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Saturday, December 18, 2010


WOW Howard...what perfect timing. Bill is going to Raleigh today to get help from our son-in-law to buy a laptop. Then we were planning to go to verizon to get our internet connection on Monday. You certainly have given us good information and MUCH to consider....Thanks!!

Awesome information, I am trying to decide between the Droid X and the Droid 2 as well. Thank you for taking the time to share your thought processes! Have fun with your ew "toy", Linda!

Check out the Virgin Broadband USB/MIFI equipment. After outright purchase of your choice of equipment ~75$ for the USB or ~150$ for the MIFI, the plan without a contract runs 40$ per month with no limits on data usage. This supplier uses the Sprint Network and we have switched over to them a month or more ago and have no issues using it with our cradlepoint router. Just another thing to confuse the what is best decision :)

I too have been researching this topic to death and pretty much came to the same conclusions as you did, except I will either get the X or wait till after Jan for the consumer electronics show in Vegas where new products are usually announced - Verizon is one of the keynote speakers and there is rumor of a droid mecha or incredible HD being announced...

Great information Howard, but with my limited techno abilities my eyes were starting to glaze over reading all that! :) Right now I have a basic Samsung flip cell phone with a Verizon prepaid plan and Linda has Tracphone service! We're not exactly cutting edge at this point! At home, no RV, we have a Comcast broadband connection which works good for my needs.
Merry Christmas to you and Linda!

Great info, we are doing away with our DSL and want something that can travel with us and we do not yet have and may not get smart phones. The air card just may be the ticket.

Good explaination of your analysis Howard. I agree with your conclusions.

WOW Howard this is GREAT! Thanks so much. I've read it once and understood most of it and that's saying a lot so you done good for those of us who can but don't like to techno. I think I'll go back and do it a couple more times and then I may actually understand the whole thing.

As I said on facebook, way to go Linda! Rally class on the droid!

Don't forget to use your new card in your router. It works great. Now you can have both PC's on that router using your secure WiFi,p and your booster antena will make it even better.

Howard, 2 days ago I made the same decision you did and my Pantech is in route to me. I currently have a USB760 so I will also have to uninstall the VZAccess Manager. Do instructions come with the Pantech device, or if not, how did you do it? Your thorough research backs up my dumb luck decision! Thanks, Bob

“There are wireless booster options, but everyone that has knowledge about direct wired boosters (amplifiers) and wireless boosters (wireless repeaters) has told me that the direct connect options are definitely better. What is not clear to me is how much better. My gut says the more remote you get, the bigger the difference between amplifiers and repeaters . . .”

Your gut is correct IMO – and the answer is A LOT better in our RV applications. This opinion from a guy who’s done RF (and that is what this wireless stuff is - RF) for 45 years.


As a recently retired mainframe computer techie of 28 years I found my eyes glazing over. I think tehcnology has finally passed me by. All I need is a basic cell phone... but then I'm not traveling either.

I'm curious as to what route you took from Waycross to Jacksonville.

I've been through Waycross many times traveling from Columbus GA to Jacksonville (my wife's home town). US 1 south from Waycross to Fla 115 in Callahan FL to I295 and Fla. 9A is a great route. There is very little traffic on US 1 anymore, it's a four lane divided highway, and you only pass through two or three small towns on the way (Folkston GA, Hilliard FL, and Callahan itself). These are only two or three traffic light towns, so you get through them very quickly. There's even an RV park just south of Hilliard, with a Winn-Dixie grocery store a little south of that. Lots of trees in the RV park though for those with satellite... There's also a lot of fresh water fishing in the area if you enjoy that.

In between the towns there really is nothing in the way of gas stations, eateries etc. And, south of Waycross, you pass the east entrance to the Okefenokee Swamp.

What a great post, and I concur with your conclusions... Since we have another 224 days (but who's counting):) before we need a permanent internet solution, we are going to wait till after the CES (consumer electronics show) to see whats new. :) We all know how fast the electronic market changes, and I'm one of those people that "neeeds" the most up to date gadget. :D Glad to see Linda is embracing new technology! Now if I could get Syl to embrace technology my life would be complete. :)


As the other person commented, have a look at VirginMobileUsa.com they have the unlimited plan and use the Sprint network which has good coverage I believe.

Hi All!

I loved seeing the Zazzle plug today on your blog! I have a store there too. (my name links to it) I started creating unique adventurous spirit designs after moving into a RV three years ago. This is my first holiday having significant sales. It' awesome. Some of you may want to check out selling there too. I found a free graphic arts software, Paint.Net (with tutorials) and started from scratch.

My themes tend to be outdoorsy Hiking, Wandering, Geocaching, Kayaking etc...

Happy Holidays All!

Marie (Tucson)

Thanks for the wonderful report on the internet options you chose. Your writing is clear and to the point, thanks for putting so much work into keeping us informed.

Best Wishes for the Holidays!


I have the millenicom.com "advanced" plan, which has just been raised to 20gb/month for $60, no contract, on the verizon network. The usb760 modem has an antenna jack. Their $70 unlimited plan is on sprint.

From what I've heard, the virginmobile unlimited plan is on sprint towers only, no roaming. So coverage is worse than if you got a plan from sprint.

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