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Friday, July 10, 2009


Don't get down to much, even though the work is mundane and boring, this is the best part of your life style, in avery short time you'll be off and having more adventures in a new place. As opposed to those who are, for lack of a better term, trapped by a mundane, repetitive and boring life, from which there is no end in sight. While living vicariously through your journal entries until we can pull the trigger, I remain nearly jealous, ok so I'm jealous! Keep livin the dream! Jason

If you wouldn't mind posting about your internet connection with the Dare I would love to see pictures of the set up in action. I also wonder what your usage has been per month in GB with the blog and pictures and such. Do you come close to the 5GB limit? I am trying to figure what it will cost to get a set up like that and couldn't figure it out from your financial page. It looked like your cell phone bill stayed the same.

Howard,I enjoy hearing about your days.Especially stuff like your staple table and slim jim incident.If you are going to change the focus of your writing,I would love to learn more about you and Linda's life.Kind of a in depth biography , so far.I'm pretty sure that I am not the only one that not only loves your journeys and adventures but loves the two of you.Just my two cents, which is about half my income.lol


I agree with Jason! I find your daily journal entries very interesting whether it's about the daily activities of workamping or your off days ventures. Don't forget about the many "wannabe's" out there wishing we could be doing what you and Linda are doing everyday!

I agree with Jason. We all have mundane jobs, that's the reason to go fulltime, to experience something new and different. Your job is with people and that to me is very interesting on how you handle situations. Write what you feel and don't feel bad about "being mundane". Thank you so much for blogging.

I for one am living the full-timer lifestyle vicariously through you folks, so I've not been bored with even the most mundane recounting of daily events. Spice it up if you'd like, but I think most of us appreciate your taking time to journal daily events even if not glamorous or exciting. It's our window into the flavor of life you are experiencing and that we'll one day savor as well. Thanks for taking us along for the ride; we eagerly await the new entry every day like a book we can't put down.

Ha ha, I posted my comment before reading Jason's above...looks like we feel the same way!

You could never bore us........hearing about the Honey Wagon, the bathrooms, trash overflow...is a nice escape from my reality! You have an end in site, so there is light at the end of your tunnel, a lot closer than our light at the end of our tunnel.....keep up the good work :-)

A couple of times I have not thought an entry or two of my blog was worth the bother. However my readers straightened me out on that issue. When things get mundane for me, I look to GrannyJ for inspiration on a detail to talk about. If she can write about one town for years, surely you and I can find something to write about nearly every day. One idea is what special efforts to take your pictures do you take? Another is what special efforts do you take to have safe hikes?

Hello, This is Jesse and it was great to finally meet you after “lurking” for about two years. I too like reading the day to day to know what I might get myself into if I ever pull the trigger to go full time and not just a few weeks a year.

The wordy blog is http://j-e-may.blogspot.com/

Once my trip is over I will post pictures.

The picture blog is http://jemcam.blogspot.com/

I agree with all the above comments. My ritual at night is to read 3 blogs before I call it a night. Your blog is # 1 followed by Geeks on Tour and another one. I enjoy everything you write about. Right now we are finishing up a stint as campground hosts at a military instillation. We love the interaction with people. Being able to assist fellow campers is very rewarding. It took us 44 years to get here and we love every minute. Please keep the blogs coming.

Please keep on posting... I too love to read your life adventures everyday. All that is said above is so true. I would also love to learn more about you and Linda. I came to consider you as friends even if I never met you. And I do plan one day to come to you and say hello in person.

Your blog today is a perfect example of what keeps us all going. Being there to listen and offer hope to those we meet along the way is what this journey is all about.

I'm a lurker. I commented once but I also enjoy your day to day adventures. We are rver but not full time. Your adventures keep us laughing and one day we will be full timers also. Another reason is you provide so much good information and share your knowledge. Keep it up PlEASE.

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