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Sunday, June 22, 2008


Howard, I sure wish you would have made it to Clayton SP. The Dino tracks in the stone there are awesome. Especially after a rain they really show up. We also missed the turn off road the first time.


We might have made more of an effort to go to Clayton Lake, but the website said the dinosaur boardwalk was damaged and not open. :)

Gladstone, NM certainly brings back memories. I looks like the town has grown. When Carol and I went through there in the mid 80's, we wondered where the people who lived there worked. We concluded the all worked at the Post Office. Now they have a mercantile and RV Park. A web serach said there are 38 people in town. And I though Texas had small towns. Travel Safe. Jerry

We are very familiar with those roads you referred to. As we head south from our house, we always encounter the decision about how to get across the OK panhandle without traveling 412 or that stretch from Elkhart, KS to Boise City, OK to the Texas state line. We usually just "tough it out", but we certainly have to "batten down the hatches" for the trip :-) Good thing - Boise City, OK has one of the best and friendliest truck stops we have been in. Very nice people there. You should have just swung north to our place again. We are not home, but you know where the hookups etc. are and you would be welcome. Have a safe trip to CO.


A cruise with RV-Dreams family would be a blast. We can't make it, but since we have been on a cruise, I want to encourage those of you who have not been on a cruise and who can afford it TO GO. Cruises are so much fun when you can share the adventrue with others.

I must say, though, that New Mexico has some of the most beautiful sunsets !

Trailer Brakes First!!!

How funny is that movie?

We have it on an old VHS tape and watch it from time to time.

I tease Kenneth about all the jam and jelly we make when we are in Oregon...

Thank goodness we don't collect rocks...:)

Happy and safe travels...

Fran and Ken

Howard and Linda,

My wife and I had taken our 26 foot fiver to Keyes, Oklahoma this last weekend for my sister's 50th wedding anniversary. (There were going to be so many there, we decided to take our own bedroom.)

On the way back to where we live in the Oklahoma City area on Sunday, we apparently met you just east of Hardesty, OK. The first thing I noticed was that your camper was a Cambridge, followed with a very quick notice of a beige colored dually, and then noticing a small SUV type vehicle, complete with bicycles, following behind you. I remarked to my wife, Jo, that we may have just passed you. The only thing I wasn't sure of was whether Linda's vehicle was a Jeep or not. I don't know my vehicles well enough to know.

Anyway, it was about noon on Sunday, June 22 when we met (and quickly passed) celebrities.

Sorry we couldn't make it to your rally in Branson. I had written and asked if walk-ins were welcome, but it turns out that other committments prevailed that weekend. Maybe next time.

One last note: we have put up our home for sale with the intention of eventually becoming full-timers.

Good Luck to both of you and may God bless you everywhere.

This one is posted a little late, but it is appropriate to this thread, especially considering the highway (US 64 - 412 - State Hwy 3) through the Panhandle. That stretch of road has paved shoulders. If one has to go through that area, consider the following.

Most of the traffic on the highways are centered in each lane. Thus that area gets beat down worse than elsewhere in the lane. I found that when traveling on such highways, if I drive to the right of the center of the lane, the road will be much smoother. Keep in mind, this should only be done on roads where there are paved shoulders.

Many years ago, when State Highway 3 was upgraded, the governor of Oklahoma had gone to the Panhandle to inspect the roads because of the number of complaints that he had received from local Panhandle residents. When he arrived and drove from Guymon to Boise City, he found that some enterprising local citizen had hung a sign that read, "Primitive Road - Travel at Your Own Risk". Appropriately, that sign was attached to one that indicated that Hwy 3 was "Oklahoma's Northwest Passage."

Gotta love Okies.

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