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Tuesday, July 24, 2012


congrats. Everything gets better when there is a decision followed by action. and regarding vehicles, all the parts are used after the thing is started and driven, point is it is ALWAYS cheaper to repair, than to replace with a new truck.


Sounds like a sound decision. You'll still have several weeks to play before the next event. We love Montana. Hope to see yall soon on the road.

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!!! We are so glad you made the best decision for the two of you. Now, you can stop wracking your brains and get on with enjoying what you love to do. We wish you the best with the "New" truck!!


I think that the positives of your decision far outweigh the negatives. Well done!

Howard and Linda,

Great that you are moving forward and putting this behind you.

Did they ever figure out what caused the problem to occur? Or was it just bad luck?

Well researched, well thought out - what more could anyone ask? Made your best decision you could with the information you had. Thanks for sharing your process with us all.

So many answers to a question, large or small, begin with, β€œIt depends.” In this case the equation had a number of limiting answers so this one is most likely the very best available from several perspectives.

So, "get her done" and move on; places to go, things to see, people to meet – a life to live.


That is a smart decision and the best choice for you.

Do you have a tachometer?

If not you should have one installed while the engine is being replaced.

Then make sure you know what the max RPM is for that engine and always stay below it by a 100 or so RPM.

What an interesting turn of events. I have followed this closely and have learned so much. Thanks for sharing.

No one can fault you for making the decision you made. You have a history of being thorough and complete. Congratulations on passing that hurdle. I am certain you are ready to move on. Life is good in the slow lane.

Howard, glad to see the quandry is over! As far as the 6 liter engine, it seems the biggest tweak to be made is replacing the head bolts. The hot rodders do that first. Second seems to be the oil cooler. Seems the gold coolant is high in silica which plugs up the cooler. Most often the best option is replacing the coolant with an "all-purpose coolant". Dunno which they will install.
BTW, my coolant was changed out after 20K miles and am now at 130K. Had to change out the alternator last year, so it has veen trouble free so far.

Just a question because you are having the experience...who gets the old engine? A lot of it would be good for parts or maby all of it for rebuilding. Who gets it?

David Mason

Perhaps the most impressive part of this whole ordeal is the way you guys came together to solve problems, adapt to the situation, still make the rally, and share what you've learned along the way.

A month from now this will all be a good campfire story, and a pain in the wallet :).

There's no one path that's right for every fulltimer, but the ability to be creative, adapt, and make the best of new situations is a skill that will serve everyone well. If only someone could teach that stuff ;)

Thanks for sharing your journey, which helps the rest of us along the way.

I feel it was the smartest decision. Even if the 6.0L had issues, you have to realize that car companies are always making tweaks to their products as they come up. So a 2005 6.0 engine is not the same as a 2012 6.0 engine although it is the same engine, if that makes any sense!
Only question I have is that you mentioned the 6.0 performance and durability can improve with minor adjustments to the emission systems. Would that void the factory warranty on the engine?

Given your parameters, I think you made a wise decision! You got 7 years out of your engine, you should get at least that out of this engine...

I'm glad to hear you made the decision. I know you'll be glad to be back on the road. Do you have any sort of break in period before you can tow?

So glad that the decision is made & you're able to move on! And getting the 2 year warranty will give you some peace of mind, so that's a good thing too!

Whewie.. glad you came to a decision that gives you relief and gets you back on the road. You are very thorough and I am sure it's a well-thought out plan. And soon this will all seem like just another speed bump in the road you are travelling.

Howard, your ultimate decision would have been mine, especially after you recounted all the things you would have to do to a new truck to make it compatible with your current load....things your current truck already had. Always tough when you have to part with a big chunk of money you thought you weren't going to spend on something like this, but of course, that is what it is there for. Still disconcerting that this engine failure was some kind of fluke. Safe travels, and I hope we do connect at some point in the future...we've just been out of sync so far.

Diesel Power magazine (http://www.dieselpowermag.com/tech/0907dp_6_0l_ford_power_stroke_engine/viewall.html) had a listing and fix for all 6.0l problems.

I hope you are able to consider your transmission as long as the engine is being pulled.

So glad to hear you have made a decision! Engine replacement is a good choice. You know your truck's history and you have it set up the way you want it, so keeping it makes sense. The two year warranty should set your mind at ease too. Soon it will be time to turn the page and begin a new chapter... ENJOY!!!

Good decision. You'll be back on the road before you know it and with a truck you know and seem to like.
Chris in Indiana

By the sounds of it....you have made a well rounded and thought out decision and the best one for you. I shall prayer that things go your way and the sunshine smiles upon you very soon. Good luck!

Absolutely the right decision! You keep the truck you like and have set up just right and you restore the value in it. Keep it for a couple more years and then think about trading it in for one of those other trucks you were thinking about!

If you are happy with your decision, then it is the best decision!!

Like others have said, things will get better. : )


Great decision. Couple of things to consider - on one of the earlier comments it mentioned what are they going to do with the old engine...you should get some type of credit for the parts at a minimum. Also, I thought I read in the owners manual of our old F450 that you shouldn't tow for the first 1,000? miles. You may want to ask the mechanic if it's O.K. to tow right away.

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