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Tuesday, June 30, 2009


You said;

"Full-time RVing for us is as much about living a simple life together as it is about traveling."

Howard, I had never thought about our fulltiming life in exactly those terms; but you hit the nail right on the head. Those are our thoughts too.


Robbie and Alice

Cool! Write the books. One about the state of real estate, one about RVing fulltime and one about chasing your dream no matter what. Also, farm out the braclets to singapore. Linda's designs are sound, now she needs to just market and sell. Let someone else do the labor. Good Luck!

It sure seems like you and Linda have your future under control. Being retired we know we have enough income to support the fulltime RV lifestyle, thanks to your detailed numbers. We just need to sell our condo so we can get on the road!

I am amazed that most of the recent journal entries have not generated many comments. Today's entry is really thought provoking and illustrative of what it takes financially to live a full-time RV lifestyle. There are a lot of options put forward in today's entry, Howard. They make it abundantly clear that the old saying still holds true: Where there is a will, there is a way.

I will stay tuned for Chapter 5.

I am using Sandy's computer, but this was really written by George aka Fox River Guy.

Thanks for the writeup. Being together and happy is a lot better then the corporate life. I wish you luck on a business venture that will supplement your staying on the road. See you soon down the road.

Nice post. But you consistently say that living in a sticks-n-bricks and having a regular job would be high stress and you'd be less connected to Linda. We find our lives to be quite the opposite. Although we enjoyed our 22 mos. of living in an RV and don't regret it, we are as happy, if not happier now. We have low-stress jobs, low stress lives and have hobbies that we are passionate about. We also enjoy being back in a community and having friends our own age, something we missed by living in RV parks.

I also question your statements about "basic expenses vs. totals w/emergency/budget cushion" In the end, money spent is money spent, whatever you call it. Since you have no backup plan for replacing your RV or vehicles and your money is 1/2 what it was when you started, how are you going to make it the next 18-20 years to Social Security, which will probably not be around anyway by then?

And you're both still under 50! How can you beat that?

Enjoy reading your blog!

Great post. I am glad you include your $ numbers. It helps with my plotting and planning to cut loose and run away. Some day....*sigh*

If you decide on the book aspect of earning money, your journal and the comments made to it could be an invaluable resource.

In addition, the questions and answers in the Forum could be another source of material.

Whatever you do, Jo and I are hoping that you can continue the life you love. We envy you, but must wait for retirement before we can do likewise. Plus, we're still waiting for the house to sell.

Even though it has been a year since this idea came up to us, we have NOT given up on the dream.

Hang in there.


After 3 yrs on the road dh and I are looking for another home. I find this RV life stressful at times. We will still rv but not full time. Like the above poster I feel the need to belong to a community again along with a nice neighborhood!

Judy & Laura,

Thanks for your perspectives. Full-time RVing is not for everyone.

However, I will say that you are two of only a handful of people we have met on the road that have actually made the jump to full-time RVing and prefer a stationary house and community. The vast, vast majority of the full-timers we've met prefer the mobile lifestyle and community.

But it's good to have another reminder that people need to look at full-time RVing very seriously before they take a leap that may not easily be reversed depending upon individual circumstances. :)


Regarding your second paragraph, I separate out "basic living expenses" from "emergency/budget cushion" because the emergency/budget cushion is mostly discretionary. Sure it is money spent, but it is money spent by us by choice. It is not necessarily a component of the usual expenses incurred by full-timers which is what we try to present separately. But we put it out there just so others realize those one-time expenses may arise and to consider accounting for them as they see fit.

As for making it the next 18 - 20 years, that's why we constantly have to consider income possibilities and the choices we have to approach that issue. However, of course, we don't have to be concerned with the next 18 - 20 years or with paying debts and bills that come with a house, we just have to survive through this year and then the next one. Not to be flippant, but you, nor anyone else, knows any better than we do how you will make it the next 20 or so years. But we will make it, so there is no need to worry about us. :)

Howard, debts and bills do not always accompany a sticks and bricks existence; Some of us actually live completely debt free, enjoy a life free of stress, have a great relationship and travel & do what we want, when we want, yet still maintain a job in the "corporate world." Sometimes, you make it sound like the only way to fully enjoy life is to rv full-time. Having done it for almost 2 years, I'm here to tell you, that is just not the case. I'm sorry that you had such a miserable existence in the corporate world; Life truly is what you make of it. However, if it were not for your time spent there...you would not be enjoying your current "ideal" life. Cheers to both of you and keep in mind "ideal" has a different meaning for each of us!

I would look forward to seeing you develop your businesses. We have benefited greatly from your fantastic array of information. We may not have decided to become Full Timers if it were not for how you have answered so many of our questions and concerns.

Keep it up!
Randy and Pam

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