why? never heard of him till after I had already done pretty much everything he preaches anyhow... do I endorse him? No! But he has a lot of really good advice for those out of control!

Great journal entry Howard! Two Thumbs Up!

Good point HeyDuke50. It seems that most of what Ramsey advocates is common sense. Pay off your debts, build an emergency fund, etc. It's all things I've been doing since I was in my 20's, and thus today, at 44 I have NO debt; no car debt, no house debt, no loans, no credit cards...none. And I give money to charities every year (#7). I'm curious how you follow #7?

I became a "Dave Fan" about 8 years ago when I heard his radio show. Upon Dave's advice, I sold my car to get out of $350/month payments, and paid cash for an older "Dave Car." I continued to bank that $350 car payment every month just like I was still making payments. That car fund just made up the majority toward paying cash for my "new" (new to me) 2008 Winnebago View!

The plan works!

Another awesome post Howard. Thanks for the time and effort you put into this inspirational post and sharing with all of us the wonderful and full-filling life you and Linda live on the road. Here's a Woodford toast to you!!!

Thank you Howard.

This is one of the all time great posts Howard. Had we not followed these simple rules I would have been in real trouble when my wife died suddenly in that accident. As it is, I am still able to travel and live "our," dream. But one has to do more than just read, they have to do it!

Great post Howard. Without a mentor like Dave Ramsey/Suzie Orman and others, I started a journey toward a dream 45 years ago.
As I progressed in careers I developed a philosophy of, "run your life, don't let life run you." and "if you want to change your life,you have to change your environment."
Following these fundamentals, we are now living the dream.

Thanks for sharing your post, Howard. I didn't know these things about you - I like you more now!

I hope someone - who had not known this information before reading your post - heeds it's advice. That would be the best gift ever! I wish I could have learned more from others as I would be better off now. Why did I need to learn my own individual life lessons when learning from others could have been much less painful? It took me lots of years but I am now living my dreams and promise to continue doing so!

Happy Trails!~

Thanks for sharing so much wisdom and insight from your experiences and your reading.

Thank you for taking the time to open up to us and share yourself with us Howard. I really enjoy reading your posts, but this one was special. Nice to know you are a Dave Ramsey follower too!

Awesome post Howard! Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and words of wisdom. But most of all your journey to achieve "Financial Peace"... :)

We too are big Dave fans and have completed the FPU class ourselves. We've also been fortunate enough to see Dave Ramsey LIVE! It was awesome! Better than a concert. Seriously! If you ever get a chance to see him live I highly recommend it. Dave ROCKS!

Also, for anyone out there trying to get out of debt I'd recommend reading Financial Peace or even attending a FPU class if possible. IT WORKS!!!

Thanks for all you do Howard. Say hello to Linda for us! Hope to see you guys out on the road again SOON! :)

That my friend was a truly outstanding post. Living in England as I do, I can only imagine the wide open spaces you travel and inhabit. I am hoping to fulltime myself soon around Europe.

Fantastic post...really appreciate your wisdom. Hope to join your lifestyle soon.

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