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Thursday, May 01, 2008


Howard good idea to sleep on it. Just remember those people do not have the people skills of Howard and Linda and Jack and Danielle. Boondocking is good.

Howard, doesn't your TV charge your 5er batteries while you drive down the road ?
Also 850 hours worked per couple ? That comes out to a 53 hour work week !!
Concerning your CG mixup... your first statemnet was it was a strict first come first served. Bob

Wow! What an amazing overreaction by the person in charge! Calling your supervisor seems completely ridiculous. As polite & considerate as both you & Linda are, I have no doubt that you were not being a pain in any way. I hope this memory fades quickly & you enjoy the rest of your time in that beautiful place!

Looking forward to hearing the rest of the story (as the line goes)...

As I suppose most of the RV-Dreams family of readers will also be thinking...none of us want to encounter those kind of attitudes in our travels...

Either in hosting opportunities or as a visitor...

What are they thinking? Or not, as I suppose.

They obviously do not know how many RV'ers seriously read your site...

Anger is so energy draining...sorry you had to experience that...glad the four of you have found a better place to be...from the photo the (BLM) site is much better anyway!

Glad also you got the panels operational and they are exceeding your expectations...

Happy travels....




Write the letter. I know you have now slept on it and you are trying to make lemonade out of lemons, but still that person who treated you badly is an employee. Most of us pay taxes and those taxes pay the salaries of park employees.

It isn't always what happens to us, it's how we are treated that is the most annoying.

Until someone says something, that person will end up running people off as a result of her poor people skills. It amazes me how some people cannot even FAKE IT and PRETEND they are sorry for the situation. It's not always the job you do..........it's the job people THINK you are doing. Her supervisor needs to hear from you. Something tells me it's not the first time she has annoyed someone.

There, now I FEEL BETTER :)

No good deed goes unpunished. Kind of makes you wonder how that person got put in charge. It is a shame that for all the good you and Linda as well as Jack and Danielle have done that you have to put up with someone that has a "too much power" attitude. I would take the time to fire off that letter just to let someone know that this particular person should not be in an authoritative position. Maybe she needs a little sensitivity training. Like I said before, it's a good thing you're doing it and not me. She'd be skinned and hanging from the side of a shed somewhere. But that's just me. Stay happy.

It's very obvious that not a lot of campgrounds have your people skills and are willing to do their best to accommodate. Remember that and carry on!

I'm sorry you guys had such a challenging experience. That supervisor could learn from you and Linda how to be welcoming, compassionate, and creative at problem-solving! She must be a very unhappy person to have such an unpleasant and rigid way of being in the world.

Just keep on enjoying your lives and making the best out of every situation, as you two are so good at doing.

Here is another way of looking at it. Maybe, just maybe these cranky folks used to be nice, but after having campers knock on their door at 2:00 a.m. or having campers take a dump on the ground or having campers violate all the rules, then these hosts just got fed up.
Unfortunately, the behavior you described is all too prevalent today.

That is why is is so refreshing to read about how you and Linda interact with others in the "RV community." We need more ambassadors of good will out there.

Too bad you had such a negative experience...you could look on the bright side and be thankfull that it took this long to run into someone like that. There certainly are other ways of telling you that your arrangements just didn't work out rather than the apparent rudeness that you experienced ...hope it takes you just as long to run into someone like that again.

Howard & Linda,

So sorry for your misfortune with those types of people, they are amongst us! They have no idea of the joy that can be had by helping others like we observed the two of you doing at Arches.

Your experience reinforces our commitment to boondocking. You now have the tools (solar) to do it right and not have to put up with that type people.

Our most memorable RVing experiences have never been in a structured campground. With some different planning, you will find your niche.

Our niche; we call it freedom….with no first-come-first served rules.

Happy boondocking!

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