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Saturday, November 18, 2006


What a wonderful reply - loved it. I can remember when they asked me the same thing when I quit work to take care of my children and again when we went fulltime. Must agree with you - we have never been happier. God bless and enjoy your travels.

Thank you Howard and thank you Linda for being there. I read you journal everyday and when I don't for some reason I feel as though something is missing. I have gained lots of information from your journal, and have use a lot of your tips. We get the same questions, but we are retired. But there are times I wonder why I waited so long to retire. I Love my daily schedule, we are always doing something for others. My wife is a retired RN, her retirement wasn't planed, she has BEB, I can't spell it but most people wouldn't know what it is. I'm a Cancer survivor and decided for what ever time I have left, this is what I'm going to do. We sometime think a lot of people are just jealous of our life style. I really appreciate what you guys are doing. Thanks for being there for US. In the upper 80's in Mission Tx today. What a life...GBY...

Isn't it interesting the way different people define being productive. I read your journal entries every day and they give me great enjoyment and quite often they enlighten me as well. Feeling like a productive member of society is a very personal thing. I think your response to the question was right on the money! Personally, I felt less of value to society when I was working.

Well said Howard and Linda. It reminds me of the story of Johnny Appleseed.

Thanks for the nice comments. :)

I did want to make one thing clear. The email that I responded to went out of its way to be sure that we took the email in the loving spirit in which it was intended. There was no judgment at all - just another person dealing with the same issues and wanting to hear our opinion. It was a well written, sensitive email. Just felt the need to say that. :)

Very well-said. We are on the verge of launching full-time ourselves (at 01/02/07; www.mytripjournal.com/werewinginit).

As I read your entry I felt the emotions welling-up inside of me to question anyone else's right to question those things about you, I or anyone other than themselves.

I'll admit that I become more and more tainted by the lack of responsibility and accountability that we see evidenced virtually every day.

I'll temper my emotions with your follow-up comment posted above.

My utmost desire is to enhance society & my fellowman by whatever I have had the fortunate opportunity to have had shared with me from this life.

In society today "productive" many times means who has the most toys at the end of their life and not who has touched the most people, expanded horizons, made the most people laugh, enjoyed the beauty of life, shared the most random acts of kindess, etc. Could you imagine how different people's outlook on life would be if they could spend just one month of their lives the way Linda & Howard have spent the past year? Sure fulltiming isn't for everyone, but having a month to enjoy life instead of running to keep up with it would do wonders for most everyone.

Being full time here I thought to myself we are all productive here on this earth in some way or another, even if it is just being kind to ppl. loved the reply in todays Journal, Howard and Linda.

I never doubted your productivity. You've already helped me tremendously.

My wife and myself are presently working regular jobs and living in a stick house. We appreciate your journal and follow it daily. We plan to be full-time R.V.ers in a year or two.We feel that by having the time available we can volunteer and feel a productivity that we don't feel now. This entry of yours on productivity is worth printing and mounting on our wall as this is what we are striving for.

Thank you for this posting, the issue of purpose is one I've been struggling with for a long time and I wanted to offer some deep insight into the effort but that didn't work out so well:) I guess the best I can offer is a quote from "Your money or your Life" by Joe Dominguez and Vicki Robbins: "Are you making a living or a dying?" This was the one thing that really opened my eyes to the idea that my life had a purpose that I was not honoring. This portion of the book suggested that you ask yourself at the end of the work day if you feel more alive and invigorated? If not, the authors said you may want to examine your beliefs and work on aligning your goals and values with your livelihood. Sounds easy enough, but 15 years or so later, I'm still trying...

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