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Thursday, June 26, 2008


Sounds like you are in a great place. Too bad the cell phone doesn't work; hopefully moving the antenna to the ranch house will be the solution.

By the way, I ordered the cookbook as soon as you posted the link and I received them yesterday. Just barely a week for the box isn't bad. I like your "soother" recipes but the others are also extremely outstanding.

I just wish everyone had been more specific pertaining to size as I attempted to do for my contributions. An ingredient such as "a bottle of ketchup" or "can of xxxx" leaves a lot of range in size. I checked and the low carb ketchup I buy is 14 ounces and I know that bottles twice that size (or more) are available. Sometimes brand or type would also be nice; I know that my ketchup tastes somewhat different than other types and that could totally change the flavor of the end result.

Beautiful country. I had a gentleman, who spends his summers in northern MN, that he takes vitamin B12 to ward off misquitoes. My brother use to take garlic tablets and I believe Avon use to make a lotion that helped keep them away. Will be interested in hearing what works for you. From the pictures on the ranch's website I'll bet you'll be taking a lot of pictures in your free time. We look forward to them. Have a great summer.

We have been up Piedras road and hiked the river. The road definitely is rough but the beauty is outstanding. Looking forward to your adventures at the ranch. We are headed to Heron Lake until we get tired of it.

Larry and Jacki

Glad to read you made is safe and sound!
Have you looked into skype.com for internet phone service. I use it and like it. Have a great time!
Morehead, Ky

Wow. Four months with Fillmore. I look forward to pictures of him in his goggles and of him keeping you company.

I suggest you lay in a supply of Deet to keep the mosquitoes at bay.

Howard, I loved your "soothers" recipe. It just might be one of the funniest things you have ever written.

Keep in touch!

Hey Howard! Just a thought; you might want to try Skype for your phone calls. All you need is a PC and a headset and you are in business! Just 2 cents a minute (anywhere in the world), my friend. You can setup your account with as little as $10 and you will be amazed how clear the connection. Just a thought. Hope you have a wonderful adventure in CO! Need cookies yet??

Hi Linda and Howard,
It looks like a lovely place, I hope that you 5 will have a wonderful time there. 25 miles of bad road, that is a deterrent.
I heard that this Thermocell works very well.
I haven't tried it yet. I am moving around all the time when I am outside, so I would have to hang it on me.
I am highly allergic to skeeters, so I use 'Repel' from WalMart Sporting Goods Dept. It seems to work best for me.
Please give Fillmore a hug from me.
Happy Trails, Penny, TX

We use Skype but it isn't always great. Skype user to Skype user is free and the IM is always good. Loved your 3 reason re buying gas. We ran out 4 miles short of Raton, NM looking for that 'cheaper' gas. AAA and Good Sam to the rescue! We also had 15 miles of construction with lots of gravel on our way to Howard, CO. Enjoy your new digs and another adventure!

I vacationed around there a couple years ago and it is a very beautiful area. I stayed in Salida, CO and I would suggest going over to enjoy that nice little town. It is really a cool town and at the bike shops they can give you information on some off and on road biking - I was there for the biking on that vacation and it was really good. With 4 months you will have plenty of time to explore. Enjoy. And you guys have a great website and I really enjoy your journal - Thanks for all you do.

Skype is a decent alternative to the missing cell phone signal. It's a free service if both parties are using an internet connection. Using our webcam with Skype is a big plus. We are able to see our little granddaughter via weekly calls. She loves to sing, dance and blow kisses to us. It is a great way to have face to face conversations with family members.

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