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Monday, July 16, 2012


WOW - sorry to hear about the engine. Good luck with your decision.

Oh, that is something no one wants to have happen. So sorry to hear about the engine, but glad you're safe.

Susan & Bob

Bummer, Howard and Linda.....tough decision for anyone. Staying positive is a good plan. Remember when you first told everyone your plans about selling everything and pulling your house around the country? They thought you were crazy, but it was the right decision for you. Same for us. When we started this adventure just over a year ago, we didn't know that altitude changes and heights would be an issue for us. And, we discovered that pulling 18,000 pounds across country is somewhat nerve-wracking. So, we recently decided to come off the road for awhile. So, here we are in the high desert of California in July, and we can love it or hate it.....so we choose to love it. And, maybe spending the money for a "membership" during a bad economic downturn was the wrong decision, but it was ours and we will make the best of it. This wasn't what we had in mind when we started this adventure, but it became a new chapter in our book of life's wild and crazy ride. We still plan to continue living in our RV because we love the simplicity and the people that share this lifestyle.

My point is, anyone that chooses this lifestyle is likely flexible, and can easily adapt to change. Otherwise, we would still be sitting in our cubes and paying the mortgages.

None of us know for sure what we would do in your situation. Whatever you decide will be right for you. And, this will be another chapter in your wild and crazy ride!

Sorry to hear about the truck troubles. I am sure you will make the best decision for you in the end. Enjoy the rally anyway.

Vicky and Ira

We have no doubt you two will figure this out and make the right choice for you. Most problems are only as big as how you choose to react to them. As long as you two are OK, everything else can be worked out:o)))

Sorry to hear about your truck. Appreciate your candor and I know you'll make the right decision. Good luck.

Hope your sleep wasn't too restless. I'm sure the decision you make will be the right one for you. Don't listen to anybody but your own gut on this :)

I am so sorry to hear about this major problem.

I know you will do your due diligence, and hopefully find some help.

We have a diesel motor home and this makes me cringe. Good luck with your decision.

Yikes! Was hoping for better news for you guys. I think this is probably one of the worst nightmares for any full time RVer and could be a financial ruin for some. Luckily there are options out there for you guys. Good luck on your decision and remember that tomorrow will be a better day!

Phil & Rudee

What kind of warrantee do you get with this new engine? That would be one thing to consider when deciding whether to fix this truck or replace it with a used one.

-- jc

Hi H&L,
What unfortunate news! So sorry that you've had this expensive problem! We used to have a Ford with that same engine & it was nothing but trouble. The engine never completely blew up, but we did have to be towed numerous times. We finally had enough & got an F350 that did not have the 6.0 engine. Whatever you decide, I hope that it is all resolved quickly & smoothly.

Oh, Howard and Linda--we feel your pain!! We too have a 6.0 liter Ford. Ours has 140,000 miles on it and Mike just pulled the engine and replaced the injectors--an $8000 repair bill if we had had it done in a dealership. The injectors cost us $1200 and we are now driving the truck again but are still a little leery of it. But what do you do--you pay $45,000 for a truck and it should last a long, long time!!! Let us know if we can give you any help with dealerships elsewhere--we've always used Laurel Ford in Laurel, MT about a 150 miles from where you are now in Buffalo.

Sorry about the Engine issue. Just guessing but sounds as if the Engine over rev, as stated to many RPM. What every the case, its tough losing engine with only 64,000 miles.. Good Luck with your decision....

Aw Jeez. That is some of the worst news. Sure am sorry to hear it. Like others have said, your positive attitude will make this a LOT easier to handle.

I've heard a bunch of great things about a Jasper engine. We put a Jasper trans in our motor home last year and it is running great.

Have you talked to Jack Meyer? Perhaps you two are being guided in his direction. I'm sure you know he has a HDT for sale.

Good Luck - I hope you still get a chance to come to Yellowstone.

-- Kevin & Robin

so so sorry to here of this major problem...this is the last thing any Rver wants to ever experience..and of course as luck would have it the warranty is 'up'...good luck with your decision I'm sure you will make the right one for you..we also live by the adage "it is what it is"...just sad for you that it is 'this'...good luck

Because of the huge change in our lives, I have not been as faithful at keeping up with blogs I follow. I am so sorry to hear about this big UH OH in your lives. But I know you two will handle it as you have everything else life has thrown at you. No one but you is walking in your shoes so what they think about your decision is irrelevant. You two will do the right thing for you! I'm hoping for the very best outcome possible.

So sorry to hear of your truck problems. If it was me, and I was as dependent as you are on a sound truck, I would trade it in on a new truck. Ford can replace the engine at cost and then resale it on their lot. To me, and I would guess Linda, peace of mind is worth the price. Looking forward to hearing about your decision process and your eventual decision.
Gene in Ohio

I have a 1997 f350 that I bought new, 15 years ago. It has 150,000 on the ticker. (7.3 powerstroke). Please look on ebay because there was a 2003 f350 with 23,000 miles for 14k. Good luck guys. Contact me if you like, I was a used car dealer for 35 years.


