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Saturday, September 30, 2006


Howard, another unit we seriously considered was the Excel Rv made in Smith Center, Ka. but have never visited the plant there, it is also a high quality unit and some of your readers may have this one.. I look forward to reading your journal each and every morning.
southwestjudy & Bob & 2blackdogs

A "for fee" newsletter sounds like a good idea to me. I would sign up. The price range sounds about right but that is no surprise coming from you.

While you are in Kansas I would suggest you tour the NuWa plant. My wife and I bought a 2007 35 CKQG Champagne from NuWa and to date have not had one problem. There is a very active NuWa forum on Yahoo. The NuWa CEO is an active participate along with his technical staff to answer questions posted on the forum. This is the best informational forum I've found for any RV manifacturer.

Hi Howard,

I'm all for a quarterly or maybe even a monthly newsletter if $10.00 per year can cover it! We want to take our time and make the right choice on our full-time 5th wheel so would be willing to pay for an in depth newsletter on the full-time lifestyle.

A tour of the NuWa factory is more than justified after the negative feedback you received on New Horizons from one or more owners. I have joined the NuWa Yahoo Group and have been very impressed by NuWa's customer service. Their CEO and other NuWa management regularly make posts in that forum. That alone tells me a lot about their commitment.

Thanks for the Horizons visit. I have read their website but was having a difficult time with the costs, with your comparison to your unit that helps me greatly. Let me know when and where to subscribe to the newsletter.

It seems that almost always everyone is impressed by the plant tours. Some decide one manufacturer is better than another for every manufacturer so it seems that possibly tour guide quality /charm, day of the week, etc and other subjective factors are at work. What might be more useful is if a qualified manufacturing engineer "evaluated" various factors more objectively. For example, one possible minor construction quality indicator I noted at an RV show is the number of screws in the outside sidewall edge of a Slide. Teton had the most (lots) and the cheapest had the fewest by far. Just to consider. I probably would be interesting in paying if applicable qualifications or credentials were present. Your blog is so encouraging!

Hi everyone!
I wish I could go and do comparison tours for all of you. Of course, as Chas said, I'm not really qualified to give "engineer-type" evaluations and I was half-joking about the "fee per review" thing. :)

But I would be willing to do more in depth reviews and articles on all sorts of things in a newsletter, if we could earn a little money to make it worthwhile. A little light on the response so far, but we'll see. :)

Howard, I think a paid newsletter is a great idea. You might consider letting people give whatever they feel it is worth to them. You may want to look at some other paid newsletters to get some ideas of how to manage it. As your traffic increases you may find internet provider has problems handling it. I still think you are on the right track. Keep up the good work.

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