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Thursday, March 20, 2008


You are an exceptional host Howard,worth far more than you are paid for. The idea that you are solution focused, and customer driven speaks to your values, organizational skills, knowledge and kindness. I hope to meet you someday.

Howard, Soloman, in all his wisdom, has nothing on you when it comes to solving a crisis. Sort of gives one a nice warm feeling deep down inside knowing they give "an honest days work for an honest days pay." $10.00.

Wow, this made me exhausted to read it. I'm going back to bed. Good Morning!

Yikes - What a day! You really did an exceptional job and my hat is off to you!! I don't think I would have handled all that with as much aplomb as you did!

Howard and Linda, you are qualified for sainthood for putting up with the exceptions to the reservation system.

I've been in Arches NP almost every year since 1968. Arches used to have a first-come-first-served policy for camping that worked well for many years. Not once did I ever get turned away because there was not a camp site, until in later years when the reservation system was setup. Now, the problem seems that once you get your 'permission' at the entrance gate, it is a sprint to see how quickly you can get there to take one of the vacant sites....is this newer system really better?

I would be one to vote for an internet reservation system similar to what they use for airline reservations…just a thought.

See, this is what you get for posting that picture of you in your lounger doing your hosting duties. :)

Hi you two,

Welcome to the world of campground hosting!!!

Wow, you have become totally "trained" hosts... It seems as if you two have encountered every excuse/situation possible to experience in hosting.

Ain't life fun?

And we agree, the hugs and grateful campers make up for those inconsiderate @#$%!#& (uh, persons) who like to think they own the world. :)

We sure enjoyed our visit with all six of you...at the change-over campfire. Life is certainly good when you can enjoy a campfire with great people...

Yesterday we enjoyed visiting with our daughter and grandson. Today we are off with friends to visit the small hamlet of Gateway. It appears that the owner of the Discovery Channel has purchased land there and built a supermarket, restaurtant, motel and museum for his antique cars...so today we are off on a field trip to see the sights!

You all keep your chins up and just know you are doing a GREAT job hosting...

Fran (and Ken)

Whew!! What a nite, hope you get caught up on your sleep.

Howard, Your post today convinced me I could never be a camp host. Your patience is admirable. I have zero patience with inconciderate people.You and Linda are why America is a great place to live.

Ditto to what Racerguy said.

I think I would have been tempted to tell the 1:45a.m. guy that a pack of skunks has been seen in the campground and you didn't want a run in with them. Or, maybe some Pumas? Mountain lions?

In my dreams of one day going full-time...I long for the play by play your site offers! You both truly are special to receive a hug from an autistic child :-)

It's the full moon Howard. It gets you every time. Please don't take me the wrong way because I have tears in my eyes from rolling on the floor. I just love reading your journal it's become part of my every day "I've got to see what Howard and Linda are into today" hats off to you guys for the excellent info you folks share about RVing

I agree with the other posts. You guys do an invaluable service to the rest of us who are thinking, "One day maybe I'd like to be a camphost".

Plus I look forward to reading the events of the next day so when our time comes it won't be a shock. Great word pictures to complement the digital shots of other days.

What a day! You're a wonderful writer and thank you for sharing so much.

Can you clarify what you mean a $10 stipend..you dont mean you worked all day for $10..do you?

Hi Diane!

Yes, that's the deal. :)

Many volunteer jobs like this one only pay a stipend to reimburse you for expenses. In this case, we are 20 miles from groceries, services, etc.

So, here, we get a stipend of $10 per day per couple. A whopping $70 every two weeks. :)

But we get to live and explore this beautiful area 7 days out of every 14 and we save about $1,000 per month in normal full-timing living expenses. :)

And all of this for $10 a day stipend? When do they get to actually spend the stipend?

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