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Sunday, May 09, 2010


You get what you give!! You and Linda give your all in whatever you do. You have touch so many lives in such a positive way. We just want to say Thank You for sharing your lives with us. Congrats on the 5 years and here's to 5 more.......Nancy and Bill

Beyond the Wall was published in 1984. In other words, nothing has really changed in the last 26 years.

We stayed at Silver Creek RV Resort many years ago because it was satellite friendly, most of other the parks and campgrounds are under heavy tree cover. You should visit the Shelby Gem Factory, http://www.shelbygems.com/ , while in the area. Interesting place and you don't have to buy, we didn't.

Thanks for sharing your travel during the last five years. You are indeed very lucky to be living the life you do.

Loved the sunset pictures....keep them coming.

Hello Howard,

Until I got a GPS I used to do exactly what you described.... 10% there, 20% there, etc. With the GPS it counts down the miles to the next waypoint. I guess that wouldn't help much if you were driving from Florida to Michigan on I75 But somehow it just seems to make the monotony more tolerable.

You're getting up into my neck of the wooks now. I was born in Detroit (don't go there) and lived there until I was 12 when my parents decided it would be more pleasant to be unemployed in Florida than in Michigan... so we moved.

I don't know if it's still the same (probably not) but I remember one summer when we spent a week's vacation in the NW corner of the 'mitten' on lake Leelanau (not too far from Traverse City). The water then was so crystal clear that when we took a rental boat out to go fishing, all we had to do was look down, and we could see where the fish were. We caught a bunch, believe me, and ate well.

I remember we also made an excursion over to the Big Bear sand dunes (also up in the northwest corner of the mitten). They seemed so vast to me as a little kid, but they probably don't compare to what you saw in ... where was it?... Eastern Utah?

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my home state... sorry about the cold weather..

Congratulations on five years on the road. I hope you have many many more. You're in the area I spent many of my teen years. Have fun!

What a beautiful lighthouse/sunset picture. Thank you for that.

That post from Edward Abby, Cactus Ed, about sums it up for me also...Thank You Lord.

I will approach a long day of travelling in segments. By finding possible camping spots after 100 miles, then perhaps after 180 miles, and then perhaps 250. As we reach each spot, we then confer on the radios, if we want to stop yet! Naw we feel fine and the day is only half over, or we got an early start so lets press on. Once in a while we do stop at an early destination, to go explore and find some supper at a local joint. You know like the header on our blog, "No where to go, and all day to get there!"

Try Hart's Pizza in Hart, MI . . . right down the road from Silver Lake. We were there last summer and it was very good. The Silver Lake area is fun -- you used to be able to rent jeeps and drive on the dunes with a guide. We did that when the boys were small - they loved it! It gets very busy and crazy around there in the summer, though.

You won't find too many state parks (in MI) that are big rig friendly, which is unfortunate because they are really beautiful. I'm going to miss staying at the state parks! You might try Hartwick Pines State Park. It could be on your route from west to east. It's one of the few (2!) that have full hookup sites.

Remember the guy who gave the RV Maintenance Seminar at the Branson rally? Dave something . . . his wife manages a campground in the Silver Lake area. I can't quite remember the name, but I think it begins with a "C".

Great choice of quote and great author to quote from. You can't have a better companion than Cactus Ed. Love his life's work both writing and actions. Like him you two are real inspirations. Can't thank you enough for moving our full timing date way up. I figure we can leave about the time I've caught up with the journals. I've worked my way from The Decision to January 2007, in about 2 months. Only just over 3 years to go.
LOL!! Looks like fall of 2010!! Rather than 2013

Amen brother, Amen

Howard & Linda thanks for the five years that I have been able to share in your adventure. I would love to be a full timer, but my husband is just living in a world of what if's. Well a very close friend of our had a heart attack and died this morning so now I'm asking him "What if" Life is so so short

Congratulations on the five year anniversary and thanks for all the valuable information you so willingly share. Glad you are taking time to just relax. Hugs to both of you.

Howard and Linda,We made it to Traverse City-are camped at the Holiday Park Campground. We think our site could have the "it" factor-is beautiful with the trees, birds and water. It was great meeting you both-congrats on your 5 years of rving. Hope to see you again soon.

Hi there,
Bubba Q's is one of our fav's. BBQ is great and the ice cream got us thru the summer in 2008--a crazy time in our lives. Bubba is a hoot and we love him. Hope to see you in Ludington.

Or, you could quote Charles Dickens:

"It was the best of times, it was the worst of time..."

I really don't think times or things will get better for a long time, but my glass is half full and I see today as the best of times. The house is sold and we are on the road -- fulltime. Life is good.

Thanks for being an inspiration to us wannabees. Our plan is coming together faster than originally planned - that's a good thing.
Yes, I too break up travel distance as you do. With my GPS, I like to play the recalculating game. Unless I have a destination deadline, it is not unusual for me to turn right when Gertie GPS says go straight. She is good about keeping track of where I am.
Keep the light burning for us wayward travelers.

Since there is nothing that guarantees that fairness has anything whatsoever to do with life, happiness is as happiness does, period.

You guys do it very well!


Congratulations on your fifth anniversary!! We wish you and Linda many more happy miles! :)

Your pics were beautiful as usual. Thanks for sharing.

I didn't have a quote but the other night sitting under the stars listening to the quiet of the evening I had those same thoughts. Life is good!

I love love love your lighthouse in the sunset shot. Wow.

And your attitude ain't half-bad either!


Happy 5th Anniversary! You are an inspiration for the newbies like me to make it 5, 10 and 20 years down the road.

Howard and Linda, congrats on the five years. Never thought I would be doing the same thing this soon. Only I will continue to work, pay off the bills and then we shall see. You have been a great inpsiration to all of us. The start of another five.

Congratulations on the 5 years!! THANK YOU BOTH so much for your daily journals and being so honest and real. It will be a while before I can hit the road, so for now I travel via your blogs.

Hear is to many more years living your dreams!


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