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Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Thanks for the ride. Lot's of memories! We stayed a week at the Jolly Roger some six or seven years ago. It seems to have improved.

We loved sunset at Sombrero Light Marina in Marathon. Little entertainment, but truly laid back. Been there a number of times.

Thanks for the trip South to the Keys. It's really something to consider. All it takes is money.

do you guys ever pick up the tab for dinner
or is that part of the full time strategy
be surprised if this one gets posted,

Great ride, it's been over 40 years since I was in Key West.

Thanks for the nice post. It brought back lots of memories. When we fed the Tarpon, it was before we started kayaking, but I seem to remember it might have been a good location to paddle. What do you think? Wasn't there some mangrove areas nearby?

Did you happen to take any pics of Sunshine Key travel resort? It's on our Thousand Trails membership (we bought the additional 6 parks for the $199) What was your opinion of this campground? It won't cost any additional money unless we go over our 30 days, then it'll only be $3.00 a night. So..for that price...what did you think of it?

I don't recall the area around Robbie's for kayaking. Just wasn't paying attention. I noticed some cool places closer to Key West where the mangrove patches where closer together so there was less open water.

We didn't take any pics of Sunshine Key. It's pretty much a huge gravel parking lot with close side-by-side sites. Some of the more "permanent" sites had residential couches and chairs in the "yards", but that was the exception rather than the rule. Also, the word is that the weekends get pretty loud with partiers.

Certainly no "it" factor, but we wouldn't hesitate to stay there if the price was right. $3 sounds right. :)

Seriously, it's not as nice as some of the other resorts, but it's a lot better than others we saw for the same "retail" price. In the Keys, you pay for the weather and then you pay more to be on the water. Sites in all the RV parks are close together, but at least your awnings aren't touching in Sunshine Key.

What a rude post Jack Miller. There are a LOT of people including me who would love to take Howard & Linda to dinner just as a partial payback for all the information and encouragement in going full time. You obviously do not know them at all if you think your rude post wouldn't get posted.

Thanks for the trip Howard. Pretty pricey for sure. But I'd love to be there when the snow is falling up here.

I loved the birds Linda, did they say "um good, or go nite nite or quack quack" lol

Great post on the Keys... Curry Hammock State Park is our choice of RV parks down there. It is a great place and info for Karen we kayak there around all the mangroves. You are a wealht of information for us fellow bloggers and we do appreciate it!!!
Have fun & travel safe

What people don't realize is that all of Howard's information is readily available on the internet. He just regurgitates it here & collects money for it. Sheep!


Miller, and Joann. Here's a hint for you. Don't read the journal.

If you have been Rving and can read, then you know that most of the information that Howard provides can be found on other web sites. What you don't know is who is behind all of that information. Howard and Linda are like our rolling family that put their hearts and soul into their travel. They took a risk that you probably wouldn't have taken at such an early age. Would you have made their decision at that age? If you are honest with yourself, then the answer is probably NO. You don't have to read or LOOK at all the beautiful photos that they share with us.

As a mother of six children I would like to say, that there are always a few who complain and whine about everything. Get over yourself, you are only making a fool of yourself. Being RUDE is just not ACCEPTABLE in this RV family. Move on down the road if you want to go negative on us.

Guess your parent didn't teach you manners. Evil opinions should be kept inside you and not expressed openly so you can bring notice to your important self.

Linda and Howard, keep on trucking !!!! may they get dust up their nose as you leave them in your trail.

Now I wonder if this will be posted ? You better post it Howard, or else I will be a guest speaker at the rally and I don't think you would want that.

We love you guys !!!!!!

To Joann (and Jack) from above post,

I beg to differ. I believe most, if not all, of Howard's & Linda's readers know that the information is available on the Internet. I don't however, agree that it is "readily" available. That's the great thing about this website. Howard has spent the hours upon hours of time that it takes to find and research all this stuff and then made it available all in one place for his readers. What a great time saver for us! In addition, they use many of the products and/or visit the places and then give us reports on how it worked, looked, felt, etc. and whether or not it was worth the money and/or time spent (in their opinion), so we can make a more educated decision for ourselves.

If I were you Joann (and Jack), I'd just look elsewhere for my information and entertainment and spare the rest of us from having to read your rude, negative, ungrateful comments.

I was wondering if Joann could send all the information tht she has compliled from the internet in a concise manor for our review? It would be interesting to see her take on the provided information. Since she has obviously spent so much of her personal time to do all this work that she can feel superior enough to call us names. By the way I love sheep, they are warm, cuddly, sweet and cute. Are there any porcupines out there?????
Howard and Linda, as a virtual RVer I would never have this experience without you guys! Thanks for all you do. Throw out the bad eggs, everyone else here is dear. I have loved the times we bought you dinner and would do it over and over again. Likewise I loved that your parents opened their home and hearts to share a fabulous Thanksgiving dinner with Jerry and me in Louisville. Mr. Miller some people just don't need to toot their horns! If you are close to Georgetown TX there is a great restaurant we will take you to have a devine meal!
Love you both,
Dianne and Jerry Conn

Hurting people hurt people..... Howard and Linda, love living vicariously through you...until our time comes! ;)))
Sue ~ Maine

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