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Saturday, November 22, 2008


You have mentioned issues that many people, whether full-timers, part-timers, or those who still live in stick houses and work 9-5 jobs, are thinking about.

These times are challenging and there is no right answer for everyone. Each of us needs to look at where we are and where we want to go and how to do it.

I have faith it will all work out. It won't be easy and it won't happen very quickly but we will all come out of it OK.

And knowing we are not alone also helps.

Wow! Lots to think about huh?
You guys will do good whatever you decide to do. The options are endless aren't they?

I have been reading your journal for several years, not daily, but enough to realize your expertise with the RV & Campgrounds industry.

You should consider providing your knowledge as an independent contractor who can go to places like campgrounds & ranch camps to provide them with website development, operating procedures and showing them the "it factor" that makes them better than average.

You have a background in business and the RV experience that would be beneficial to those that seek that experience in making their campground run more efficiently.

Santa Nellie
Garden Grove, CA

Our feelings exactly
"But the most important thing is that we don't revert to the mental and emotional places we were in before we left a traditional life."

Time is such an important ingredient to unfolding our new lives...thankfully you have the Summer Job that gives you time too.

You probably are familiar with the site/forum FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early). The forum has some content rich info

Howard, this is the type of post that keeps me reading your daily journals.

Maria and I so badly want to sell this stix/brix and get on with our FTing lifestyle. For us there is no decision to made - that's already been done. It's a matter of selling this house in this volatile housing market. We're truly hoping that the housing market is much better in 2010 when we sell after Tom graduates H.S. and retire from USN. Then we'll be off and certainly we will be volunteering/camphosting. We're very excited about that aspect of the "nomad" lifestyle.

We wish you and Linda much luck in your decisions. You're a solid thinker so we all know you'll make the right decision.

Howard & Linda, we chuckled at the first part of your conundrum...yes, some days the most adventurous thing we do is to get out of bed. The second part is obviously much more serious and an issue we all grapple with today. However, we want to thank you for your inspiration; you two have expense control down to a science and your budget postings inspire us to watch our spending and know where our money is going. On the work front, you do have some decisions to make and we agree that not drawing down our investments is key because they will recover...not sure when, but sure they will. In the meantime, I'd go for the better salary (even if more hours/not doing what you like, etc.). If you could get access to a good salary, two people working could amass a fair amount of money in a short time...to bridge you to next summer's assignment...in other words, I'd take more pain over the short haul to buy more freedom for the longer term....just my mind set and, of course, you would still full-time live in your rig. Good Luck with your decisions and again we thank you for your positive inspiration.

We feel for you in the loss of funds. We had plenty for the truck we just bought in the ROTH IRA, then in one day we lost enough that now we owe, which puts us behind in getting the fifth wheel. We wait? We go in debt? By following what you do, we wait. We're not going on the road being in debt, even if it means we stay and wait. Hang in there, it will get better in time. I sure hate to see you go back to the stress of a traditional job.

Hi Howard, I thought Santa Nellie's suggestion was an excellent one that really plays to both of your skills and strengths. Also how about writing that book on RVing the RVing lifestyle etc that you have mused over? Perhaps you could do a jointly authored book from the male/female perspective. I realize that there are a lot of RVing books out there however, you have a lot of recent knowledge and experience coupled with some unique skills that you could bring to bear.

Hey Howard-
You could always substitute teach at a school! It's temporary for sure! Great money? No, but probably better than some other options.

What I saw in tonites news was sad when a father who lost his job was out on the street with a sign asking for help with his two little kids. They actually had a meal and ate for the first time today at a McDonalds. To think this is "America" today folks. Sorry to see this.

When Rich and I were doing "career" type jobs and living out of our RV in Tucson, we had some of the most fun that we had on the road. We were making great money, had low rent, a horse in the backyard, and no house/yard work to speak of. So we had plenty of time & money to play. The RV had a lot less repairs than when we were on the move every week too.

No advice, no answers, except to pray you and Linda find the right job, position, or whatever a person may want to call it...

So just praying all goes well with the two of you and yours...

Fran (and Ken)


We spend more time at one place. Boondocking helps stretch the budget, and we too sometimes feel guilty about not doing anything.

If you were in your stick house, how often did you get up and say we have to do something special today?....rarely. When you were working, how often did you just lay around the house on those precious two-day weekends?

We don't see everything as we pass through an area, but we do make note, we’ll be back….and that my friend is the challenge.

See you in AZ.

You said it! Our set-up at the SKP Co-Op in Benson really helps us with low-cost living. We paid once for our lifetime lease, and if we travel, rental income from our site helps out.

Carry on keep blogging!

Hi Howard,
I know this has been mentioned in the past, but I think you should seriously consider charging a fee for your website. I don't know how many readers you have out there, but your website has all the right ingredients and I would be more than happy to be a paying subscriber.....for the right price of course;))

Judy H.

It is scary seeing funds you had counted on for retirement drop so quickly and change everything.

There are some jobs that pay well. My late husband and I worked seasonally for the National Park Service for 6 months a year. We earned from $12 to $18/hour. We lived on one paycheck (maximum) and saved the other one. It was a lot of work getting a job with them, but worth it. We had low cost housing and our recreation was right in the park or nearby forests.

I recently saw an ad for Christmas tree lot managers where the salary is $4500 for the 3 1/2 weeks. Intense, hard work but over quickly.

Some RVers do very well with selling for Air Photo.

A number of Workampers are working at Amazon this Christmas season. Hard work and long hours with good pay, but a limited stretch of time.

Good luck in thinking through your basic approach to replenishing lost asset value.

Jaimie Hall Bruzenak
author of Support Your RV Lifestyle! An Insider's Guide to Working on the Road

I agree with Santa. Sharing what you have learned over the past three years seems like the next logical step for you and Linda.

Like you, we are all thinking about our personal situations and the situation our country is in. I agree, that I'd rather be in a rig moving around and taking advantage of opportunities than in a stick and brick with a mortgage and a full time job.

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