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Friday, October 01, 2010


Good luck on your new venture and thank you for sharing so much with us the past 5 years!

well, i do enjoy your journal and have been following you since the beginning. i have attended your rally (kerrville, tx) and have already signed up for rally in april. i will not be able to pay a yearly fee, i would not be using your list of services enough to justify the yearly fee. i will have to check into the refund policy for the rally in april if, not joining by then, will effect my rally experience. again, i really have enjoyed reading your journal and loved all the folks i met in your chat room. thanks for the memories!

Hi Cindy,
Joining the RV-Dreams Club has nothing to do with the 2011 Rally in April.

The 2011 Rally is already set with pricing and discounts offered to prior attendees. We just meant that discounts will be offered to future rallies after April for paid members, as we can't offer discounts on top of what we're already doing for the April Rally.

It's not the end of an era, it's just the beginning of more focus on providing more information in different formats. What you have experienced so far will continue. However, we simply can't go to the next step of expanding what we do for free. I can assure you that what we will offer in addition to what we offer now will be well worth the annual fee. But certainly each person will have to make that determination on their own.

See you in April! :)

Howard I think you are making a big big mistake. Just my opinion, but people have followed you because they enjoy reading your daily journal. Most all the other things you want people to pay for are all over the internet for free. I think people will simply start to follow someone else for free. The how to video's are all on youtube. I hope this works out ( I really do) but right now people are watching every penny.

Good luck and thanks for the journal.



My feedback -- and of course everyone is different -- is that I follow your journal faithfully, duck into the forum once in a while, and would likely not use any of the other services you would offer with a paid membership.

I do have memberships with a couple of clubs for the purpose of reduced camping fees, and that's what would determine my opting for a paid membership with you or any other group.

Nevertheless, I wish you much success in making your services support your travels -- and there is a chance that I would buy a membership just to support you!



While we have enjoyed reading your forum, we would not be interested in paying a yearly fee to access the same information that we can find free elsewhere on the internet. Also, any RVer who is a Good Sam, FMCA or Escapee member has access to TONS of valuable informaton through those organizations, not to mention RVSEF and Nick Russell's "Gypsy Journal" rally. I'm not sure what "different" information you could provide that those groups cannot.
We wish you both a lot of luck with your new venture.

For a minimal amount of money per month, we would receive valuable information from someone that we have come to trust. Yes, there is free info on the internet, however you have to spend time going through it and taking what you feel is applicable and what you can trust. For me, my time is worth way more than $3.00 a month to get this info without having a concern of where it came from and whether you can trust it.

I think this is a great idea and is a breath of fresh air that gives us another forum that is more personal than Good Sam and Escapees. These are great organizations, however due to their size, they are unable to provide the up close and personal that Howard and Linda can!

I believe Jimbo, Vee & Karen all have valid points. I do not believe it's the $36 that would scare anyone away; however, I believe if RVers can obtain the same information for free they will simply opt for other sites. Additionally, you noted that the journal & forum would continue to be free. I primarily utilize the forum to interact with others. It seems like you might be competing with FMCA, Escapees & Good Sam and, thus, you will need to offer the same value as these organizations. Once you actually post what you believe your primary services will be, I believe most RVers can make an intelligence choice on the value you provide. If your value competes with these other clubs, I believe many would give your club a hard look. But, as you know, marketing your product will be key to selling your club's advantages over other like or more established clubs. Nonetheless, from what I've read, you certainly have the knowledge & expertise to at least pilot this endeavor.

I would not be able to pay either. I have enjoyed following along with you and I completely understand that you need to make money and this journal has been free for me to read. I enjoyed the first few years better than the last few mainly because it was more about travel than money. But I DO wish you the very best in this new endeavor!!

I would definitely be willing to pay $36 a year to see where you go with this and as a thank you for all you have done for all of us.

Greetings from a new reader,
I enjoy reading about new places like most RVers. As some have already expressed I enjoy the visit...Like around the campfire.
RVers like the freedom of not being attached. Making this "visit" another cost may send friends to other free "campfires". Your driving down to the Escapade was a very kind touch. Thanks for your time. I hope to see you both down the road.
Good Luck on your new venture.

I was reading all the responses here and having faced some of the problems you are facing myself I would like to offer some of my experience. Your target market is often very cash aware. You might think of turning toward a corporate market that have big budgets and do not have to watch every penny. One corporate client is not going to be worried at a 30-$40,000 yearly amount providing they see a perceived return on the dollars. The trick is to evaluate your strengths, what you can offer and then call large corporates with a pitch. It's easier to deal with one corporate client than 3000 or more of the public :) My two cents worth.

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