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Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Howard your figures are quite interesting. The only thing I see that is missing is what happens if you decide you need a new fifth wheel or a new Tow Vehicle? Also after this week I am not sure of your investments, I have money in Mutual funds and it really went down. Of course I do know it will come back but it still worrys you. But seriously I see no reason why you couldn't keep doing this forever with what you have in liquid assets. But we do all tend to forget what happens if one gets sick. But I guess you just have to go on and do what you can. I do envy you & Linda you are doing the things we all dream about.

Thank you for such a detailed accounting of the actual picture of finances it takes to be on the road. It really helps us who are wondering if we can REALLY make it out there.
See you down the road.

Howard & Linda,
You two do a wonderful job with all you do to "put it out there" as you say. It is very enlightening for many folks. I wish you much continued success and hope it works out as you envision.

My only fear for you is that you have only the benefit of your current perspective at your relatively young ages. Perspective and realities change with age. Health problems can interfere, forcing insurance rates to skyrocket or become unobtainable without a group plan. Age discrimination becomes a reality, often precluding the chance to work where and when you might want if a job does become necessary. A stock market crash could take away the wealth that now generates your ability to live your lifestyle without working a "real" job. Don't ever forget that you are giving up what is typically the most lucrative earning years of your entire life by deliberately dropping out.

At forty something years old, I've no doubt this is not too much of a concern for you. What worries me about your situation is how it will be for you in your sixties if all does not go according to plan. Being old with an old RV to live in and little in the way of financial resources would not be a pretty picture.

I can say all this because we followed much the same path as you, albeit with much less financial resources than you are starting with. I viewed our time on the road as a good sabbitcal, but unfortunately real life intruded.

I appreciate that you try so hard to be frugal because I think ultimately it will mean success over failure. Every dollar spent now is so much harder to earn when you are older....

Yes Howard you go way above and beyond the call of duty with your reports-but very valuable information for those of us that hope to be full time real soon.

Thank you Howard.
I know its hard to put your financials out there, but guess what ? By doing so you and Linda have made it possible for the wanna-be's and I'm not sure's, to actually have a real goal to attain. Living the Dream !!

Thanks again Ken

Thanks Howard for the report.Very informative.

Howard, thank you for sharing this information. I find it very helpful.

And, I do not mean to patronize you, but I must compliment you on this report, and your daily posts. I think you do an excellent job of digesting the info into easily readable bites (which must take a LOT of time & thought), and for writing it in a concise, clear, and often entertaining style. Thank you for that, because if something is too wordy and confusing, I lose interest in a hurry. With most of your writing I find myself looking forward to seeing what happens next.

Congratulations on two very successful years, and best wishes for many more to come!!!


PS: Go "Cards" & "Cats"

You may say this is none of your business but Howard you have mentioned you are an only child. You do have the family farm to fall back on someday. It does make me feel more comfortable about my own retirement plans when I read your numbers. I live in a part of the country were we will make enough money on the sale of house to live well or if stay in our house the taxes will eat up most of our pensions.

There are very few people who would share their personal financial situation with complete strangers. We are so grateful to you, Howard, for doing so and showing us that it is possible to live this wonderful life style. 24 months and 3 weeks to go.

What ifs were mentioned. I'm in that what if. 57, retired and drawing on my rolled over IRA - Was 200,000 in late 90's, now barely holding 100,000. He has no retirement, but a good job. I've been told my money won't last until I am 62, I draw 15,000 a year and my IRA is now in 'safer' (low yield bonds) investments. I was originally told my money would multiply and even drawing would give our son an inheritance. 9-11 stopped that. The sale of our house won't bring in but maybe 60,000. You can't know what will happen, health or stock market wise. You can only make the best decision you can with the current info and deal with what happens when it gets there. When I have to go back to work, I will. But we are racking our brains at ways we could make enough to RV while we are young enough to drive it. If we have to go back to work later, then so be it. But with the way our savings turned out, we will be working in our later years anyway, so why not enjoy a few miles of travel now. Your expense info has been an immense help. Thank you.

Yippee! We can do it! We plan on fulltiming in 17 months. Our current financials are much like yours not considering the sale of our house which should net about another $200,000. Plus there will be social security for Phyllis and a small pension for Leonard afterwhich in two years he will also collect social security. If you can do it, we can too! Thanks!

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