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Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Well said!! I agree with your "What are we going to do" Our advisor told us a year ago that we would go through something like this and therefore lowered our risk. That's not to say we don't get nervous but we have a plan and we are sticking to it. I was and I will always be against our government interfering with the financial sector. I have lost value this year but we are still tracking toward our goal of fulltiming. I believe or want to believe Americans are smarter than what our government thinks we are. You can call this a bail out or rescue plan but I honestly do not believe it is needed. Will our economy suffer? Yes, but it will recover. I see a lot of positives. But most of all, you always say it best and you keep it in perspective by covering all sides and in words that most people can understand. Just want to say thanks.

Rollie & Gina

Thanks for a great explanation of the TARP and of the banking process, most helpful! We got back some our losses today so we'll hope and pray things keep improving!

Another excellent summary, Howard! You could always be an online professor . . .

Anyway, has anything changed in your relationship with your broker now that they've moved over to their new company?

I hope Linda is feeling better! You're getting close to the end of your time there at the ranch, aren't you? Where do you go next?

From this day forward, please title your post as 'Politics' or 'RVing' so I can skip wasting my time by loging on. I really do enjoy your 'RVing' posts.

A wonderful explanation that I did not know enough to know I needed. THANK YOU VERY MUCH. Now I can make some judgments with a lot more knowledge than before. I almost wish I still had income to invest during this downtime. Thanks again Howard.

these guys are just a guilty as if they robbed a bank lets quite slapping them on the wirst with their golden bailout and pay us back and do some hard tiem at Atica

Yesterday in a networking meeting I was asked 4 questions,
1. Who am I? (Jerry)
2. What do I do? (Make a difference in other people's lives.)
3. What was my first paying job? (Cutting grass)
4. What I learned from it?
What I learned from cutting grass was that not all people are honest. My dad taught me to pay attention to customer service so I did. While most of my customers were happy with my service - some where not. My modus operandus became even though you cannot please all the people all the time, you should try to do so. Be thankful for those you please and move from those you can't.
Thank you Howard for helping us understand the TARP.

Thanks for your opinion Howard & basic explanation of how different organizations are supposed to work! Your "Political" post if thats what they want to call them are very insightfull & appreciated!

Hope Linda is feeling better!

Thanks for your postings on the crisis. I heard about an alternative plan that has been presented by two representatives--it is called the No "Bailout" Act which uses regulation instead of taxpayers' money. It was on Lou Dobbs show last night and it seems to me that would be better than risking our money. I agree with you that we should not panic and the market will recover. My advisor has been telling me for some time that it was long overdue for a market correction! Also, your explanation of the banking system was excellent--I also was a bank auditor in a prior career. Take care and hope Linda is feeling better.

Good explanations, Howard. You managed to teach me some more about the banking system in regards to mortgates.

One thing that I read in the proposed "bailout" was in section 103 and referred to pensions in some way. I have heard that it may have meant that the taxpayers could be held to protect the pensions of union members. Not being a lawyer, I wondered what you read from that section?

Also, I have no problem with discussions of politics. After all, it would take very little for the politicians to really mess things up for RVers, whether they be full-time or part time. (Think camping fees, taxes of any kind, and more regulations.) We really need to know what they are doing and why.

Hope Linda feels better, and have fun on the Alpine Loop trip. I envy you.


As fulltimers, we are dependent on our investments, and confident that we could be good greeters at Wal-Mart if this situation is not fixed.

Thank you for your insightful perspective and explanation that even we can understand.

Howard, this post should go into the hall of fame. Great job of putting it into terms that even I can understand. Hopfully things will settle out in a little bit and we all, (with Howards help) can figure out excatly where we are.


Hope Linda feels better soon.
I haven't noticed any politics, but I like your business acumen.


Three years of full-timing and you still remember your IRC (specifically, forgivness of debt)! Very impressive.

I'm a Certified Financial Planner and have been working in this business for nearly fifteen years, mostly for big Wall St. firms, and I've never seen anthing quite like this. I admire your calm.

Howard, great post, I just finished reading it. I ran across something today that concerns me a lot and that is Credit Default Swap or CDS, they are some type of derivative. CNNMoney.com had an article on it titled "The $55 trillion question". I read it, I didn't understand a lot of it until the author compared the process to gambling at a casino. The author did not paint a very pretty picture.
I am in agreement with you about the bail out, and I see where the senate passed the bill tonight. The CDS thing bothers me but like you I believe all will get better eventually. I moved our investments to a "safer" position and meet with our advisor tomorrow to try and map out a strategy so we can join the rest of you on the road in 2010.
I appreciate your insight and explanations of the financial side of things. Please keep it up.

You appear to have written this before the senate version of the bill came out. It has now swelled to over four hundred pages with every form of pork barrel spending enhancement known to man. As an accountant, I am most upset with the suspension of FASB 157 Mark to Market rules. This allows mark to anything you want. We might as well return to the days of Enron. Your posts are most informative and mostly politically neutral. They are totally relevant in an RV Blog, since most of us rely on our investments to sustain the lifestyle. Keep up the good work!

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