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Monday, January 28, 2008


Good jounral entry Linda! I think you should consider doing the journal more often...it benefits from your touch!

Hope Howard's dad makes a complete recovery...one feels that there is a strong connection between Howard and his dad.

Keep strong and keep on writin'.

Love (funny, I would never have used that word with Howard)

Hey Linda
You did a great job but then I never have any doubts about any of your abilities.
Thanks for letting us borrow him for awhile.
I also want to send my undying gratitude to the person or persons who made this trip possible.

You go girl!! The time apart will do both of you good even though I am sure you miss your other half. Prayers going out for Howards family and hope his dad will improve.
southwestjudy & Bob & 2blackdogs

Linda, I hope H's dad continues to recover & feel better day by day. I'm sure his dad & mom will really appreciate having him there. I'll be thinking of you, while H is away. Seems like your volunteer friends will support you as well as your cyber friends too! All the best to you, H & family.

Good job, Linda! Will we see you in chat again tonight! It helps to have friends to do the 'blue' stuff while Howard's not around, doesn't it.

Prayers for Howard's Dad's speedy recovery.

Sandra & Gordon

You did a great job on the post as I knew you would. The week will go fast and Howard will be home again. We look forward to more from you.

Great Job Linda!!!! We knew you also had a gift to be a writer. I am so very glad Howard got to go spend some time with his dad and mom. I am sure it means a lot to have him there. I know firsthand how it is to be away from your parents especially when one of them is under the weather. My thoughts and prayers are for Howard's dad's speedy recovery. Take care, you are in good hands with all those volunteers.

Jenny J

Good job Linda: It was great seeing you on chat last night. A lot of prayers are going out for Howard's dad. Hang in there. You have all of us for support.

Nice to hear from Linda. Keep on writing and stay busy, I always find that it is true that "absence makes the heart grow fonder". A little time apart never hurts and only makes you appreciate them when they return :)

hope all goes well with Howard's dad .. I will add him to my Lakewood prayer request. If you want to attend a Lakewood Church service let me know and I will go get you and take you back. Howard answered some questions the other day for me.

Carmelita Sayre
Ricmond, Texas

Our prayers go out to Howard's folks, and you two too. We pray that Howard's visit helps towards his Dad's recuperation and he can get back to you soon!

Kathy and Bruce

Your family and especially Howard's dad have been added to our prayer list. Linda, keep up the good work, but don't overextend yourself. Stay healthy.

It's just a reminder how great your lifestyle is when immediately your neighbors are at your doorstep to make sure you are alright and helping you with things. You can live next to someone for years and not have that kind of support.

Hope all is well with Howard and family and that you are soon back together. We'll continue to pray for a swifter recovery and safe travels for Howard!


ps: Feel free to kick Howard out of the blog chair from time to time even when he isn't away!

Nice job on the blog Linda. I can see that it is in very capable hands. Hope Howard's presence gives his Dad the lift and guidance needed to get him on the path to recovery.

Cherish and enjoy your time alone, don't just suffer through it. The week will go fast.

Thinking of you both.


Linda, this too shall pass and through this you will experience a peace that is unexplainable. You and Howard have experienced more good life in the short time you have been on the road than most do in a lifetime. There are many readers who are praying for you and Howard because of how you have touched their lives. When Carol and I left you Saturday, we knew that the Payne’s were on a mission; a mission to enjoy life as it was meant to be enjoyed and to share the joy and passion you have in your RV-Dreams lifestyle with those who travel the road with you and those who have yet to start. Our prayer for you and Howard is that your solo time will pass quickly and that Howard will be able to find solutions to the concerns he has about his dad. Rest well.

Hi Linda,
You'll do just fine!! Its a coincidence, but Pat is dropping me off at the Tucson airport this morning. The oldest son and I are headed to Omaha for a bone marrow transplant for the youngest son. So she will also be solo for over a week.
You RV gals are strong, so I know you will both do well. The big question is, how us guys are going to survive without ya!!!!!
Hope Howard's Dad gets better soon!!

What a nice change of pace. You should do the post once a week.
Get Well Soon, Howard's Dad!

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