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Wednesday, July 18, 2012


I bought a 2008 F-450 King Ranch, new, and am tickled to death with it. We pull a 36 ft Hitchhiker Champaign Edition (a little over 16,000 lbs) for about 20,000 miles now. We turned over 66,000 miles yesterday on the truck. You will love it if you get one.


What a great attitude! If only the rest of the world could catch up to you two

This comment is made ahead of time but I think it is an interesting point to you and everyone.

If you get a different truck and decide to move you present hitch receiver frame and shoe over look it over for signs of strain, stress and corrosion. Probably it will be fine and good for some more use. But be much more distrusting of the bolts that secure it to the truck frame. Those bolts, even the best ones, are subject to use fatigue especially if they have been subjectt to side force or if they have become somewhat, even just slightly, loose. And unscrewing them can fatigue them. Watch over the installer who does the service work on that for you. Do not let him use replacement bolts from the local bog box hardware store. The bolts need to be much stronger those those that are sold at everyday retail. Diamater of a bolt is only a part of a bolt's stregenth; the hardened material that it is made out of is equally important. Keep it on your mind that when you are going up a long mountain grade it is only those few bolts that are keeping your fiver (and your auxiliary fuel tank) from going the other way. New strong bolts are the way to go.

David Mason

I really like your attitude and comments about resiliency. This too if just another bump in the road... But also you are correct in my mind about changing to a newer truck..

The price they want to rebuild your engine is way more than the old truck will be worth, and you still end up with the problematic 6.0 L engine.

The 6.4 seemed to eat radiators at about 35 K miles, so some inquiry into that problem as to preventative measures might be in order...

We really like the cummins engine we have in our motorhome, but I have never been a Dodge truck fan... I wonder what would happen if you put a cummins back in your 2005? But that would be like a fish out of water as repairs would be troublesome because no one would want to work on it.... Just thinking outloud..

I do think the warranty business would compliment your JD skills as its all about the contract, and you would be a natural to explain and sell such a product...


Boy we needed your blog this week. We too are dealing with a situation that we hope we will be able to talk about with a grin in a few months. The cooling unit went out in our refrigerator. Had it replaced in Asheville, NC 7-6-12. Still is not cold. So today, we are getting our second cooling unit. All and all, although it's been a headache, Dometic has been very helpful and is sending a second unit without us having to ship the orginial back. Will report later if this one gets cold. In this heat it's tough not to have a refrigerator.

Best of luck in making your decision. I'll be checking in and reading your blog to see what you decide.

Ouch, I thought your trailer was around 16Klbs...
As the 2012 Ram 3500 SLT Crew Cab Long Bed SWD DRW with a 4.10 axle is rated up to 17,950 lbs.
I've reduced the weight of my 05 Big Sky by replacing the Tube TV with Flat Screen and the Dometic Fridge with Residential Fridge...But no generator, extra batteries or solar setup.
Empty weight just over 12K lbs.

I really admire you guys! You are truly my role models for when I get to go on the road!

Resilient is a wonderful quality!! You've got it and shown us before... Yup, you lead by example:o))

Good luck on your decision as I know you will make the right one. Sounds to me like a new used truck may be in your future. Hope you find what you are looking for.

Ron & Linda Prater
Nashville, TN

I assume you that you have already searched NHTSA for similar problems since you referenced the data base about a year ago? You may consider filing a complaint ... may help with negotiation with warranty with factory. I have 3 Ford products with tach's, none have a red line for Max RPM's. It is my understanding the the transmission upshifts to protect the engines. Does your owners manual saying anything about max RPM? If the manual is says nothing ... definitely a safety problem. Good luck ...

I have read your blog for many years but do not comment often. I also like to do a lot of research prior to making my final decision if time allows. Thankfully you have a second vehicle to provide transportation while decide what option to choose. Best wishes.

Al has been very happy with our new-to-us 2008 F450. I know you do a ton of research, he does too! Well, we both do, but different things :-). Resistance to change has been my biggest challenge, although I have worked a long time on resiliency...must have that as a business owner! Things never go completely to plan, and you have a good attitude...may we all have and keep one.

Sorry to hear about your Hauler. I sent an email to a RV friend who also happens to be a Ford Engineer in the SouthWest, so I'm not sure if he can help or not in your location. You might touch base with him just in case. But you should be able to get the straight story.
Lots of luck,
Mike Davis

This week we are taking delivery of a new 450 to pull our Living Quarters horse trailer, so I am following your warranty training with great interest. We have always driven Fords around our place and have a 7.3, a 6.0, and a 6.4 on the place today. To date the 7.3 has been perfect but the 6.0 is not far behind. The 6.4 has not had to many issues but its fuel consumption is quite high. good luck in your truck search

We have just complted our last trip and are preparing to offer our 2008 F450 Lariet with 64000 miles (Goodyear tires 11000 miles ago) and our 2009 KZ Escalade with most upgrades for sale below NADA valuation, but must sell the 5th wheel 1st. After 15 years of RVing and six full time it is time for a change. If you have any ideas on how we could work out a deal let us know.

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