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Tuesday, December 25, 2007


We also experienced our first non gift, lazy day Christmas. It was wonderful. You hit it on the head on how much Christmas has changed from being thoughtful to here's your gift card. We have 4 more Christmas's to go and we'll be on the road. Have a very Happy New Year.


Your BLOG sounds like it came right from Scrooge. Save money, don't buy gifts, etc. Did you even put up a Christmas tree??

Well, I was expecting some "Scrooge" comments. :)

But I didn't think advocating the following was Scrooge-like:

".... have more handshakes, hugs, conversations about our lives, phone calls, and sweet notes that tell people what they mean to us."

Happy Holidays everyone! As others have said, it would be a boring world if we were all alike. :)

Howard, we also had a laid-back Christmas, with the best gifts being the time we spent with loved ones. Fulltiming has changed our outlook on many things, including the rush of the holidays. We actually enjoyed the day instead of enduring it.

P.S. Oh, did we wake you with our partying in the chat room? Sorry about that! We'll try to be more quiet tonight.

I love the "no gift" or even a limited gift policy. I typically get together w/most of my siblings for Xmas and the best part is teasing each other, catching up, and making plans for our next get together. The gifts are very secondary.
On a different note, you provided the link to the Excel Limited. I love Excels. The rear entertainment center is visually attractive, but I wonder if it's worth giving up the big back window. Seems like the view out the back is often the best, as the side windows may be looking at other people's rigs. What do you think about the rear entertainment center vs the entertainment center on the side?


I, for one, stand beside you when it comes to "no gifts" around Christmas time. Soemtimes it feels like the day should have been called "Giftmas time", instead of "Christmas time!". Too many of us feel obligated to give presents to either show appreciation for someone, to be appreciated by someone, to offset feelings of guilt, or just to try to keep up with the Jones'. I feel that every day we should show our appreciation, as you so eloquently pointed out, and that at Christmas time just for once try to remember what this holiday/celebration is for: the Birth of Christ. If we really want to give presents, then alright, give them to Christ (through charitable donations, helping out at the soup line, etc.), and not each other. We all need more hugs, handshakes and feelings of goodwill to each other, and far less possessions. Christmas is the time we should try to do more of that and less of the "presents."

Nicely said again, Howard.

God bless you and Linda.

I am with you, Howard. It has just become too commercial and gets a lot of people into unnecessary debt. This frenzy of shopping is not what Jesus would have wanted for his people.
Santa Claus didn't even wear red and white until the Coca Cola company clothed him that way.
http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Were_the_colors_of_Santa_Claus_always_red_and_white .
So many folks don't even research these new 20th. century traditions that they keep, and just go along with the crowd because that is what the Jones are doing.
I didn't get a Scrooge message from you at all. Have a Safe Holiday. Penny

I googled the word "Scrooge" Here is the list I can up with: a miserly person, skinflint, coldhearted, tightfisted, selfish, always complaining, and expresses disgust with modern Christmas traditions. You absolutely do not fit into any of those definitions. I feel (and I am sure most of your readers feel the same way) you are a most giving, most appreciative, most loveable, most intelligent, most friendly, person we have met in our travels. The things you do for us and to keep this site one of the most informative is very much appreciated by myself as well as your many readers.

Jenny J

PS I didn't have a Christmas Tree either.

Hey Cindy T,

Regarding the rear entertainment center, it really opens up the living area and allows for more windows (on both sides and in the rear on the sides of the entertainment center). But I personally prefer the side entertainment center mainly because we really like the large picture window in the rear. Having limited views out of one side of the rig is not that big a deal to us.

Also, with the rear entertainment center, the seating on the sides requires turning sideways to view. With the side entertainment center at least some of the seating can be faced directly at the TV.

Of course, our TV is on a slideout shelf on a turntable so the TV can be faced in different directions. I noticed that the TV in the Excel next door was also on such a turntable, so this is not a big deal as it would be if the TV were static and couldn't be moved. In either set-up, I recommend being able to turn the TV in different directions rather than it being completely stationary.

Just my opinion since you asked. :)

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