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Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Hi Howard & Linda, we stayed a week at Rayfords crossing 9 to 15 Nov 06 we also stayed there March 06 when we left the RGV going back to Tennessee. It's in the top 5 RV parks we have used. We loved the pool and fitness center. Our Son is going to the University of Texas at Houston. The weather gets better the closer you get to the RGV. Shorts and Tee's every day since we got to Rayfords crossing. GBY...

Howard and Linda, Happy Thanksgiving to both of you. We ate breakfast this morning at the local Bob Evans where all the staff donated their time and tips this morning to the local Overflow Homeless Shelter. The manager said the whole idea orignated with the staff. We were quite impressed.

We would love to attend an RV-Dreams rally, especially around Land Between the Lakes or Branson. The last week of April would not be good for us since we'll be at the Talladega Nascar Race. Count us as one of "20 hopefuls".

Hi Howard:

I know the problem of low water pressure. If your problem is the same as mine was, the problem isn't the pressure as much as the flow rate. With the facet open the water pressure drops to a trickle. Even though there was good pressure when you first opened the faucet.

With the typical RV water pressure regulator marketed by Marshall Brass and sold at most RV places, the internal diameter of the regulator is too small to allow sufficeint water flow to hold the pressure with a facet open. Especially with high flow rate items like a shower. I resolved the problem by purchasing a different regulator from WATTS Regulators (www.wattsreg.com). I ordered mine on line and it was deliverd within 10 days. It has an internal diameter of 5/8th inch and the regulated pressure is adjustable. It is designed for a whole house system but works well on an RV. It is a little pricy at just under $50 and you may have to purchase hardware fittings so that it can be connected to the typical water hose and an in-line pressure gauge would be adviseable. With this unit the pressure stays up with the facets open. Oh, by the way I would recommend still regulating the pressure with the facet open. I have also found that water pressure will vary if you are on a water system supplied by a well. The pressure tank will allow the pressure to drop some before turning on the pump. Different systems have more or less pressure drop. But we can't do anything about that from our end.

I hope this helps some. It really solved our problem.

Have a great day
Ala & Joan Howeth

Second the FLOW/Pressure comment. You will never complain about low pressure again uless there is low pressure at the park. And put the new device on the faucet side of the hose which will protect the hose from losing its shape and you'll get much longer life from it. When attempting to conserve water, we use the pump and the on board water; that seems to work well for us.

Alan has the "fix", but, you wanted something simple that you could understand. How about just rigging up a bypass (around both the regulator and the filter) with a manual valve you can open when you wish to take a shower? Simple - easy to do - cheap!


Hi Guys,

Happy Thanksgiving.

A pressure regulator restricts the amount of pressure through the device whether on or off. You want an adjustable one like Al is suggesting. You should set it for 40-45# maximum which is what most RV's are designed to take.

Take care,
Fred (who no longer has to drive all the time)

Howard, you might remove the water flow restrictor from the showerhead and see if you like that better.

The Watts Regulator is the way to go for pressure control and increased flow.
Regarding rally dates,please consider sometime in June so we can come.



Good info on the regulator. Ours is adjustable, with a pressure gauge. I run it at about 55psi usually. RVs are now plumbed with PEX tubing and there is simply no issue with running 50-60 psi. Assuming you have that and not older stuff - your rig has the PEX.

Early spring is a good time for a Rally and Branson is central. If the timing is right, count us in.

Howard, you need to regulate your water pressure all the time if it is on or off makes no difference. I would be a little cautious about a bypass for shower time, sounds like an invitation for trouble. Most comercial RV regulators are set at about 35 PSI, an adjustable one as suggested above sounds great. Try it out, I would suggest not to go over 60 PSI.

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