I have a 2005 F350 with the 6.0. I tow lighter loads than you. How many RPM's were you turning as you were coming down the mountain? I don't like the way that mine downshifts under braking. I like the lower gear, but I think it goes down one too many gears and overrevs the engine. I want to make sure I am not overreving mine.

I wish you the best luck and hopefully Ford will take care of you.


We have a 2006 Ford 350 with the 6.0 engine. Makes me a little nervous. Would it be better to get a used one. Course they wouldn't give you anything for the old one. Sorry to hear this.

I like your strategies in your truck troubles. I know I would be better off following your good thinking and staying positive. It is what it is and what is the worst case situation. I would usually waste time by having a meltdown but maybe next time I can remember how you and Linda handled this situation.

Good luck and best wishes on a healthy solution to your setback.

Thanks for sharing your travels with us.

We wish you the best! Hopefully the rally will be a welcome reprieve. Lots of options!

The name of your book could be "I only Cuss When I am Towed"!! Prayers are with you.

There is a lesson to be learned by all of us when things like this happen. Wishing you good luck.

I think a exhaust brake would solve the problem of over reving or burning the brakes

Howard, Most of us have been following you and Linda, learning about the fulltime RV lifestyle. The process and decisions you make have a huge impact on many of us. We are watching you process, we are watching as you struggle. Many have made choices based on your choices, we've been encouraged by your successes and we been disappointed by your failures. And we will watch your example as you examine and make choices in this one more test along the road of the fulltime lifestyle.

Even with the tough situation you guys are in, your willingness to open up and write about it for others to read and learn from is very commendable.

Thank You and Good Luck!

I'd be looking at a remanufactured engine rather than a new one, if that's what Ford quoted you on. And I'd check prices from more than just Ford.

I'd also check out another place to have the engine swapped out.

And when whatever you do is over with, don't ever again get within a 100 rpm of the max rpm of whatever engine you have. :)


I'm all in with the previously posted encouragement!
If you decide to get a "new" truck, you might want to think about RAM with the Cummins Turbo Diesel. Probably your Trailer weights are within the range of late model 3500 duallys
That's what my due diligence research in 2007 concluded was the best tow vehicle for me...You've experienced the reason I never even looked at Ford - way too many VERY bad Engine experiences posted online.
Of course the ideal Pickup would have Ford Interior/luxory, Chevy Allison Transmission, and Dodge Cummins TD engine.
I went for the best engine as the most expensive and important longevity component.
And the online "Turbodiesel Register" is the most helpfull online Club and Forum exclusively for Dodge Ram. One of my sons is a diesel mechanic and drive Fords, but respects my Dodge Ram.

That's a really lousy break; but as you said we've seen plenty of internet postings about issues with the 6.0 engine. Supposedly the 6.7 that is in our 2012 F450 is improved but it's still a pretty new engine so long term one never knows. Strange that you downshifted as you should have and it blew…knowing you I guess you were nowhere near the max RPM when it happened…so this is likely just the bad design biting you in the rear. Still though…it is what is is and stuff like that just goes along with the lifestyle; but it's lousy when it happens.

Over the years have found some of the best life's decisions have been the ones that were forced on us, aka job lose, home flooded, ect. hope that this some day will work out like that for you. Stay positive, it will work out, stay positive. See you down the road.

I haven't been keeping up with blogs very well (busy writing my novel). So sorry to hear this. We've had our share of repairs lately and I worry about a huge bill like yours. Hoping you can find the best solution for you guys.

Sorry to hear about this and I hope it gets solved soon. Certainly a few notches above "sheesh".

Sorry to hear about your truck. We've been following ya'll since we saw you in Miss. at Buccaneer State Park. Hope it all works out for you. Thanks for all the info, we have used some of it in our travels.
Good Luck

It is very unlikely the engine over-revved as the computer will automatically up-shift the transmission at red line in order to save the engine. Sounds like total B.S. from the Ford mechanic. The tow-haul function works most effectively at 3,000 RPM and up. More likely you had an injector stick open, hydraulic lock a cylinder, and things went downhill quickly. It is a common problem with the 6.0L. But you won't know for sure until someone takes it apart.

It doesn't matter which brand you have, the new diesels are too sophisticated and too expensive to repair to *NOT* have a warranty in place.

Do your self a favor, if you buy another truck, do *NOT* buy a 6.0L Ford. There are just too many failures with that engine. I had three engine failures before Ford replaced it with the newer 6.4L truck.

Carl nailed it exactly.Those were my thoughts also.I know you will make the correct decision.

I know it's a hard pill to swallow but get rid of that lemon. It will never be the same with a new engine. The process of installing a new engine seldom works out. Especially when you are pulling such a load.

Good luck. So sorry you are having this trouble.


Even though you bought your vehicle from Ford if they are not going to help because of the time running out on the warranty then take it to an independent but reputable shop. They will probably do it for less than half.

It's about time.

Howard & Linda,
Sorry to hear about the truck. I would feel foolish offering you advice because I know you and Linda will make the absolute best decision for ya'll. Your experience is causing me to at least think about an extended warranty for our 09 (15K miles)Dodge 3500 dually. Its 100K/36 mo warranty is ending soon and I just received a solicitation from Dodge to extend it.

Jim & Judy Maddox
now extended time RVers

Have you read Bumfuzzle?

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