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Saturday, March 26, 2011


Sounds like a great place Howard. I've definitely put it on my list. Would love to be there at the same time you two are and get our kayaks or our Sea Eagle out on the water.

My list of the places you've described that I want to go now is getting out of control. You guys like the same places we do so thanks for showing them all to us.

Care to provide your impressions of the 370? We purchased a pair of them (from Tim, w/o a doubt) for ourselves and friends this last summer, but haven't been able to use them all that much. Very much hyped though.

Hi Nicholas,
We've written about the SE 370 a bunch, but here's the quick synopsis.

1. It's a great boat for RVers because the boat, paddles, pump, seats, everything packs into a big bag that's probably three feet high by a couple feet round.
2. It may not cut through the water like a hard-sided kayak/canoe, but it is much lighter and it does have skegs on the bottom - I can turn it on a dime (quicker reaction time than most hard-sided boats). 3. It is extremely comfortable (sitting on air).
4. The price is right (it's one of Sea Eagle's entry level boats, but it is still very durable).
5. It does not have much space for gear. More of a day trip boat than an overnight boat. Might be too small for two tall people.
6. It's not good in the wind, but most canoes/kayaks aren't.
7. Very stable - harder to turn over than a canoe. For increased stability, don't overinflate the seats.
8. It's not a high performance boat, but it's not meant to be - it's an affordable, convenient way to get on the water quickly and comfortably. We've seen lots of RVers that rarely take their hard-sided boats off the racks.
9. It's not a great fishing boat.
10. Because it's an inflatable, you do have to be cautious about punctures, but the only natural concern we have is oyster beds (rocks, sticks, stumps, etc. have been no problem - we paddle through a lot of stuff). The only actual puncture we've had was when a screw on the foot pump put a hole in the boat while packing it.

That's it off the top of my head. It's not a perfect boat, but it serves our purposes very well at a reasonable price and we use it every chance we get. :)

I know you've commented a lot on the boats but do you have any concerns about a boat filled with air and alligators around? Do the alligators stay away out of natural fear? I have no experience with alligators but I have heard about issues of people feeding them and maybe they would approach the boat. I bet Linda would help paddle then! :)

We have paddled among alligators quite often and enjoy doing so. They do have a natural fear.

However, there are two times we won't paddle the inflatable around alligators. One is during mating season in the spring when they are a bit more naturally aggressive/territorial IF there is a high concentration of gators (i.e. Myakka River, FL or Okefenokee Swamp, GA). And the other is in areas where they have been fed.

For example, in the southern Okefenokee Swamp, we took a guided boat tour and noticed that the alligators were swimming up to the fishermen anytime they caught a fish. It was clear the fishermen had been feeding them and that was a little unnerving. So we rented hard-sided boats there for paddling and fishing. Whenever we caught a fish and threw it in a bucket, the gators would hear the fish splashing and sometimes three or four would surround us. :)

But generally, the alligators on land either run into the water away from us or don't move at all while sunning. And in the water, they usually swim away or sink to the bottom.

We've paddled the Myakka River in Florida in our inflatable where the rangers told us they estimate having about 17,000 alligators. It was in February before mating season (we asked a ranger about safety before launching) and there were lots of gators, but none acted aggressively toward us. Sometimes it was scary when we snuck up on one in the narrow part of the river and it made a mad rush from the bank into the water having nowhere to go but under us, but they were acting out of fear, not aggression.

Still, they are to be respected. We don't worry too much about the small ones or when there are just a few in a large area like here at Reed Bingham State Park, but if there are gators over 10 feet present in a highly concentrated area where competition may be higher, we gather a little more local knowledge about typical behavior before launching the inflatable. :)

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