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Monday, August 14, 2006


Wow! Thank you for the year in review! The financials part was great! The breakdown will help steer us in the right direction.

We have been researching and really digging deep and looking at different home on wheels. We are talking about going to the LOW conference next year in Des Moines. However, we are still a few years from full timing it, because we are both on a mission field where we really are making a difference in other peoples lives. Although it is a J - O - B and sometimes it is stressful.
Yet, we are looking at the future and we have decided to save enough so that we have the cushion and the retirement, we won't have to w o r k for a while. We also have 4 grown children who know that this is what we will be doing and know that one day we will be sitting in their yard/driveway to watch our grandchildren grow and be involved in their lives also to be a bigger part of their lives. They are excited about it.
So, to end this, thank you so very much for the year in review. But also for the journal. We have learned a lot from it. We have been readers since the beginning. His Peace, Janette and Steve

I think you just completed your first syllibus for your first course. I am going to forward your piece to my cousin who is looking to full time in 4.5 years. I think he will find it very informative.

WOW Howard and Linda, you have given a very detailed report and that is what I like about your weblog.....
Thanks for the time and effort you have put into it.
Judy & Bob & 2blackdogs

I will send you a picture of my mini cooper convertible. Bought it last January with all the bells and whistles you can get. It is great but I would not tow it unless I trailered it. They say never trailer a car that won't pull the trailer. It does not get driven that much. My husband sold his vet to drive the mini. I drive my Lexus and we tow the jeep. I really don't like the Jeep Liberty as it is very uncomfortable to ride any distance.


Have to say it, too--Wow, thanks, Howard and Linda for sharing so much of your lives. I've been thinking that financially we,too, would be in the ballpark you have described. It's very reassuring to know that people are living (and enjoying) life within those means. And I am an RN, so like you, I can always get another J-*-B, said with that Maynard G. Krebs squeal!
Again, thanks...Judy


What a great summary of the first year! Man, you go way beyond the call of duty with this web site. Those many little red dots show that you have many readers and that we all appreciate all you share each day. May God's blessings continue with you and Linda.

Nice review - but then I knew it would be. On the financial stuff: after 6 years on the road our observations are almost identical. We spend between $25K and $28K, depending on the year. Like you, we spent more the first year getting the stuff we "needed" - and we were already experienced RVers. Just plan on it. Don't forget that you will replace your rig at some point - even if you don't have to, you might want to. In our case, it came after 3.5 years fulltiming. For budgeting purposes, we work with a total investment "drawdown" of 4% a year - which is conservative. You can easily fill any gaps by workamping at commercial campgrounds who actually pay you something. This year, we will probably net $5-6K for the summer, and that is very part-time work in a beautiful area.

On the truck: Take a look at our website for further discussion, but you need to be realistic about what the current flock of trucks can pull. I agree with you - get more truck than you need. You will upgrade rigs at some point, and for most people that means a heavier rig. We started with an F550 - look at what we have now...

Thanks for the entry. It is extremely helpful to get an idea, on several areas, of what it takes to accomplish what you two are doing, using discretion of course. You may or may not remember that we'll be joining you all on the road in about 7 1/2 years from now. We're really looking forward to it and started planning about 2 1/2 years ago.

Great advice! Keep up the good work of having fun and living the dream!!

Dwayne & Lisa Roberts
Whitesville, KY

Thank you so much for your observations. Your web site is a motivator for us wannabe's. Our schedule has been moved forward about 2 years for the transition to fulltiming. House sale is the next big step. Again thanks for your input.


I echo my thanks for your year in review. Thanks for
the detail financial report. I'm thinking that we would need a little more than that. We will still have an RV payment that is over a $1000 month.

What a GREAT posting! So many questions answered at once.

Thank You

Howard, I never heard of triple pane windows.
Also, would like to invite you to the American Southwest( N.M.)to be exact. We love NM and plan to use it as a Home state as we FT.
Bob + Judy 2blackdogs

I stumbled upon this site as I was in the process of doing some online research. And I stayed waaayy too long; it was so fascinating and a lifestyle I hadn't thought of before.

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