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Sunday, May 23, 2010


Thanks so much for sharing this info! It is really helpful!

WOW Howard this is FANTASTIC! Thank you so much for all this information in one place. SO helpful to those of us who are just beginning to get a clue.

LOVE this journal and the entire web site.


Howard, we use the same regulator but in the stainless steel model; it supposedly cuts down on a possible rust problem.

Also, if you are in a park with low flow/pressure, we have found that the combination of using the park water and the onboard pump makes for a nice shower.

Nice review of water pressure and regulators. We just had the tail lines of our kitchen faucet burst, this weekend. It filled our drawers full of water for about an hour before we got back home. We were using the little 45 pound pressure regulator, and the CG owner said he had trouble getting 60 lbs from the rural water system that they were hooked up to. We may never know the why, but I know a regulator is a must. See RetiredRod.blogspot.com for the blow by blow.

Thanks again for the good review.

Great info Howard, as always. As far as flow goes, have you ever looked at how small the hole is INSIDE a hose bib that the water must flow thru before it exits. I always wondered why big supply lines mattered in this scenario. Must be a engineering thing... :) Thanks again.

indeed great info for those of us that are novices to the world of RV'ing...

Great information. What about using on demand water heaters instead of tank type heaters? Would that serve the purpose of getting hot water when needed without the need for keeping a tank of hot water? Just curious about that.

Good info, Howard.

One other often overlooked source of flow restriction is the check valve that is usually behind or a part of the shore water inlet connection. These often have surprisingly low flow ratings given the RV they are installed in and can be the single most restrictive element in the whole freshwater chain.

They do go bad, too, and can become even more restrictive as they begin to fail.

Trying to determine if a check valve is causing a low flow condition can be difficult but often an easy way to bypass it is to attach a brass garden hose adapter to the freshwater system drain (presuming it has a threaded vent end on it)and open the drain. This will let the water come directly into the fresh water system and bypass the check valve. If you have considerably more flow from this supply, the check valve may the be restricting element in the system.

Great post. I feel exhausted but I enjoyed reading it because I learned so much from it.

Angelo H

Does an RV water pressure regulator protect against air pressure also?

For example, if I have a brass Camco 50-psi water pressure regulator installed on my camper, will that regulator provide any degree of protection against air pressure when I winterize my camper by blowing air into the water lines to clear them?

I have no idea if a water pressure regulator will protect against air pressure as well. I know there are regulators designed to do both, but I'm not sure if one specifically designed for water will. It would seem to me that perhaps the application of water through the regulator might be necessary for it to work as designed, but I could be completely wrong. :)

I am writing because we went on vacation a week ago in our fifth wheel, our water pressure was same as always then, the rv sat in storage for a week, and today we got to a new destination hooked up to the park water and our water pressure in the bathroom is normal, but the kitchen sink has none, it just dribbles out, we can not find the cause and are in desperate need of advice

It's amazing how these regulators can be replaced or taken apart and cleaned occasionally. This can definitely help reduce my water consumption at home.

As an engineer I agree that a water pressure regulator is a great idea for your RV (and home for that matter). As a father, I am disappointed that there has been no discussion about the fact that most of the pressure regulators sold for RV's are NOT LEAD FREE. I actually find it very ironic that a company that specializes in RV water filtration is selling regulators that contain lead. Watts does have some Lead Free regulators, but none of them are sold at the site mentioned at the beginning of this article. Do yourself and your family a favor, make sure that you are using Lead Free components for your drinking water supply.

The water line broke explosively just like that. Husband had to go outside to shut off the water as apparently the shutoff behind the toilet blew right off! He is hone to gt a new shutoff but I am questioning hy that much pressure is on those fixtures? We re in a prk model trailer in a big park, trailer is 2 years old, never had this problem before. Water pressure in sinks and showe is fine. Any suggestion s?

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