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Friday, October 31, 2008


Howard, I know exactly what you want to obtain with your tire exchange and I can understand it but they will be still be rated at 3500# each with the 7K axles. It will definetly be more safe and will give you more peace of mind. Have you confirmed that the wheels will definetly fit on your hubs for 16" wheels ? Will the new wheels also fit on 8K axles if you decide later that is the way to go.
I went through all this before when I had the McKenzie Medallion. With the Elite Suite I am still borderline. The more you can haul the more stuff you load in. It's a never ending battle.
Good Luck on everything.

Howard, I forgot to ask you in the other post. Are you also ordering your spare tire and wheel ?

Howard I went through the same thing with tires on a Winebago Motor Home I used to own. It had 16 inch tires and I was forever having blowouts because they would not carry enough weight. I looked and looked and I finally put 6 Goodyear tires on that was H rated. The only thing is these tires were made for trailers. I was warned about putting them on but I never had a bit of problems with them and it solved my blowout problems. I never had an ounce of trouble with them. I know it is scary when you never know which one will blow next. Out of 6 Michelins I lost 5 in a period of about three months. The bad thing each time one would blow on the rear it would tear up the motor home to the tune of about $1500.00 each time. Good luck in your decision.


Believe it or not, in Metro Detroit you can find gas as cheap as $2.19 per gallon. That's not a misprint, $2.19 (not $3.19). Don't know why it plummeted so far in our area, but I'm not complaining.

I'm sure you already know about this but I thought I would throw out this reminder. When your new tires come in, don't forget to check the date they were manufactured. You don't want to be buying tires that are already three years old or more.

So my engineer husband asked why you aren't considering steel wheels in place of aluminum? He says they are stronger (pound for pound) and cost less. Just curious.

Teresa, I may not have a really good answer for you, but here goes.

First, our rig came with steel wheels from the factory and those wheels were recalled due to cracking and replaced with aluminum.

Second, aluminum is lighter.

Third, the 17.5 inch steel wheels I've found don't have the load ranges of the 17.5 aluminum. We'd be right back in the same place.

Fourth, steel may be a stronger metal, but from what I've read it is certainly not clear that steel wheels are stronger based on the different construction methods.

Those sound like good reasons. We went through deciding about axles when we ordered our New Horizons this year. We opted for three axles to be safe. It's six of one, half dozen of the other, as the third axle cost more (of course) and we now have six wheels and tires to monitor.

Oh, the husband also mentioned to remind you to check your bearings (don't ask me why, it's not my job to do the mechanical stuff on our RV, I just drive it).

And one more thing, make sure your warranty on your axles, etc. won't be voided because of the change in the wheels and tires. Just a thought. You got us to thinking and we pulled out our folder on our 5th wheel to read what size axles, etc. we had. With the 3 axles at 7,000 lbs. each, we are in good shape. But the husband (I tease him and call him that so he won't call me "the wife":) said that doesn't mean I can load the trailer up to the max - he's just no fun :)

We were in Kentucky last week, beautiful state. We thought of you as we passed Louisville on our way to Bowling Green to see the Corvette assembly plant and museum.

This really is a beautiful country and like some people say, we are not red states and blue states, we are the UNITED STATES and aren't we so lucky to live in a country where we can have differences of opinions and the freedom to express them.



It amazes me that the trailer manufacturers use the lowest weight axles possible instead of heavier weight axles to insure our safety. Our 5th wheel has 6000 lb axles which means the brake shoes aren't much bigger than those found on older passenger cars. Like you I would much rather have 8000lb axles. If I was ordering the 5th wheel today, I'd go with the highest rated axles and a disc brake system for peace of mind.

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