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Monday, January 30, 2012


So very very sorry for you loss. Isn't it amazing how God had a plan for you this winter! God Bless you all...

Very well written Howard...

What a beautiful and moving tribute to your dear friend. Well said, Howard...

Kerri in AL

Howard and Linda,
What a beautiful tribute to your dear friend. We are so sorry for your loss and for Therese's loss.
Blessings and warm regards...

I'm so sorry for your loss. It's always so hard to see someone go too young, but you have such wonderful memories of him and you'll always be glad you were there to comfort him during those last days.

So very sorry for the loss of your friend...you were definitely both meant to be there with him and Therese...what a wonderful tribute you've written..how proud he would be!! Take care...all the best.


Thanks for sharing this part of your life. Your message brought deep feelings for me, as I am sure it did for yourself. I am sorry we all lost such a fine man to such a treatable cancer (prostrate) if found early enough. Hard to say which came first, the brain tumors or the prostrate.

I had my first colonoscopy last year (turned 57) and while my father had a history of the illness I was fortunate enough not to have any positive test results so far. But, the screening should continue every 5 years just to make sure, as prostrate cancer is the most common cancer in men.

Again, I don't want to judge John and say that he didn't screen for prostrate cancer soon enough, but for the rest of us, there is no excuse. I am glad that he did live a full life and that you had a chance to know him. All of us are richer for your words today.

Thanks again for sharing, Howard. The pictures really add a nice touch and make us aware that all of us can be stricken down with anything at a moment's notice.


Outstanding Tribute celebrating a Life well lived ...

As Judy said . . .well done and a fine tribute to a friend. You might have a future in this writing business . . .you ought to consider a novel if you had an idea. It is hard to lose a friend . . .although Connie and I have not had a similar situation. All of our parents died while we were away and could not get there for the end although we did see them in their last months. But we're all getting on to that age where friends start passing on I guess; which is all the better reason to drop out of the rat race and do what we want to do. The example that you and Linda (and many others on both the forums and other sites) have given us encouraged Connie and I to do what we are doing next.

your blog is a fitting tribute to your friends life...

So sorry for your loss Howard & Linda.

What a beautifully written tribute to your friend John.

Thank you for sharing John's story and for being there for him and his wife. Your story brought tears to my eyes and I can only hope and pray that I have someone like you two there when my time comes. God bless you both.


Although I didn't know him, your post will stay with me for a long time. He will live in many memories, especially in those of the ones who loved him.

What a beautiful tribute to a special friend. His spirit will be with you always.

Howard and Linda-We are so sorry for the loss of your dear friend. Your wonderful tribute brought tears to my eyes as I lost my mother last week. Unfortunately I was not able to be there for her and will always think about that. You and Linda are wonderful people and like Merikay said, your post will stay with me for a long time.


Howard, dear friend, that was a wonderful tribute to a life well lived. I still have tears in my eyes so will simply say to you and Linda, we are loving you with aching hearts.
God Bless you both.

Very well written Howard. You and Linda although we have never met are special people.

A beautiful tribute. You now have another angel to watch over you, even better that he's an "aw-shucks" kind of angel.

Yes, Howard, a fitting tribute for obviously a good frined and wonerful person.
Only God knows the number of our days, but it is up to us to live them. John did and exceptional job of doing that.
You and Linda did an exceptional job of not only being his friends, but also being there for Therese and for him!
God Bless you two!

A very moving tribute, thank you for a wonderful blog posting that gives us all pause to remember the important things in life and to treasure our friends and each other for as long as we have them.

Howard & Linda I know it is hard to understand why death comes to some at such an early age but it does. We are never ready to say our goodbyes. Consider yourselves blessed to have had such a good friend. I am sure in the future you will once again share John's hog roast.
Keep strong and remember John is no longer feeling the pain & he certainly is in a better place.

What a great tribute you wrote for your friend. On a side note, John and Therese lived very near to the Indiana town where I went to high school, Pendleton. I used to be a high school tennis coach in another nearby town. We played New Palestine and Greenfield every year.

Thank you for sharing that with us. You are very special people and it shows. Our hearts go out to Therese and you and Linda.

This is an wonderrful and moving tribute to your friend. My heart goes out to his wife having lost this special man when they were both so young. How fortunate that you have been such good friends for so long and were able to provide such profound support for them both. We can all only hope to have such friends when our times come.

Beautiful post Howard. I admire you for being able to "put it out there" as you have. I'm struggling with the unexpected loss of my dad two weeks ago, and, as with you, I can only believe we were meant to be here at this time to see him off and now help my mom. I would not have been able to do that if we hadn't set out on this journey last March. Thank you for helping me, through your site, to see that it is a good way of life for more than one reason.

My wife is a Hosipice nurse here in eastern NC. Your story of the time you had with John is truly inspiring.
As a hosipice volunteer myself, I have seen many people overcome their doubts and fears and care for their loved ones to the final moments.
I wish you the best of memories to remember John by.

Beautiful tribute. Brought tears to my eyes.

You're story touched our heart. As a cancer survivor I know the meaning of living each day as it was your last. Keep safe.

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