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Friday, May 15, 2009


Howard, you made my day. I haven't laughed so hard in a long time. Both Rob and I understand fully what you are doing.
Not having all the day to day baggage of the "real" world is a wonderful thing. So what if cleaning the bathroom and running the honey wagon crosses our path once in a while. I can guarantee you, we are still happier than most people. Give Linda a hug for us. Jill Blythman (Past volunteers of Brazos Bend Wildlife Refuge)

Howard it sounds as if you have a job, although I do unstand about making a little money to help offset the down turn of the economy. You never mentioned if the owner of the campground is on duty or if they live at the campground. It does sound like you are getting along fine though. But I really beleive that you and Linda could get along fine anywhere for from what I have read I beleive you guys do the very best job possible. Before the Summer is over I am sure the campground is going to be a much better place because of you guys being there. I just hope the 40 hours a week doesn't get to you. You have been used to a better live for a few years. I do wish you both the very best and I wish we were closer because I would love to meet you both.

Ah yes Howard but many of us understand perfectly. Totally. I would be one.

And hey, four months. Then something new! It's a wonderful life, working or not.


Howard...you said it all! I have a high stress job here a Taylor and I am responsible for 46 people and about $35 millon in press equipment...I would love to run the Honey Wagon there twice a week in trade. Sherri and I both understand where you are coming from and we will soon be amoung the ranks of the workampers out there (14 days). We enjoy hearing about what you and Linda do and admire your willingness to work and still enjoy your freedom. Keep up the good work Honey Man...we are laughing with you

Joe and Sherri

Hum, you might be a "Redneck" if you carry a toilet brush on your ATV. Like your modifications. I seen one "BIG OL", I'm waiting for the "SHEESH" and "ALRIGHTY THENS" I know they're coming.

I understand, and can't wait to get out there. NO job in any park can be worse then corporate, especially now with the "politically correct" way of doing things. I'm so glad you two are happy and finding income.

Man O Man,,,,,I sure understand!!
Do I ever,,,,and you said it beautifully!!!!!
Well done.


I do!!!

Your answers to the Big Question puts it all in a perfect perspective for me. I am glad you explained it that way because it makes such practical sense. Well said!

I tHINK i understand exactly what you are talking about Howard.I feel I could work some hours at a campground myself but I could never go back to the rat race.It is to much stress and my health would suffer.Good for both of you to stay true to yourselves and your mission.One of the reasons so many of us follow and love the both of you.

It make perfect sense to me. It's working in that other world that doesn't make any sense.

I'm with ya, buddie......

Thanks for the post. As people move to the fulltime lifestyle, many may need to host/workcamp, or even work for cash flow. Because of your experience and from whence you cometh, you are showing to people who read your journal that there is nothing wrong with doing what you are doing from time to time. To be able to be out there and live the lifestyle is truly worth every bit of it. You and Linda present a good reference point for that lifestyle. I do fully understand where you are coming from and I highly commend you and Linda.
Take care!
Mike Jones

I can't wait until all I have to worry about is The Big Question. I love the way you put it, and I totally understand. Debbie

Your answer to the "sub-question" is exactly why so many people want to live an RV-Dream full-time. We are in that group that understands what you are talking about.

We understood the Big Question all too well - we're in a similar boat. Bottom line - we work on our terms now; when and where we want.

Amen, Howard --- been there, look forward to doin' it again (maybe); it keeps us connected to the world without the idiocy of the corporate mandates! I'm sure the owners will be happy with the level of professionalism you two bring to the table, without the politics!

Oh do I understand. I am so ready to get out of the rat race.

Maybe some of those still caught up in the "over-inflated self-importance of corporate life" won't understand -- but they will someday. There's nothing like retirement to point that out to most of us. But then, if we didn't experience those years of working in corporate life maybe we wouldn't appreciate the joys of being "retired" from that.

Makes perfect sense to me. You guys are "living the life"! Good for you.

I do get paid to RV but Nancy still does the corporate thing. Oh well - one day we can RV together more and maybe still on someone else's dime :)



Amen! :))

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