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Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Welcome back, Howard!

Our minds and personas are no different than our holding tanks - ignore the color. Once dumped, they operate much better.

What you said needed to be said, and the minute details will be different for each reader. However, to me the underlying and vital message everyone should heed, is "get involved with your elected representatives!"

Brevity would not have done justice to the subjects you so passionately addressed. It is not important that we all agree on every word, but it is vital we all get involved with the voting process and be heard.

We have a great country so many have fought and died for, and we must take up this fight to save what they fought for.

Your "dump" helped your outlook, just do not let it douse your fire.


Dear Howard, Glad to see you got it out of your system, I think a few of us might like to, here in NASHVILLE as we are OUT of GAS. Anyone traveling through Nashville TN better have your tanks filled. It is a kick back to the 70's. Long lines and GAS RAGE arrests. Check it out on the tv station web sites, ch2,4,5 in Nashville TN. Another SAD note, Gaylord Maxwell, founder of LIFE on WHEEL (LOW) has passed away. Not sure what will happen as he did not have an exit plan for LOW. Thanks again for your info on our Govt. it was very well done as I shared it with my peers who also needed a review of Government politics. Thanks again. Ken (Nashville TN)

Great rant...

I'm thinking Libertarian !!

Looks like a duck---sounds like a duck...


Howard...Sherri and I would love to come and visit there! It looks so pretty. I wish that I had been retired I would have jumped at the chance to take Dougs place...Oh well I have always been a day late and a dollar short...

Joe and Sherri

Have you thought about buying the place or something similar? Linda and you certainly have the gift of hospitality … what makes the place work … and the business sense. You could still travel the winter. It is such a paradise that you could do a Tom Sawyer … charge someone for working there!

Your writings have been thought provoking for your readers, and a form of medicine for you. Saying what's on your mind clears your thoughts to move forward.

Thoughts and prayers for your father's recovery.

Great paper Howard. It should be published all over the place. :) You put to paper what Bruce and I have been ranting about of late. You are preaching to the choir, and this choir needs to get off our butts and "Just Do It!"

We pray your dad's recovery is swift, and that your aunt's do not suffer long.

Our best to you and Linda.


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