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Tuesday, March 25, 2008


What other forums are you referring to? Everyone needs to 'make a buck', one way or another, whether it be a part time job, or workcamping or whatever (as long as it's legal of course :)

I still think you should write a book about fulltime RVing. Sure, there are lots of people who have been doing it longer, but you've already got so much information in your journal and on the forum, that it would be a real benefit to others to pull it all together and publish it.

To the people elsewhere who complain that you're self-serving: Put a sock in it... Come back another time with your complaints after you have put in all the time and effort that H&L have done trying to help other folks.

I think it's really sad that people would think you were just our for your own buck. Of course you want to make money, you HAVE to make a living. But I think what you do provides an invaluable service to RVers everywhere, from seasoned full-timers to newbie wannabes like me. Best of luck for a fun (and profitable) time!

Also, the area of Colorado you mentioned is gorgeous! I hope it works out for you! We used to live in CO and I really miss it!

I've read your journal over the past year with much interest and commend you for your efforts at noting both the puts and takes of the 'open road'. I live in Portland and work in Irvine Calif where I have a coach and live in it while at work every other week.
I think of your situation as that of living on a 'fixed income' and wonder what the impact of gas prices coupled with the downturn in the markets does to the erosion of the nestegg as a percent of total income. I believe your comments and spreadsheets indicate a $25,000 annual spend or thereabouts. What is the percentage of erosion given the economic recession we are in to that number? Any thoughts?

I agree with Tim Fansler!

Amen to Tim's post.

While you two are lovely looking people, very FEW people can live on their good looks alone :)

To those who suggest you are doing what you do to "make a buck", please enlighten the rest of us dummies who have had to "work" for a living, how do THEY support themselves? I would guess that in some form or fashioon they are making a buck off the backs of someone somehow.

It's called making a living and living the RV dream is your way of making your living.

More power to you :)

Howard and Linda,
We have been reading your blog since you started. It has encouraged us tremendously. We hope that you know you are loved and supported no matter your decisions.
We have to work until the time is right to full-time, in the meantime we are out every chance we get and we saw last week how addicting it is to be free of the work stress but how more in tune we became with each other too. Blessings on whatever you do.
Janette and Steve

H & L, I also "second" everything mentioned by Tim. I don't read a lot of books, however I have followed your every adventure from the start and had all this been in book form it would have definitely been interesting reading. You have put a lot more time, money and energy into your journal for our entertainment than we can ever repay. The Stock Market will rebound, keep the faith, and keep on writing. Thanks Marty

Oh my gosh. You mean you don't do all of the stuff at RV-Dreams just for the good of those who just read you site?

Well, then just color any one who thinks you should do this only on a pro bono basis -- jealous. Or worse: ignorant.

I, for one, want to see you and Linda succeed and make a buck or two. Sandy and I are hooked on all the good you provide to anyone who checks out this website frequently.

My first reaction was "No! Don't do it! They don't or won't appreciate what you are doing" Then I calmed down and realized that maybe the ones who do come will realize what RV-Dreams is all about and appreciate it.
As I've already told you, you two are a modern day Kay and Joe.
Other organizations benefit from rallies - shouldn't RV-dreams benefit from them too?
Good Luck with "open season" :)
You're tough. We know you can handle it! ;)
Kathy and Bruce

You have chosen to publish your life and must realize that others may not agree with your decisions. You may not agree with them but must accept that they are intitled to their opinion. You chose to go public. I have been reading from the beginning. There are things that I feel differently from you but there again that is my opinion. Yes you have to earn a living but others are entitled to their opinions on how you go about doing that.

I just have to jump into this one.

Who cares what they think! I have been a steady reader for almost 3 years now and I think I know your motivations. So what if what you do is a little self serving. Who among us don't do things that are self serving. Sure you have to make a living or you won't be out here full timing for very long, being in the situation you are. All one has to do is just go to some of those other forums and you will get an idea just how ridiculous some of those "people" can be. As for me, I am all for you and Linda. Keep doing what you have to, to achieve your dreams. We, your avid readers, love you both. Please never forget that!!!

We have gotten a wealth of information from the both of you and havn't paid you a dime. It is about time we do.

I wasn't going to comment but after seeing everyone else's I just had to. 1st thing, this is a family/gang and most of all we agree with each other but if you are not part of the family/gang then you cannot disagree without taking some heat from all the other family/gang members. I guess that is why the rallyl theme is "Me and MY Gang". 2nd thing, whether or not H&L make money doesn't skew the information presented. I know last year I took offense to a comment on another forum which recommended this site but cautioned them about the website was there to make money. This poster which is a narrator for fulltimers implied that the information contained would be skewed since this site makes money. 3rd, H&L may make some money from RV-Dreams but for anyone who knows them will know that this site is about an alterntive lifestyle and a way of living. 4th, I welcome others into the RV-Dreams family since I know that are more of us out there that share and live the same dreams that drew us all to H&L. 5th, I follow a lot of blogs and websites and there is no one out there that is more committed than H&L. We love ya'll and are still looking forward to Branson in June.

I am a looking at this from a great distance, Australia. There are two very basic things that strike me:

1) ANYONE can visit this site FOR FREE and gain a wealth of information, FOR FREE, plus see many sights that they may never get to see otherwise by viewing the wonderful photos.

2) Yes, it may cost to attend the rally, a given for any rally. Yes, Linda and Howard may make money from the rally, well they are doing all of the work to organize it are they not. It is a CHOICE that people make if they decide to attend the rally. Not Linda, not Howard, not anyone is forcing anyone to pay money to attend.

Where is the problem???

I love this site and thank Linda and Howard so very much for the opportunity to see their country through their eyes.

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